21 Inspiring Scandinavian Front Porch Ideas: Add Curb Appeal

May 16, 2023

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Scandinavian Front Porch Ideas

Old man winter is never kind to a home’s exterior. Walking around my house at this time of year and seeing all the work that needs to be done, can be a bit daunting. But the very first task I always take on is my front porch. After all, it’s the focal point of the home. So, therefore, it should get the attention first. Seeing a spruced up and looking-good front porch always helps set the pace for getting the rest of my outdoor living spaces in order.


While I’m a creature of habit in virtually every area of my life, I do like to change up my front porch every season. The front porch can make or break any home’s exterior design. It’s the first impression that guests have of your home, and it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re looking to create a simple, modern, and inviting space, then my 21 Scandinavian front porch ideas will have all you need to get the look you want. A great way to elevate your home’s curb appeal.


But this isn’t your typical “porch ideas” post. If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you know I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design. I love adding this classic, cozy, minimalist, relaxed feel to every room of my own home. And my front porch is no exception.

21 Inspiring Scandinavian Front Porch Ideas

Minimalist Seating: Simple and Stylish

Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity and functionality, which is why minimalist seating is a must-have for any Scandinavian-inspired front porch.

Known for its use of natural material like wood, a simple wooden bench or chairs would be a great choice for seating. Look for designs with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

House painted white with black front door and 2 chairs on front porch


Upgrade Outdoor Space with Modern Lighting

To create a modern and welcoming atmosphere, choose sleek black or white outdoor sconces, minimalistic floor lamps, globe string lights or twinkle lights. These will add a touch of ambiance and safety to your porch.

For example, hanging a set of globe string lights above your seating area or installing a black or white outdoor sconce beside your front door would be a great way to incorporate modern lighting into your front Scandinavian porch decor.

Natural wood stained house with black door



Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. A Scandinavian front porch should reflect those values with clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral color palette.” – Ilse Crawford, British designer

Make a Subtle Statement with a Neutral Welcome Mat

A neutral welcome mat is key to creating a simple and inviting space. Look for a design with muted colors or geometric patterns that won’t overpower your porch decor.

For example, a welcome mat with a black and white striped pattern or a simple geometric shape in neutral colors would be perfect for Scandinavian-inspired front porches.

Black front door with black and white striped rug layered with jute floor mat


Bring Life to Your Space with Potted Plants

Potted plants are a must-have item to add color and life to every room of your home. I always say, every room needs green added into the space. Think of your front porch as another room. It needs green too.

When it comes to Scandi design, you can choose to keep things minimalistic with small potted succulents, cacti, or low-maintenance herbs in simple terra cotta pots.

For example, a set of three succulents in different sized pots arranged on a wooden bench would be a great way to incorporate potted plants into your front porch decor.

Or you can choose to GO BIG! Large black planters with draping ferns are my plant of choice on my front porch. These got a little wild a couple years ago. Definitely needed to be trimmed back a bit…

Scandinavian front porch ideas: front porch with ferns and corn husks

At Christmas time, consider adding a Christmas tree to your front porch. Nothing screams Scandinavia like Scandinavian Christmas decor. After all, this style does derive from the nordic countries, which are notorious for their idyllic Christmas scenes.

Add a Cozy Touch with Textured Pillows

Textured pillows are another great addition to seating areas. Look for natural fabrics such as linen or wool with geometric patterns or subtle layers of cozy texture to add comfort and subtle interest to your porch.

For example, a set of throw pillows with a simple geometric pattern in a neutral color scheme would be perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired front porch. These gorgeous indoor/outdoor pillows from Lulu and Georgia have the perfect texture and design. And I love that pop of color.

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Outdoor sofa with blue lumbar pillow


“The beauty of Scandinavian design is its ability to create warmth and coziness with minimal fuss. A front porch designed in the Scandinavian style should invite people in and make them feel at home.” – Ingrid Fetell Lee, American designer

Upgrade Your Door with a Sleek Modern Wreath

A modern wreath is always a good idea, adding character and color to your front porch. For example, a wreath made of greenery with a minimalist design would be perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired front porch.

Front door with several windows and a very large wreath


Here’s a great site for some fun wreaths. I especially like their Eucalyptus Wreath. Or this Faux Cypress Wreath is a beautiful choice around the holidays.

Make a Bold Impression with a Monochromatic Doormat Rug

A monochromatic doormat rug is important for a polished modern look. Try a design with simple stripes or geometric shapes in black and white or muted colors to keep things modern.

For example, a doormat rug with a simple black and white stripe pattern or a simple geometric shape in a muted color would be perfect for a Scandinavian home design front porch.

Layering rugs will add dimension and texture to the space. Start with a large black and white striped rug as your base. Place a smaller sisal rug on top. Voila! With this simple touch, you’ve added structure and visual appeal to your front porch.

Scandinavian front porch ideas: White painted house with large front porch and black door


Elevate Your Curb Appeal with Window Planter Boxes

Window planter boxes are a great way to add color and texture to the front of your house. Stick to simple and geometric shapes such as square or rectangular boxes filled with low-maintenance greenery.

