My Top Building Projects of 2023

December 19, 2023

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I never imagined building furniture and DIY projects would be such an incremental part of my life. Following my husband’s wakeboarding accident, Pinterest was just hitting the stage. With lots of hours spent in therapy waiting rooms, I had a lot of time on my hands.

Rather than dwell on our current stage of life, I would peruse Pinterest. It always amazed me how many girls were tackling big building projects. I would be in awe over what they were able to accomplish.

Until one day, I thought, wait! I can do that too! And so I did.

My first project was removing all of the carpet from my staircase and creating a beautiful wooden stairway. It was scary and it was nerve-racking. But once I pulled that carpet back, I knew I was all in. That’s all it took and I was hooked.

I found my new therapy. While my husband was healing from his traumatic brain injury (you can read more about that, here), I was healing emotionally through a new found love. Pinterest and DIY became my therapy.

I have learned so much over the last several years of this journey. And I love it so much that I get to share it with you!


2023 brought some incredibly fun projects. Here are 8 of them that really stand out…

My Top 8 Building Projects of 2023

Easy How to Build a DIY Home Theater Riser

Towards the end of 2022, I transformed my older boys unused bedroom into a theater room. They’re in their 20’s now and have moved out, so this room was just sitting there, with so much potential.

My family loves our new theater room. It is by far the best room in the house! Definitely the most coveted.

One of my biggest must-have’s was a LOT of seating! I added this theater riser to prop the sofa in the back up to allow for better viewing. It works great and looks like it was always a part of the room.

Light colored sectional sofa in a DIY home theater room

Media Console Table and Bookshelves

Building this media console table and these floor to ceiling bookshelves provided storage for the theater room and something beautiful to look at. I wanted it to look like both pieces were built in to the space.

Painting them black helped accomplish the seamless, monochromatic look I was going for.

Now if I could just get my younger kids to put away the remotes and their game systems every time, that would make me happy. 🙂

Media console with floor to ceiling bookshelves

3 Easy Steps to Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame moulding is such an elegant, timeless look. An easy DIY that you won’t be wanting to tear down in 5 years. I love how subtle this millwork is on my all-black walls. It’s so good!

A girl with a wool hat on holding a trim piece up to level it on a black wall.

How to Build DIY Arched Bookshelves

My daughter had been asking me for a while to build her a bookshelf for her room. 2023 was finally the year for it. Haha!

My first time trying my hand at cutting out an arch. It actually went pretty well. I learned a few things along the way, but overall I love how the arched bookshelf turned out!

How to Build a Stylish Interior Door DIY: Cheap & Easy

Of course, one change led to another in my daughter’s room. As most projects often go. 🙂

Changing up her closet doors was a great move! I love how easy it was to make these simple closet doors look like they were custom made. I show you how, in this easy DIY tutorial.

2 black doors with 4 panels and gold door knobs for interior door diy

Front Porch Painted Black

Painting my front porch black was my favorite outdoor DIY project in 2023. This simple change did wonders for our curb appeal. I love how it adds depth and makes the front porch pop!

Look for another big change in this space coming in May of 2024! I can’t wait! It’s going to be so good!

Front porch painted black with limewash brick and a mahogany door

Step by Step Guide to Painting Eaves for Instant Curb Appeal

And once again, one project led into another. Painting my front porch, made me want to paint my eaves and gutters black too. I think I could literally paint everything black. Haha!

But this paint job is something I’ve had my eye on since I’ve fallen in love with all of the black houses trending on Pinterest right now. Gorgeous!

Girl standing on green ladder painting eaves of her home

I have to admit, this DIY intimidated me a bit. It felt like a huge undertaking. But, I have to say, it went very fast. Once I figured out my system for doing it, I knocked it out in no time. Sharing that system with you in this post. 🙂

Building Your Own Furniture: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Unsure how to tackle this whole DIY thing and where to even begin? This is the perfect post to get you started. Everything you need to know before tackling any DIY project. 

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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