17 Spring Cleaning Hacks and Tips to Refresh Your Home

April 30, 2024

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Let’s talk about spring cleaning hacks and the best spring cleaning tips…

As the first blooms of spring begin to emerge, so does the daunting prospect of spring cleaning. The thought of scrubbing, dusting, and decluttering every nook and cranny of your home can seem overwhelming, even to the most seasoned cleaners.

However, embarking on this deep cleaning journey is not just about tidying up; it’s about setting the stage for a year of easier, more manageable cleaning.

By thoroughly addressing each task now, you’ll lighten your cleaning load for the months to come. Allowing for a fresher, more inviting home environment.

But how do you tackle such a monumental task without feeling swamped? The key is to space it out over a few weeks.

Breaking down the process into smaller, more achievable goals, will help you to not feel so overwhelmed.

Spring cleaning hacks Header image

This approach not only makes the work seem less intimidating but also provides a series of mini-accomplishments along the way.

Each completed task brings a sense of progress and achievement. Resulting in, a deeply satisfying feeling of accomplishment once the entire home is refreshed and revitalized.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Rather, it can be an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation, for not only your living space, but also your mindset.

In this post, I’ll share some smart and easy tricks to help you get through your spring cleaning faster. I know that cleaning the whole house can be a lot of work, but with these spring cleaning hacks, you’ll be able to tackle common tasks like a pro.

Spring Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Whether it’s making your windows sparkle or organizing your closet, I’ve got you covered with tips that save time and energy. So, get ready to clean your space more efficiently and have more time to enjoy the spring season!

Declutter Each Room

Decluttering each room in your house might sound like a huge task, but it’s actually pretty straightforward.

Here’s what you need to do: go through all your stuff and decide whether you want to…

  • keep it
  • give it away
  • sell it
  • or throw it away

To keep things organized, use baskets or bins to sort everything.

A closet nicely organized for effectively organize your home.

Here’s a cool tip to make it easier: try the four-box method.

Get four boxes and label them: Keep, Donate, Sell, and Recycle. As you go through your things, put each item in one of the boxes.

This method helps you decide quickly what to do with each thing, cutting down your to-do list and giving you a head start on cleaning up.

It’s a great way to clear the clutter and make your space nice and tidy.

Want more organization tips? Check out this post.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: Deep Clean Windows

When it’s time to deep clean your windows, be sure to tackle:

  • both the inside and outside glass
  • the window sills
  • and the tracks where dirt likes to hide

But what about those annoying streaks that seem to be inevitable?

Here’s what you do:

  • grab a spray bottle and mix a cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water.

This mixture is your secret weapon for sparkly windows. No need for a store-bought glass cleaner.

After you spray it on, instead of using a paper towel, use crumpled newspaper or a clean microfiber cloth to dry the glass.

Why? Because, both of these can soak up the liquid without leaving any residue behind, giving you the best results.

Say goodbye to streaks and hello to clear, shining windows!

Exterior of a stucco home with windows and black shutters.

Dust Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans is all about getting rid of the dust that builds up on them.

Here’s a super easy way to clean those ceiling fans without making a mess: use a pillowcase!

Just slip the open end of a pillowcase over each blade of the fan and pull it toward you. This way, all the dust gets trapped inside the pillowcase instead of falling on the floor or furniture.

It’s a smart and simple method to keep those high spots in your room dust-free.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: Refresh Curtains and Blinds

Refreshing your curtains and blinds makes a big difference in how clean your room looks and smells.

For curtains, you might need to wash them or give them a good cleaning, depending on what they’re made of. Blinds can get pretty dusty, so they need to be wiped down.

Bedroom with large windows and flowing curtains for spring cleaning hacks.

Here’s a simple tip: mix some warm water with a bit of fabric softener. This mixture can clean your blinds easily and leave them smelling great.

Just dip a cloth in this solution and gently wipe your blinds. It’s a small step, but trust me, it goes a long way in making your space feel fresh and inviting.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: ​Clean Out the Pantry

Cleaning out the pantry means

  • going through all your food items
  • checking their expiration date
  • and getting everything organized.

It’s important to make sure you’re not keeping anything that’s gone bad or that you won’t use.

Plastic storage bins in a pantry.

Here’s a cool trick to keep your pantry looking great: use turntables for your spices and baskets for different packets and small items.

This way, everything is easy to grab when you need it, and your pantry stays on the top shelf of organization.

Keeping things tidy like this saves you time and makes cooking a lot smoother.

See how I transformed my boring pantry to a butler’s pantry…in this post.

Deep Clean the Refrigerator

Deep cleaning the refrigerator is about three main things:

  • taking everything out
  • cleaning the shelves
  • and getting rid of any food that’s expired.

It’s a key step in keeping your kitchen clean and your food safe to eat.

Here’s a smart hack for those tough stains that seem like they won’t go away: use toothpaste!

Yes, toothpaste isn’t just for teeth. It’s also a good cleaning solution for your fridge, especially if it has stainless steel surfaces.

Toothpaste is slightly abrasive, which helps scrub away stains, and it leaves behind a clean, fresh scent.

Just apply a little toothpaste on a cloth, gently rub the stain, and then wipe it clean. This trick works wonders and keeps your fridge looking shiny and new.

Clean Upholstery and Carpets

Cleaning upholstery and carpets is all about getting rid of dirt and making sure these fabrics are deeply cleaned.

First, you’ll need to vacuum well to pick up any loose dirt.

Here’s a good idea to help keep your home smelling fresh: sprinkle baking soda on your upholstery and carpets before you start vacuuming.

Clean patterned carpet with a sofa and coffee table.

Baking soda is great at absorbing odors, so it can really help freshen up the place.

