Year in Review-My Top 5 Room Makeovers of 2022

December 15, 2022

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Starting off my annual “Year in Review” series with a bang! Room makeovers are truly my favorite projects to take on. I love to see a room go from blah to demo’d to wow! There truly is something so satisfying about that process. And this year did not disappoint! Coming in hot with 5 room makeovers in 2022, I would say it was a busy year! And that it was….

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My Top 5 Room Makeovers of 2022

#1 In My Room Makeovers–Kitchen

With my daughter’s high school graduation party coming in June of this year, I started 2022 off with a vision and a plan. Not sure it was my best decision ever, but remodeling my kitchen before the party was my goal.

Being the planner that I am, I sat down in January and mapped out everything I wanted to do in the kitchen. I then grabbed my calendar and gave myself deadlines for all that I wanted to accomplish.

Preparing for this major project, I researched ALOT. In my research, I read the stories of kitchen reno nightmares and was prepared for the worst. Amazingly, there were very little hiccups along the way and I was able to stay on schedule through most of the project.

It was actually kind of shocking to me how smoothly it went. That’s not to say I didn’t wake up in a full-out panic many mornings, questioning my decision to take this on right before over 100 people were going to show up at my door. Would I do it again? Probably not. But I LOVE the end result…

View of a modern kitchen with very light flooring and all white cabinets

It’s very much worth the time to go check out this post for a before look at my kitchen. Amazing how different it looks today. I still walk into it with amazement.

Be sure to check back in January for a short kitchen series. Sharing a few of the DIY’s I haven’t already shared.

#2 Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries are all the rage right now. As I considered all the features that were most important to me for my new kitchen, clearing up counter space was #1.

Considering our pantry is pretty small, I had never even thought of moving some of my small appliances into there. But again….Research! Always step one when taking on a major renovation.

I found that many people with small pantries were making space for their smaller appliances. And so, to the drawing board I went! And I made it work! I love that my old boring pantry is now a functional extension to my kitchen. And the space it cleared up on my counter tops…Perfect!

Girl standing in butler's pantry as part of the 2022 room makeovers

Want to have a look at the pantry before I fully utilized all of its capabilities? Hop over to this post.

#3 Center Island

While this clearly can not be considered a room makeover, it is an added space that deserves attention.

Our old kitchen had a peninsula that jutted out and basically cut off half the kitchen. It was the worst! For those working in the kitchen, it felt very crowded.

When we would have family/friends over, of course the place to hang out was the peninsula, making this space feel even more closed in. Why anyone would ever design a kitchen like this, is beyond me.

So, demo 1: get rid of the peninsula! Ahhhhh…the freedom when that was taken out! And oh the vision my eyes could now see. A HUGE center island! I had to make it happen! Back to the drawing board. And then the fun part…building my dream kitchen island!

Large kitchen island painted black

Now when we have people over there is a dedicated space to hang out and a dedicated space for all of the food prep. Be sure to check out this post to see the before.

#4 In My Room Makeovers–Mudroom

With a clear view of our mudroom from our kitchen, a farmhouse mudroom and an organic modern kitchen were not vibing well together. Aside from that, it was time. Time to bring the mudroom up to speed with the rest of the main level.

While I would have liked to remove all of the shiplap, that task was going to be more time consuming than I had time for. So for now, new paint was what was going to bring this mudroom to modern day. Amazing what paint can do!

Mudroom lockers as part of the 2022 room makeovers

Want to see the mudroom before? Check out this post.

#5 Dining Room

This one was more of a 2021 into 2022 project. With some last minute builds, I wrapped up my dining room makeover in January of this year. We use this room quite a bit and love the huge table that fits all of us and then some. (Here are the plans for how I built this table)  

There are so many DIY’s in this room. Looking around, I’m pretty sure I built everything in this room, except the chairs. Table, bench, accent wall, picture frames–they’re all linked here.

Organic Modern dining room with rug, dining table, bench

Ready for 2023 and all the new building projects it will bring! You can bet I have my list. Haha!

Until next time…

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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