Solo Stove Bonfire-Less Messy and Less Smoky

June 10, 2021

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We dug out a fire pit about five years ago and I can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve used it. So many reasons why: Building a fire is not a quick easy task; We all smell like campfire afterwards and require a full shower (along with washing all of our clothes); Hard to keep the fire going; We built it on somewhat of a hill, so not the best ground to gather around the fire–feeling like you might fall into the fire–not good. Overall, it’s just not convenient at all!

Firepit made of metal with large stones around them

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But I love the ambiance of a bonfire, S’MORES, making family memories, S’MORES…Give me all the S’mores! Can one really have a bonfire without roasting marshmallows?? Enter: Solo Stove! This bonfire pit checks off all of the boxes! (Affiliate links included)

Family gathered around Solo Stove Bonfire pit mesmerized by the fire

Convenience is Key:

Weighing in at 20 pounds, the Solo Stove Bonfire is perfect for backyard bonfires. Easy to move from your deck to your patio or vice versa, you’re not limited on where you can hang out around the fire. (If placing on the deck, it is recommended to use a stand). My brother and his wife and kiddos borrowed it over the weekend…so easy to carry from our house to theirs (2 doors down). But I think they’re ready to buy their own. They’re just so convenient and good!!

Man carrying Solo Stove Bonfire Pit in black case on his back

If you’re wanting more of a stationary unit, the Yukon is what you need. This bad boy is solid and weighs 45 pounds. Great for a large gathering of people. But to be honest, the Bonfire is truly the perfect size. We have a family of 7 and can gather all of us and then some around our Solo Stove Bonfire. So, if the cost of the Yukon is holding you back, the Bonfire is just as good….

A guy and a girl sitting by the Solo Stove Bonfire Pit roasting marshmallows

If you’re space demands something really small or you want the convenience of packing it up for camping, the Ranger is just the right size and weighs only 15 pounds.

Virtually Smokeless:

It’s all in the design….cool air flowing through the bottom vent holes, fuels the fire at the base as the air rises up through the flames. If you want the technicalities of it, there it is. All I know is–it works! And I don’t have to wash my entire body and hair before climbing into bed. That, to me, is all I need to know!

Solo Stove Bonfire Pit with smoke going straight up and an outdoor sofa in the background with 3 pillows on it

S’mores!!! Yes, Please:

I know what you’re probably thinking (because I questioned the same thing): If it’s practically smokeless, it must require special wood. Nope! The same way you would light any fire pit, is the way you light this one (minus the lighter fluid-if you use that). We just used our wood and kindling on hand and had a blazing, warm fire…ready for all the s’mores and campfire treats….

Two boys sitting by the bonfire roasting marshmallows


I thought for sure these would come in at a hefty price. But they truly are very affordable! For all of the fun and convenience they provide, the price really did surprise me.

With it’s 27″ diameter, the Yukon is priced at $450.

With a diameter of 19.5″, the Bonfire comes in at only $255.

The Ranger has a diameter of 15″ and costs $50 less at only $200.

Not bad at all!!

3 Solo Stove fire pits side by side. Small to large

I honestly can’t recommend Solo Stove enough and I know you’re going to love it!! (Links included to purchase your own throughout this post and below). We have only had ours for less than two weeks and have used it more than we used our DIY fire pit over the last five years. So many memories being made! And lots of S’mores too! :)

Little boy enjoying a s'more on a warm summer evening

Ready to start making your own memories with a Solo Stove? Here’s the link! 

I have to add this in here! I found the coolest product for any firepit! Pull Start Fire is the easiest and fastest way to start a fire. Not to mention, one that continues to burn and is pretty much maintenance free! How does it work? You simply pull the string…

Boy pulling the string to a fire log set inside a firepit

And presto! The fire starts!!!

Fire burning inside firepit

It really is that easy! Pull Start Fire is offering 10% off to all RL fans! Here’s the link! This will truly change the way you do bonfires!

Pull Start Fire box for easy maintenance free bonfires



Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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