Top 7 Most Popular Home Decor Trends of 2018 (According to Pinterest)

May 3, 2018

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Most Popular Home Decor Trends of 2018

We spend a lot of time clicking around for inspiration on Pinterest. It’s good to know that with 175 million active users per year, I am not alone in my LOVE for Pinterest!! With over 50 billion total pins, home decor encompasses 14 billion of the Pinterest platform. And that number is increasing by 75% every year!! Wow!! We do love making our houses our homes. If you need more proof, pinners spend 27% more money on home decor than non-pinners. Pinterest is a marketers dream!!

But more than that, Pinterest is a home lover’s dream. With our average use time of 14 minutes per sitting, what are most of us pinning??? What are the most popular home decor trends of 2018 (according to Pinterest)? With numbers like these, I think we can confidently rely on Pinterest as a reliable source. So let’s dive into it….

Top 7 Most Popular Home Decor Trends of 2018 (According to Pinterest)

1. Big Wall Art

Buh Bye gallery wall, hello big statement wall art. Nothing wrong with gallery walls. But aside from being a little too busy and overwhelming to the eye, they can also be somewhat tricky to land just the right look. Big wall art is not only easy, but very appealing to the eye. Find that one piece you love and boom…one and done!!

Big wall art sign with home decor

Layering big wall art is my personal fave and Holly at OurFauxFarmhouse nailed it with this look….

Wall art layered on fireplace mantle

2. Patterned Plants

Remember the days of placing ivy sprigs amongst all of your tchotchkes? It was an easy way of decorating in my early days of making my house my home. I would stick those puppies in every open space I could find. Of course those days are LONG gone (thankfully!). But faux and real plants have come back with a vengeance and come in at number two of our most popular home decor trends.

I love this display of succulents my friend, Kaycie at Grey Birch Designs has in her kitchen…

Succulents in a turnstyle on a table

My biggest dilemma in adding foliage to my home decor palette…finding faux plants that look real. I’m happy to say, this dilemma can almost be thrown out the window. With places like At Home, Kirklands, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby (just to name a few), finding faux plants that look real has become so much easier.

My latest love…

Succulent on an end table with a lamp

I love the simplicity of these little succulents. They add life and spruce up any little space. At Home has a great succulents selection.

But what could be better than faux plants? Real plants, of course! Hello Spring!! Bring those outside plants in. My favorite thing to do is to cut some of my fresh Hydrangeas or Russian Sage and add them throughout my home. They not only look beautiful, but they smell amazing!! It’s a win-win!!

3. Statement Ceilings

Why stop at just an accent wall? Draw the eye up and wow them with your stunning ceiling!! So many ways to go with this….

Like this amazing play house, Holly’s husband built for their kiddos….

Playhouse with car siding ceiling and shiplap walls

Check out this link to see how I added a statement ceiling in my boys bedroom. An incredibly easy way to change the look of any room. They most definitely make a statement and become a conversation piece…

White mini goldendoodle on a gray and white striped bed. Carsiding ceiling

Of course planking a ceiling is not the only way to add character…


Wallpaper ceiling in a modern decor office

Pinterest Image: The Creativity Exchange 

Paint…Blue painted ceiling in a bedroom

Pinterest Image: Rain on a Tin Roof

Coffered Ceiling…

Coffered ceiling in a family room

Pinterest Image:

4. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

What could be better!!!? Imagine waking up every morning to your own spa-worthy bathroom. Well, apparently many people are doing just that. Coming in at number 4 of our most popular home decor trends…spa bathrooms. What I love about this category is all of the DIY pins I found. While a spa-inspired bathroom sounds so amazing, but unfortunately, so out of reach and expensive–that is not the case. Sure, you could spend 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars to achieve this dream, but the good news–you don’t have to!!

For starters, how about this DIY cedar bath mat by The Merry Thought...

DIY Cedar bath mat

If changing out all of your tile is not in the budget, how about painting your tile? Check out this great tutorial by Lela at In the New House….Painted tile floor in bathroom

And no spa bathroom is complete without a bathroom caddy…I love this simple, fun build from Kim at Hunt & Host..

Bathroom caddy DIY on a bathtub

The easiest spa bathroom update–resort-worthy, white, fluffy towels…

Hotel worthy white bath towels

Pinterest Image: The White Company

5. Sage

Sage is the new black!! And the 5th most popular home decor trend…according to Pinterest. 🙂 Looking to add a little color to a room, but want to stay on the neutral side? Maybe sage, is your go-to. With so many hues to choose from, the options are endless. And beautiful. My friend Bethany, at ShiplapAddict, nailed it with this sage green on her basement walls…

Basement walls painted sage green

6. Herringbone Patterns

Oh my! The options are endless with this one!

From flooring…Stunning!!

Herringbone flooring in a kitchen

Instagram Image: DreamyWhitesLifestyle

To an accent wall…Another one of my favorites by Holly at Our Faux Farmhouse…What a statement!!

Herringbone accent wall in a home office

An impressive, modern sliding barn door…Beautiful!!

Herringbone sliding barn door in a master bedroom

Instagram Image: PalaciosDesignCo

7. Statement Doors

First impression is everything!! A strikingly beautiful front door screams, “This is only the beginning. What lies behind this door is amazing!!” The sky is the limit on this one. With so many different styles of front doors, the hardest part is deciding on only one…

Many different styles and colors of doors

Pinterest Image: Cassity at

I mean seriously, how do you choose!!?? I love them all.

If installing a brand new door is not in your budget or more than you signed up for right now, paint is your friend!! And the bolder the better!! Again, make a statement! This is your front door! What everyone sees first. Make it count! Make it fabulous!!

Bold electric blue front door

Pinterest Image: Camille Styles

I love the statement my friend, Bethany’s front door makes…

Gorgeous wooden front door

There you have it!! The most popular home decor trends of 2018 (according to a little search engine called Pinterest 😉  ).

Hope you found some inspiration and if you geek out on statistics like me, hopefully you learned some things too. 🙂

Until next time,

Happy Building!!

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