Space-Saving Storage Solutions to Organize Your Kitchen

March 12, 2020

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An aesthetically pleasing kitchen is wonderful, but a fully-functional, space-saving, well-organized kitchen is even better! And to have all three is #goals all the way!! With spring right around the corner and having just wrapped up a mini-remodel on our kitchen……

beautiful kitchen with gray lower cabinets and white upper cabinets for space-saving post

I’m ready for some organization and space-saving solutions!

Let me just show you one case-in-point of what I’m talking about…

drawer with a vast array of cooking utensils for space-saving post

Isn’t that ridiculous? We can never find anything in that drawer! By the time I’ve searched, for what seems like an hour, to find a grill tool my meat is already done to a crisp. AND I’m just a bit frustrated, ready to throw the drawer out the window. Space-Saving Solution: This Bamboo Drawer Organizer Set from Wayfair! Why have I not done this sooner? Such an EASY, INEXPENSIVE solution!

3 small bamboo compartments

And while we’re on the subject of drawers, this one can become a catch-all for ALL the things!

utensil drawer

So, when I came across this gem, I was in awe! This Wayfair Adjustable Drawer Organizer is the bomb! Expanding to fit the size of your drawer, this utensil (and so much more) organizer is genius! No more wasted space! And who doesn’t love that!?

space-saving utensil drawer

And a literal catch-all for ALL the things is my junk drawer. I’m sure you all can relate! We all have that one drawer that we attempt to organize, at least once a year, only for it to become a cluttered mess within days of our futile attempt. But hey, we tried, right!? With this compartmentalized, space-saving organizer, there’s no need to keep TRYING! It’s pretty much clutter-proof with everything having a place! Love that!

wayfair compartmentalized drawer for space-saving post

Now that I’ve found some space-saving solutions for the drawers in my kitchen, let’s move onto the cabinets.

I’m almost embarrassed to show you this next picture! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pinched my finger trying to pull a cookie sheet out of here. It can be a little dangerous. Granted, who really needs 47 cookie sheets? Probably time to purge this cabinet….

cabinet with cookie sheets

But after purging, it just makes sense (and helps my sanity) to add both of these Tray Organizers! The Pull-Out Drawer and Cabinet Door models. No more pinched fingers makes this mama, who isn’t a huge fan of cooking anyway, much happier in the kitchen.

Wayfair organizational kitchen tools

over the cabinet door holder

And then there’s my tupperware cabinet. Do you remember that feeling in middle school when you just knew somebody stacked your locker and you cautiously, ever so slowly, opened it, only to have all your books fall on top of you? Yep! That about sums up my plastic container cabinet! Be ready to take cover!

messy cabinet above stove

With these two gadgets, I now have a place to store my lids AND my plasticware will stack neatly on top of one another. It’s the simple things. 🙂

plastic lid organizer for space-saving post

food storage containers

Our kitchen is kinda small and with 7 of us, utilizing as much space as possible is pretty much a necessity. With this expandable shelf, we could really capitalize on a little more real estate in our kitchen. This would work great in our dinnerware cabinets and/or the pantry. I think I could actually go crazy with buying quite a few of these!

expandable shelf for kitchen

Just a couple more stops in the kitchen, before we move over to the pantry….Is anyone else out there, NOT a huge lazy susan fan? I feel like this turnstile cabinet gets cluttered so easily. And if you have the misfortune of something falling off the shelf while your kids are turning it like an out of control merry-go-round, you might as well say buh-bye to that item, because it’s pretty much gone forever.

lazy susan with cooking supplies

But there is a solution: a Lazy Susan Organizer. Now those flimsy items will have a confined place and the lazy susan black hole will become a thing of the past.

plastic container for space-saving storage solutions

If you’re like me, you store all of your spices in the lazy susan. And it becomes a game of memory to try to find the one you want-picking up every last one until you finally find the one you need. This Spice Rack brings all of your spices to eye level and allows you to quickly grab the one you want. Another great space-saving solution too!

spice rack for pantry door for space-saving post

Last stop: under the sink. Of course, this is where we store all of our ugly stuff. Climbing into this space to retrieve something that has been knocked over and rolled to the back, is never fun. But I have been known to do it a few times. Or force one of my kids to climb in there….

under the sink without space-saving solutions...a mess

So, when I stumbled upon these Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers, once again, I thought-GENIUS!! Everything has a place and no more crawling around searching for what I need.

pull out shelf for under kitchen sink

And why not also add an Under the Sink Cabinet Mat? So much easier to keep this space clean. Just pull out the mat and wipe it down.

under the sink kitchen mat for space-saving organization

Moving onto the pantry, here’s a quick look at mine….

pantry full of food

Just a bit of a whirlwind! Nothing really has its own space. Sure, I’ve divi’d up things by its respective shelf. But within that shelf, there is chaos. I’ve always loved the idea of adding baskets to my pantry to make things easier to find. But, have I done it? No. How much more organized and ahhhhh-worthy my pantry would be with these Utility Wire Baskets or this Pantry Pull Out Drawer. And the fact that you can see through the baskets and find exactly what you need without having to pull every one of them out is perfect!

metal baskets for pantry for space-saving organization

Pantry pull out drawer for space-saving storage

Like most people, my tin foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, etc. are all just on a shelf stacked on top of one another. I love the convenience of this Wrap Organizer. No more pulling all of the boxes out to find the tin foil. Quick and easy!

tin foil holder for space-saving post

And the same is true, with my taco seasoning, tea bags, gravy packets, etc.-all just thrown in my lazy susan. However, with this Packet Organizer, everything has its own space and no more searching is required!

space-saving storage compartments for spice packets

I’m sure by now, you’ve caught the common theme of what I’m after in this pursuit to organize my kitchen….Everything needs its own space. Space-saving solutions are key! When everything has its own space, I spend less time in the kitchen searching for things. That to me, is a WIN!


pinterest pin for kitchen

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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