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November 23, 2015

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My goal was to have the boy’s room completed before Auston came home…but that’s not happening. I like to think I’ve made progress by the simple fact, they’re sleeping in their own beds now. That was a big step…Lauryn got her own room back and there is order (somewhat) upstairs on the kids’ floor of the house again.

The rest of the work to their room is cosmetic. Except what I’m going to share today. I had Chase remove their closet door and I constructed their sliding barn door….

This was yet another easy project. I started off by measuring the length I wanted my door to be. (Keeping in mind that it needs to hang above the top of my door trim). I then drew a line on my boards of where I wanted to cut—making sure they were as close as possible to the same length…it might look a bit strange having a few boards longer than the others. 🙂


After making my cuts, I lined my boards up again to double/triple check that they were all the same length. Then after my OCD passed…I was ready to make my holes. I did this using my Kreg Jig. This tool is a must-have. It’s not an expensive tool at all and will really make your life a lot easier if you love to do projects like me. 🙂


As you can see by the picture below, once my holes were all drilled (using my Kreg Jig) my boards were ready to be screwed together. I used clamps to keep my boards straight and tight…


I do wish I would have put more holes in to get a tighter, more secure bond between each board. Ideally, I should have put in screws every 8-12 inches. But in the end, I made some adjustments and it all worked. I reinforced the door using metal strips from Home Depot and they worked like a charm. This baby is not coming apart. So now my boards were all put together and I was ready to paint…


The picture above makes it look like a dull-white color…but it is actually gray. And isn’t that little furry guy in the back so cute? And so photo-genic. 🙂

Next, I was ready to lay out my barn door pattern. I placed my middle and top/bottom boards first…


Making miter cuts is always a challenge for me…


But after a few mistakes and having to scrap a few boards, I finally got it down. I ended up laying my board exactly where I wanted it and marking my cuts on each side of the board. Instead of trying to figure out my angle degrees. This was SO much easier. (If you want more description on this, let me know and I’ll explain what I did in more detail).

I love how all the boards came together perfectly…after I found this much simpler way of making this happen….


I decided to make life easier and paint all my boards white BEFORE I attached them to my door…


After they dried, I was ready to screw them in and voila… my door is almost finished!! I just received the handle from Amazon…so I’ll be putting that on today.



And finally, for the last step, my handyman comes and hangs it tomorrow. 🙂 Yes, you heard me right…my handyman will hang it. I love doing carpentry projects, but loathe putting things together. Especially when the directions come in measurements of millimeters. Ergh!! Why stress myself!??! When he can do it in a fourth of the time I could and with a lot less frustration too. 🙂

Next time…I’ll show you the door hanging and looking beautiful. I hope!! 🙂

UPDATE: The boys’ bedroom is finished!!! Check it out HERE.  AND Here is the link to purchase the Sliding Barn Door Hardware from Amazon.

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