Types of Textiles That Make Excellent Wall Art

June 5, 2024

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In the realm of interior design, walls can play a crucial role in setting the tone for a space. While paint and wallpaper are often traditional choices, fabric has emerged as a sophisticated alternative for wall decor.

Textiles can become beautiful art, and one of the most elegant ways is through the addition of walls as magnificent art pieces.

Textiles offer a world of creativity and depth when it comes to interior design. Diverse in texture, color, and story, textiles allow you to elevate your space from plain to extraordinary with just a few installations.

Tapestry samples

Understanding the variety of textiles can enhance your decor game significantly. Use this brief guide to learn the types of textiles that make excellent wall art and make your space look amazing.


With its natural, earthy feel, linen brings a breath of elegance to any space. This textile has a history of use in everything from ancient manuscripts to modern art, thanks to its durability and availability.

When used as wall art, linen provides a muted, sophisticated backdrop that complements bold and delicate designs. It’s particularly popular among eco-conscious individuals due to its biodegradable nature.

2 Pics of wall art using fabric.

Linen also ages gracefully, gaining softness over time; your wall art will look more beautiful as the years pass.


Polyester may not seem as glamorous as other textiles, but its vibrancy and durability make it excellent for wall art. This synthetic fabric holds colors exceptionally well, so polyester wall art remains bright over time.

Polyester samples

Its versatility makes it perfect for creating statement pieces that capture the essence of contemporary design.


With its high resilience and elasticity, nylon is a strong contender in the realm of wall textiles. This type of textile is excellent for wall art due to its ability to withstand wear and tear. Its glossy finish lends a touch of sleek, modern aesthetics to any interior.

Textured wall art

This synthetic fabric can take on various densities, offering an array of textural possibilities for wall art. Additionally, nylon’s quick-drying properties and resistance to mold and mildew growth ensure that pieces remain vibrant for years.


Silk is synonymous with luxury, and for good reason! Its natural sheen and softness add a layer of sophistication to any interior setting. Silk wall hangings range from intricate tapestries to modern art pieces, reflecting light beautifully and adding depth to your walls.

Tan silk cloth.

There are many things to know about framing scarves and textiles made of silk, such as the technique, display location, and care required to maintain the fabric’s breathtaking effect.


Wool brings warmth, texture, and a rustic charm to wall art. Its natural fibers offer a rich, tactile experience that complements a range of interior styles, from minimalism to traditional.

Wool Samples

Wool’s wide spectrum of colors also makes it a versatile option for wall hangings, adding visual interest and a sense of comfort to any room.

Wall art makes great statements, tells a story, and brings a unique vibe to living spaces. Whether you favor the elegance of linen, the resilience of polyester and nylon, the luxury of silk, or the warmth of wool, there’s a textile for your decor.

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