After sprinkling, let it sit for a little while, then vacuum it up. This simple step can make a big difference in how clean your home feels and smells.

It’s an easy way to contribute to a clean home environment.

Wash Bedding and Pillows

Washing your bedding and pillows is key to keeping your sleep area clean and cozy. This means throwing your sheets, mattress covers, and even pillows into the wash.

Here’s an easy way to make sure everything comes out not just clean, but also super fluffy:

  • toss a couple tennis balls into the dryer with your bedding and pillows.

The tennis balls bounce around and help fluff everything up as it dries, making your bed feel extra comfortable and fresh. It’s a simple trick that really makes a difference in how your bedding feels.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: Organize Closets

Organizing your closets involves sorting through your clothes, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and then putting everything in order. It’s all about making your space neater and your life a bit easier.

Here’s a cool hack: use shower curtain rings on your hangers. This is a smart way to hang up scarves, belts, or ties.

A well organized closet; all white for spring cleaning.

It keeps them from getting tangled or lost and makes your laundry room or closet way more organized.

Plus, it’s super easy to see everything you have at a glance, making getting ready faster and more efficient.

Clean Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning your kitchen appliances, like the oven and microwave, means getting rid of all the built-up grime and food splatters. It’s about making these tools as clean as they were when you first got them.

Here’s the best way to deal with those stubborn stains, especially in your microwave:

  • heat up a bowl of water with some lemon juice in it inside the microwave.
  • Let it steam for a few minutes.
  • This steam will loosen up all the grime and make it way easier to wipe away.

This simple trick uses the power of lemon juice and hot steam to tackle tough stains without a lot of scrubbing. It’s a natural and effective way to get your appliances looking new again.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

The best way to clean the kitchen sink is by first rinsing it out with hot, soapy water to loosen any food particles and residue.

Then, create a paste with baking soda and water and use a soft brush or sponge to scrub the sink, focusing on any stains or areas with buildup.

Kitchen sink with a black tile wall behind it.

A great hack for disinfecting and adding shine is to wipe down the sink with a damp cloth in a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

Or, for stainless steel sinks, rubbing a small amount of olive oil on the surface afterwards can make it shine like new.

This method not only thoroughly cleans but also utilizes household items, making it both effective and convenient.

Wash Trash Cans

Washing your trash cans is about getting rid of the gunk and smells that can build up in both indoor and outdoor bins.

It’s not just about making them look clean, but also stopping bad odors from spreading around your home.

Here’s a smart trick: after you’ve hosed down your bins and scrubbed them with a disinfectant cleaner, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom before you put a new bag in.

Baking soda is great at absorbing smells, so it’ll help keep those nasty bin odors at bay. This easy step makes a big difference in keeping your home smelling fresh.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: Refresh Entryways

Refreshing your entryway is all about making the first space anyone sees in your home welcoming and neat.

You’ll want to organize all the shoes, coats, and accessories that tend to pile up by the door.

Also, take a moment to clean or swap out your welcome mat since it’s one of the first things guests see.

entryway with a console table and beautiful large pictures.

A great way to keep everything in order is to use wall-mounted organizers or shelves. These tools help you sort items without taking up floor space, making your entryway look tidy and inviting.

It’s a smart set-up that not only makes your life easier but also creates a good first impression for anyone who comes into your home.

What are the 5 things every entryway must have? Find out in this post. 

Dust and Clean Baseboards

Dusting and cleaning your baseboards is about going around your home and wiping down those often-forgotten areas near the floor. It’s a simple task, but it really makes your place look cleaner.

Here’s a neat trick: use dryer sheets to dust your baseboards. Not only do they pick up dust easily, but they also help repel dust in the future and leave behind a fresh scent.

Black wall with a chair in front of it. Baseboards clean for spring cleaning hacks.

Using dryer sheets turns this chore into a small step that contributes to a fresher, more inviting home.

It’s a quick and effective way to make a noticeable difference in how clean your space feels.

Wash Walls and Touch-Up Paint

Washing walls and touching up paint are key steps in keeping your home looking its best.

Over time, walls can get dirty and paint can get chipped or faded. Giving them a good clean and a little touch-up can make a big difference.

Here’s a tip: for those scuffs and marks on your walls, magic erasers are an effective solution. They can remove most marks easily without harming the paint.

Cans of paint

This makes maintaining the appearance of your walls simpler and helps keep your home looking neat and tidy. Magic erasers are a handy tool for quickly cleaning up those imperfections.

Clean Vents and Replace Filters

Cleaning vents and replacing filters are important for keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. Dust and dirt can build up in air vents. And old filters in your HVAC system can stop working well over time.

Here’s a smart trick for those hard-to-reach spots in your vents: wrap a butter knife in a damp cloth. This setup lets you get into the narrow slats of the vents to wipe away dust and dirt.

By doing this, you make sure the air blowing into your home is as clean as possible.

Plus, regularly changing your HVAC filters helps your system run more efficiently. Together, these steps are key to maintaining good air quality at home.

Spring Cleaning Hacks: Refresh Decor

Refreshing your decor means giving your living space a new look by adding new items or changing up what you already have.

It’s about making your home feel new and exciting again.

A creative way to do this without spending a lot of money is to repurpose old frames or fabrics.

You can turn an old picture frame into a cool chalkboard or use fabric to create new pillow covers.

This approach lets you give your space a personal touch and a fresh feel, all while being kind to your wallet. It’s a fun and innovative way to make your home look and feel different.

2 shelves with a faux plant for Add Greenery to Your Home.

I hope you found this spring cleaning checklist to be very helpful and easy to implement.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

Until next week,

Happy Designing, Friend!!

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