Mudroom Makeover Process-One Room Challenge Week 5

October 31, 2018

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Oh my goodness guys!!! We are so close!! It’s down to crunch time!! Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I’m happy to say, aside from some minor touch up paint and spot cleaning, I have moved onto the fun stuff–Shopping!! (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the previous weeks and view the transition from beginning to present).


Week 5 started off with a small project. A command center was a necessity for my mudroom makeover. We need a place to hang our keys, store important papers and maybe jot a note or two. I wasn’t liking the look of all of these things individually, so I found a way to incorporate them all together. Using some old pallet boards I had in my scrap pile, I cut them to size, stained and dry brushed them. Then I added a border, attached my basket/hooks and dry erase board and voila–my own custom command center. And I love it!!

command center organizational board

Yet another tutorial coming your way….I promise. This one was so easy! I can’t wait to share it with you guys!! But for now, check out this command center my daughter and I made for her teen bedroom makeover. (UPDATE: As promised, here’s the link to the post on how to create the organizational board above. 🙂)

Week 5 also brought us LIGHT!!! All of my electrical work I leave to my son. I have not ventured into that realm. It’s a bit intimidating to me. AND my second oldest son is working on receiving his Journeyman license, so it’s good practice for him. 🙂

He hung my light most of the way, but then hit a snag. No worries, I called my handyman, Max, and he was able to come out right away. I love the new light (from Menards) and feel like it fits this space perfectly…

mudroom with industrial light

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the midst of endless cold days we’ve been having lately, so I took full advantage of it. Working on some outside projects, I grabbed the metal baskets I got at the Country Living Fair (remember those from this post?)

lockers with metal crates

And spray painted them matte black.

Be sure to check back next week to see them freshly painted in their new spot–the cubbies!! So perfect!

On one of those colder days (may have even been the COLDEST day), I ventured out shopping for the mudroom decor. I came home with quite a few options. I say options, because that’s how I shop. I grab what I like, bring it home and take back what doesn’t work. Anyone else shop like this? I wish I was one of those people who could catch the vision while I’m in the store…sure would save me a lot of time and gas. But that’s not me. 🙂 I have to see it in my space. Here are some of my selections.

I couldn’t make a decision on which board would look best with my command center, so I brought home 3….

bulletin board, chalkboard, whiteboard

I really liked those push pins and was hoping I would like the cork board, so I could keep them. Unfortunately, the cork didn’t win. But, as my daughter pointed out, it probably would have been the least practical item anyway. This board, however, was the winner…

command center organizational board

Wanting to bring some life into the mudroom, I really liked this from Hobby Lobby…

Greenery from Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby was definitely my go-to in this makeover. They had the best selection…

Mudroom makeover decor

Mudroom makeover decor

This rusty metal arrow was my favorite find. So cool!! If I don’t end up using it, there has to be somewhere in my house that it will fit…

metal industrial arrow

Corbels. I’m always a sucker for them! I wish you could truly see the size of this one from Hobby Lobby. Such a statement piece…

white corbel

So many great choices, it’s going to be hard to narrow my selections down. Be sure to come back next week for the final reveal of the mudroom. I can’t wait to show you this room in all its glory….

lockers in a mudroom

But until then,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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