Studio McGee Vase DIY Dupe Using Bowls

November 4, 2021

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I love the look of all things Studio McGee, but sometimes the price can be a little much. Case in point: This Studio McGee Vase (specifically called a scratch vase)….

Clip art of Studio McGee Vase

So, as I do with a lot of things I see in the store, I immediately thought…I can make that!! And so I did! Super easy DIY! Let’s get started!!

Materials Needed: 

3 bowls (These bowls would work great!)



Hot Glue Gun ( I chose to use Flex Shot, but either will work)

Craft Paint (I used white, tan and black)

Baking Soda

Small Bowl (For mixing paint)

60-Grit Sandpaper

Tools Needed:

Paint Brush (This one works great; but any brush will do)

Spackle Knife

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Step One: Seal bowls together

Using your hot glue gun, apply glue to the rim of the top of your bowl….

Girl applying glue to the rim of a bowl

Attach 2nd bowl to the ring of glue. It should now look like this…

Studio McGee vase in the making: adding second bowl

Apply glue to the base of the bowl…

Applying glue to bottom of second bowl

and attach 3rd bowl, pressing down firmly….

3rd bowl added carefully to the top of other two white bowls to create a Studio McGee vase

Set a heavy object on top of your newly created vase and let sit for a few hours….

Heavy paint can added to top of vase

Step Two: Primer

Paint the vase with primer. Two coats. Let dry…

3 bowls stacked together with a can of primer next to them

You may have noticed the design of the vase changed. Let’s just say, blogger fail. I forgot to continue taking pictures of the vase above, but do have pictures of the 2 bowl vase I ended up doing the same technique too. So, basically, the style in the pictures is different, but the process is the same. 

Step Three: Spackle

For this step, spackle or compound will work. I prefer using spackle, because I like the finish it gives it and I feel like it’s easier to work with. Using your spackle knife, apply a heavy layer of spackle all over vase. Let it dry completely. (If it’s a nice sunny day, sitting it outside will help it dry faster)….

Spackle added to Studio McGee vase dupe

Step Four: Sand

Your vase should look something like this, at this stage…

Spackle added to 2 large bowls to create texturing

When vase is completely dry, sand it down to the smooth feel you want, but not taking away too much texture.

Spackle sanded down to create smooth texture on Studio McGee vase dupe

Step Five: Paint

Paint a dark underlayer…I mixed black paint with baking soda (mixing it to a creamy peanut butter texture) and painted it on my entire vase. Let dry.

Once dry, I dry brushed off-white paint all over my vase and let it dry. Then I lightly sanded my vase to the look that I wanted….

Black and white textured vase on top of a book

I love how this vase looks on my new built-in shelves….

Built in stained shelves with lots of decor on them

and decided to make another scratch vase. Using only two bowls (same kind as above), I did all of the same steps as my Studio McGee Vase, but changed up the colors. For this one I chose a tan color for my base (underlayer) and then dry brushed white paint on it….

From this….

Two glass bowls glued together to create the Studio McGee vase dupe

To this…

Studio McGee vase white, dupe on a shelf with a textured abstract picture

These are so incredibly easy to make and so much fun too. And the best part, it’s a whole heck of a lot less than the 128 bucks Studio McGee will charge you for it. The look without the expense! That’s a win!!

Miscellaneous items on two shelves: 2 vases, sphere, abstract picture and 3 arid plants

White chair next to a fiddle leaf fig plant and built in shelves



Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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