For example, a set of window planter boxes filled with small evergreen trees or simple greenery would be a great way to incorporate this item into your front porch decor. My friend Savannah from @thebizeeco has the most idyllic window boxes on her beautiful front porch…

1 black rocking chairs on a front porch with flowers in a window box behind the chairs


Neutral Outdoor Art: Simple Sophistication

For outdoor art, try choosing pieces in neutral colors such as black and white photography or abstract sculptures. These will add personality and character to your front porch without overpowering the rest of your decor.

Unsure of adding a picture or sculpture to your front porch? Add your street number instead. Black metal house numbers against a light-colored wooden stained base has all the modern Scandinavian vibes! Excellent way to add in a couple extra textures to the space.

Scandinavian front porch ideas: planters, lots of natural wood; wooden door


“Scandinavian design is all about creating a feeling of calm and serenity. A front porch designed with that in mind should be a place of retreat and rejuvenation.” – Magnus Englund, Swedish designer

Add Warmth to Your Porch with Cozy Knit Throws

Cozy knit throws is another great one for Scandinavian front porch ideas. Soft blankets are an excellent way to add warmth and comfort to seating areas. Stick to neutral colors such as white, gray or black for a minimalist look.

For example, a chunky knit throw in a neutral color draped over a wooden bench would be perfect for a nordic style front porch.

Feeling a little adventurous, look for a throw blanket with a more vibrant color. You can never go wrong with green when it comes to Scandinavian front porch ideas…

Large front porch with seating area and large plant


Upgrade Your Front Porch with Modern Bird Feeders

For bird feeders, sleek wooden birdhouses or copper tube feeders are perfect for a minimalist design style. Keep things simple and functional.

For example, a wooden birdhouse with a simple geometric shape or a copper tube feeder with clean lines would be perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired front porch. Love this super modern bird feeder from Amazon!

White modern bird feeder


“In Scandinavian design, less is more. A front porch designed in that style should have only what is necessary for comfort and relaxation.” – Hans Wegner, Danish furniture designer

Streamline Your Storage with Minimalist Baskets

Minimalist baskets in natural elements such as woven seagrass or bamboo with clean and simple shapes are important for adding storage and organization to your front porch.

For example, a seagrass basket with clean lines can be used to store gardening tools or extra cozy blankets.

Seagrass basket with handles


Add a Touch of Warmth with Wooden Side Tables

Wooden side tables with clean and simple lines are great for adding versatility and Scandinavian style to your front porch. They’ll give you a place to put your coffee or tea while relaxing outside.

For example, a wooden side table with  simple lines can be paired with a modern lounge chair for a Scandinavian-inspired seating area.

Scandinavian front porch ideas: seagrass basket with lid


Sleek Watering Can: Style Meets Functionality

A sleek watering can is important for maintaining your plants on the front porch. Try finding one with a basic design to keep things modern. A stainless steel watering can with a simple shape and clean lines would be perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired front porch.

Adding white pitchers to the space as part of the decor, is a great way to always have a watering can on-hand.

Green metal watering can


Create a Serene Atmosphere with Simple Wind Chimes

Wind chimes add soothing sounds to the front porch with a minimalist Scandinavian design approach. Highlight some popular wind chime designs with simple and geometric shapes in natural materials such as wood or metal.

A set of wooden wind chimes with a simple geometric design can add a touch of calming sound to your front porch.

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Scandinavian front porch ideas: wooden wind chimes


Add Personality with a Graphic Outdoor Rug

While I’ve already mentioned rugs before, maybe you’re wanting a more detailed design. A graphic outdoor rug in neutral colors or muted tones can tie together the design of your front porch. Adding stripes, chevrons or geometric shapes can bring some creativity and visual interest to the airy space.

Front door with black and white striped rug


“Scandinavian design is about creating a harmonious relationship between the inside and outside. A front porch designed in that style should flow seamlessly from the inside of the home and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.” – Greta Magnusson Grossman, Swedish-American designer

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Charming and Practical: Natural Wood Garden Stool

A natural wood garden stool is perfect for adding versatility and style to your front porch. Highlight some popular garden stool designs in natural wood tones with simple and modern shapes.

A wooden garden stool with a clean and simple design can be used as a side table or extra seating for guests.

Wooden stool


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Show Your Patriotism with Your Country’s Flag

I love adding the American Flag to my front porch. Rather than flying it only on the patriotic holidays, we choose to keep it out all through the spring, summer and fall months. Honoring those who have fought for this nation and the traditions and values America has always stood for, is important to our family.

If you are a veteran or in the military, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Front porch with American Flag

Upgrade Your Outdoor Ambiance with a Sleek Fire Pit

Maybe adding a firepit to your front porch is not something you’ve thought about. For this added feature, a large front porch is key. Perfect for a wrap-around porch. If you have the space, what a statement it can make.

A sleek fire pit in natural materials such as concrete or steel can add warmth and ambiance to your front porch. A concrete fire pit with a simple design can be a cozy addition to your front porch.

SoloStove makes a smokeless fire pit that is perfect for any outdoor space. 

Scandinavian front porch ideas: Solostove fire pit


In conclusion, incorporating these 21 must-have Scandinavian front porch ideas, can transform your front porch into a simple, modern, and inviting space. Remember to keep things minimalistic, functional, and natural for an authentic Scandinavian design approach.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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