The 5 Benefits of LVP Flooring Inspiring My Kitchen Reno

June 23, 2022

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Over time I have been transitioning my home from modern farmhouse to more of a midcentury modern, scandi style. The last room to follow suit on our main floor was our kitchen. Knowing this is such a monumental undertaking, I was hesitant to tackle this somewhat overwhelming project. But with a major “one of these rooms is not like the other” vibe, a full kitchen renovation was calling my name! Along with all new cabinets and countertops, all new flooring was a must!

Some people would balk at the idea of covering up hardwood floors, but honestly, I couldn’t cover them up fast enough. These floors had been through a lot. From the original honey, orangey color stain to painted white floors, they served us well for the last 15 years. (In the picture below, you can see these two eras of our flooring colliding….as I was in the process of painting over the honey, orangey color stain with white, cottage color paint)….

Hardwood floors throughout kitchen

But it was time…time for a change. So, when I had the opportunity to partner with Flooret, I jumped at the chance! While perusing their extensive collection of luxury vinyl plank flooring, I landed on their Modin Palka Signature Collection, and knew I had found the right design! The uniqueness of the 9 inch wide, 72 inch long planks sealed the deal for me. This warm, maple wood style flooring is sure to brighten up any room. Perfect for my kitchen!


Once I decided on the flooring design, I knew exactly the direction I wanted to go with my kitchen design. I wanted it to be light and bright with lots of wood tones, creating a very warm and inviting space…..




Full view of kitchen after remodel and with lvp flooring installed

But now that I was sold on the design of the lvp flooring, would I truly be happy with the quality? I know high quality flooring, having had hardwood floors in my kitchen for several years now. How would this lvp flooring stand up against my original hardwood flooring? Being the researcher that I am (I can really geek out on it sometimes–often 🙂  ), I scoured Google and Pinterest and YouTube to learn all about it and was extremely pleased to learn….this flooring is amazing. And dare I say, in many regards, even better than hardwood flooring…..


Muted view of modern kitchen makeover reveal with a wildflower planter display



When comparing other floor types to lvp flooring, the closest comparison is hardwood floors. Although they look very similar in appearance, they are very different when it comes to their price tag. Hardwood floors are more than double the cost of lvp flooring. In addition to the outright cost comparison, lvp requires no glue or nails to install. On top of that, unlike hardwood flooring, the underlayment is already attached. All of these add up very quickly, making lvp flooring the less expensive option, by far!

Another huge advantage to lvp flooring is being able to lay the flooring directly on top of your existing flooring. No need to rip out your old laminate, tile, or hardwood floors. LVP can be installed right on top of all of those surfaces. This feature saved me so much time and money!


The ease of installing my Flooret lvp flooring was a pleasant surprise to me. I’ll admit, taking this flooring project on in my kitchen was a bit intimidating. With all of the angle cuts and working around appliances, I was hesitant on whether I could do this or not. But once I started going, I realized just how easy the click and lock floating floor system went together. Of course, I still had to figure out my angle cuts, but once I had that down, it was easy sailing. And on those occasions when I was going along and realized I had made a mistake, I simply pulled the plank out of the clicking system, fixed my mistake and reattached. My biggest motivation during the install was watching the transformation take place. Covering up those old floors with this beautiful Scandinavian-inspired flooring kept me working into the wee hours of night. I was so excited to see the finished product.

New lvp flooring being installed in a bay window area


Ok, let’s talk shop…The 40 mil and IXPE underlayment make Flooret LVP Flooring a very attractive floor covering choice. Alright, what the heck did I even just say? Let’s break it down…because these two qualities are too good to ignore. Even though they’re a mouthful and sound like a boring topic, we have to talk about this…

Let’s start with 40 mil.…40 mil is THE MOST important quality that separates Flooret lvp flooring from it’s competitors. 40 mil is double the durability level that most lvp flooring manufacturers produce. It is double the wear layer of most every other lvp flooring out there on the market today. What does that mean, you may still be asking? No flooring, with less than 40 mil, will hold up to moisture, scratches, everyday wear and tear, and UV rays, like Flooret LVP Flooring does. 40 mil is a big deal and Flooret takes it very serious, implementing it across their Modin Collection. If you have kids, dogs, people coming into your house, this is the flooring you’re going to want. Might I also mention, this flooring is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for kitchen and baths.

Alright, let’s move onto that 4-letter word….IXPE. Keeping this kid-friendly 🙂 , let’s stay focused. IXPE underlayment is, in very layman terms, the foam padding attached to each plank that makes you feel like your walking on a soft cushion every time you walk across a Flooret LVP Floor. The soft feel under your feet is pure bliss. After installing these floors, you’re going to find yourself wanting to walk on them barefoot, because it just feels so good on your feet.

The other awesome thing about IXPE is that it cuts down on the noise level in a room. A hard surface flooring that actually improves sound reduction is a huge win in my book. This would be a great floor for a restaurant or other commercial space.


You will never need to wax, polish or seal these floors. Nice! These are the floor for me. The less maintenance-the better! Simply clean with a broom or vacuum. When you need to wipe them down, a mop with some gentle cleaning soap is all you’ll need.

Extra tip: I love that we chose the Palka Signature line. Not only is it beautiful and brightens up the room, but because of it’s light tone, it hardly shows any dust, dirt, dog hair, food and the list goes on….Once again, a great design choice if you have kids or pets.


Want the look of hardwood flooring but not the cost? LVP flooring is your best choice. The authentic-looking wood grain and knots along with the beveled edge of each plank will have your guests asking if they’re real hardwood floors. You really can’t tell the difference. But your pocketbook will know. 🙂

Flooret luxury vinyl plank floors in Palka design...with a runner Loloi Rug

I love how the entire look came together and the contrast between my new pendant lights and the Palka flooring….


Full view of kitchen makeover remodel with center island as the focal point

Looking for a new floor? I think you know which one I would recommend. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Just ask my mom…. 🙂 After seeing my gorgeous Modin Palka Signature LVP Flooring all finished in my kitchen, she was in love and had it installed throughout the entire first level of her home. Wow! It looks amazing!

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A beautiful kitchen with a designer ZLine range and LVP Flooring

A full view of a newly remodeled kitchen with white walls and black cabinetry

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Happy Building, Friend!!

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