My Top Wall Art Tutorials of 2023

December 14, 2023

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I ventured into a new realm of DIY in 2023. I love building furniture and room makeovers, but this year, I tried my hand at wall art, a little more than I have in the past. Such an easy and fun project! I can see where this could easily become addictive. I’m ready to peruse every second-hand store and snatch up all the canvases.

If you haven’t taken on one of these DIY’s, you’re missing out! Here are my favorite wall art DIY’s, I’ve tackled so far.


My Top Wall Art Tutorials in 2023

Easy How to DIY Textured Canvas Wall Art

This one is an oldie but goodie. A timeless piece of artwork that started out as someone else’s trash. Literally. I grabbed a very large canvas from someone’s trash can one day when driving down the road. People! Don’t throw those away!

What was a kind of ugly, dated painting, turned into a beautiful organic modern abstract design.

Beautiful canvas wall art on the wall with decor on a console in front of it

This DIY textured canvas wall art was so fun and so easy to do. The only supplies needed are a hot glue gun and some paint. Oh, and a canvas too. 🙂

Easy Textured Wall Art DIY

Who knew joint compound could be used for more than repairing walls. Haha! So many DIY’s you can do with joint compound. It’s a product I have used for years to add texture to decor like vases and artwork.

These DIY textured wall art canvases are so fun to make. Let your creative juices flow. It’s impossible to mess this one up. I made 4 of these for my theater room and absolutely love how they turned out. Check out how I get the creamiest paste in this video.

How to Get the Creamiest Paste for Textured Wall Art DIY’s

Joint compound has a bit of a rougher texture to it. I wanted a way to make it a little bit creamier and easier to work with. So I searched online and played around with it for a while and found the secret sauce. I share all the deets to the creamiest textured paste in this post.

Such a creamy paste! It’s so good…

Two paint scrapers with paste on the end of each one. Paste on left is very rough; Paste on right is very smooth

Easy How to Make a DIY Abstract Textured Art

This idea came from a DM on Instagram. I received a message from someone asking me to re-create a wall art she had found online. And then, of course, share how I did it.

The hardest part of recreating this artwork was figuring out how to make the raised tiles. But with some trial and error, I landed on a super easy technique. Check out just how easy it was to recreate this fun DIY Abstract Textured Art.

green canvas with wooden frame

Easy How to Make a Floating Canvas Frame

Ok, so you have a beautiful piece of art, now what? Don’t forget the frame! A frame serves so many purposes. It can accentuate the colors you used on your canvas. It can add depth and texture to your canvas. It’s the finishing touch that gives your picture a professional look.

This floating canvas frame tutorial will show you just how easy a beautiful frame can be.

Textured wall art canvas with a floating canvas frame diy

Easy How to Make a Picture Frame

Wanting a more simple frame? No problem! This is the easiest frame you could ever make and still end up with a gorgeous picture to hang. So so very simple! But yet, so so very good!

Personalizing your space with a large Juniper print and wooden frame

Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at abstract acrylic painting. And I think I may have found my new love! So fun and so rewarding! Here’s a peek at the picture I painted for my sister from an old canvas she found at Goodwill.

Abstract art painting with stained wooden frame above a wall of lower cabinets.

And just for fun, here’s that canvas before I painted it…

Abstract painting

And here’s a close up of it now…

Abstract art painting with stained wooden frame

Amazing what paint can do!! Look for a tutorial and video on more of these in the new year!

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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