Year in Review-Top 7 Simple DIY Projects 2022

December 22, 2022

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Continuing my Year In Review series. Today, I’m sharing 7 of my top simple DIY projects of 2022. You might not look at the projects below and think of them as simple DIY projects on the surface. However, once you dive into the plans that I have laid out for you, you will see how easy each of these are.

Header image with large planters under a black pergola

In every post I write, my top priority is making sure that the plans I give you are accurate and easy to follow. And as always, I encourage questions if you ever need more clarity.

My Top 7 Simple DIY Projects of 2022

#1 In Simple DIY Projects–Countertops

As I shared in last week’s post, this year I tackled my biggest project ever–my kitchen remodel. It was very important to me, throughout this remodel, to not break the bank. I kept my costs down by not only doing all of it on my own, but also utilizing what I already had available.

When looking at the cost of replacing my countertops, even laminate was going to be a little more than I wanted to spend. My thought was: why buy all new when these are perfectly fine? I could easily apply that money somewhere else.

So, as I did in my master bathroom a couple years ago, I decided to paint my countertops. I now have countertops that look like quartz, but only cost me a couple hundred dollars.

This one definitely falls into the simple DIY Projects category and might I add, it was a lot of fun too!

Painted countertops with veining

I’ll be sharing exactly how I did this in an upcoming post in January. But for now, this post gives all the details you need.

Want to see what the countertops looked like before? Check out this post.

#2 In Simple DIY Projects–Doors Upgrade

Google “Are sliding barn doors still popular?” and you will get a “yes” and you will get a “no.” Whether they’re in or out, they are a simple way to add a door to a room, while also adding character.

And let’s face it, when you google pretty much every trend, you’ll get some who say it’s in and others who swear it’s out. It truly comes down to…what do you like? And what fits best for your space?

While I didn’t like the style of my sliding barn doors anymore, I still loved their functionality. With 3 dogs that we sometimes have to corral and a mudroom that is visible from the kitchen, I like to have the option to close off the kitchen.

I knew I would miss those doors if I took them down. But again, I didn’t love the farmhouse look in my new organic modern kitchen. So, I once again worked with what I had and gave my sliding doors an upgrade. It was truly the easiest DIY ever!

Black sliding door with a gold long handle

Do you have a sliding barn door that no longer fits with the style of your home? Simply adding a few trim pieces might be all it needs to bring it up to date.

Go check out this post for a before look at these doors. And see how easy it was to change their look.

#3 Floating Shelves

While we’re hanging out in the kitchen, let’s look at these super easy floating shelves. I love how narrow these are for this walkway space.

What used to be a boring wall that I never really knew what to do with, is now a focal point. I love how these turned out against the black color block. Perfect! Check out this post to see exactly how I built them and why these also fall into the simple DIY projects category. So easy!

Easy diy floating shelves on a white wall with black color block rectangle and golden oak stained shelves as part of the simple DIY projects post.

#4 Wood Slat Accent Wall

Not quite ready to leave the kitchen yet. After all, I didn’t leave it for 6 months working on this remodel. Haha!

I love a good accent wall. A great way to add texture and dimension to a room, this slatted wall was so easy to do! In my all white kitchen, I love how these stained wooden slats add a touch of warmth.

I give all the details on how to get this same look in your home, here.

Part of the easy accent wall ideas--a slatted wall; stained Golden Oak

#5 In Simple DIY Projects–Square B&B

Moving out of the kitchen, but sticking with accent walls, this square board and batten gets so much attention. Another simple project that was so fun to do.

While it looks hard, it was actually very easy once I figured out my pattern. With lots of painter’s tape and pencil marks, this wall came together over the course of a weekend. It’s the perfect conversation piece leading down to our lower level. Here’s the post to see how I did it.

Full view of staircase as part of the simple DIY projects post

#6 Easiest B&B

This is the easiest board and batten you will ever do and still make a statement. I like this wall accent for a small wall space. Perfect for the alcove at the top of our lower level stairs. It ties in great with the square board and batten. Here’s the link for the easiest board and batten ever.

Wood slat accent wall with white boards on white painted wall

#7 Modern Planter

I love that our outdoor space is an extension to our living space. In the summer, you can find us right out here. But with our yard backing up pretty closely to our neighbors, having privacy is a must. Don’t get me wrong we have great neighbors, but the privacy is still nice. These planters are the perfect solution to this.

Every year I shop for plants that are going to grow fast and tall. This years plants are probably my favorite and what I will most likely search for this next spring too.

These planters fit perfectly in this simple DIY projects post. Another really easy build. The hardest part is carrying them to where you want them. I learned that the hard way. But with multiple people we got it done. They are solid and a permanent extension to our pergola space. Here’s the post on how I built them.

Pergola space with outdoor sofa, outdoor chairs and new planters for simple DIY projects

So many ideas rolling around in my head of more simple DIY projects to come in 2023. Can’t wait to share them all with you.

Until next time…

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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