The Best Smokeless Firepit for Outdoor Entertaining

October 14, 2021

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Do you cringe every time your kids ask to have a bonfire night? I used to! But not anymore…with my new firepit from SoloStove, bonfires are EASY! The best part–we don’t smell like smoke when we’re done! That, to me, is the biggest win! Along with that awesome feature, is the fact that it’s easy to make and keep a fire going in a SoloStove firepit! AND right now SoloStove is having their Fall Sale!! Such a great time to buy a SoloStove.

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Two little boys standing by a bonfire roasting marshmallows

SoloStove has designed the firepit in such a way that a fire is easy to build and maintain. Cool air flowing through the bottom vent holes, fuels the fire at the base as the air rises up through the flames. If you want the technicalities of it, there it is! I just know, I love that you’re not constantly having to stoke the fire and get it roaring again.


An easy fire isn’t it’s only convenience feature….Weighing in at 20 pounds, the SoloStove Bonfire is easy to move from your deck to your patio or vice versa, you’re not limited on where you can hang out around the fire. (If placing on the deck, it is recommended to use a stand)….

Solostove firepit on an outdoor patio with furniture and lots of trees


If you’re wanting more of a stationary unit, the Yukon is what you need. This bad boy is solid and weighs 45 pounds. Great for a large gathering of people. But to be honest, the Bonfire is truly the perfect size. We have a family of 7 and can gather all of us and then some around our Solo Stove Bonfire. So, if the cost of the Yukon is holding you back, the Bonfire is just as good.

A boy and girl sitting by a firepit roasting marshmallows




If you’re space demands something really small or you want the convenience of packing it up for camping, the Ranger is just the right size and weighs only 15 pounds.

3 Solo Stove firepit canisters side by side. Small to large

Ready to start making your own memories with a Solo Stove? Here’s the link! 

And as if making a fire with your SoloStove isn’t easy enough? I found the coolest product for any firepit! Pull Start Fire is the easiest and fastest way to start a fire. Not to mention, one that continues to burn and is pretty much maintenance free! How does it work? You simply pull the string…

Boy pulling the string to a fire log set inside a firepit

And like magic…The fire starts!

Fire burning inside SoloStove

It really is that easy! Pull Start Fire is offering 10% off to all RL fans! Here’s the link! This will truly change the way you do bonfires!

Pull Start Fire box for easy maintenance free bonfires on a backyard patio

Want to add a little more fun to your bonfire evening; one that the kids and adults will both love? These Color Packets are so cool! Watch as the flames continue to go through a whole rainbow of colors. It’s mesmerizing!

Solostove firepit with colorful flames

My favorite part of gathering around the firepit? SMORE’S!!! So Good!!

Little boy enjoying a s'more on a warm summer eveningAffiliate links included

Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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