Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

September 27, 2016

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Hello friends! I wanted to pop in here real quick and share with you what I did with all of those pumpkins from last weeks blog post. I promised I would share pictures of our Fall transformation.

We are currently in Destin, Florida and are not feeling the crispness of Fall at all. It’s HOT!! But we are having a fabulous time hanging out with family! We are renting a gorgeous home that I am absolutely in awe over! It is A-MA-ZING!!
Destin House

(So sorry about this awful photo quality. As I talk about in an upcoming paragraph; a result of the less than stellar internet connection I’m up against right now!! ERGH!!)

Over the weekend we attended my cousin’s beach wedding, which was breathtaking! I will, for sure, post pictures on next weeks blog about the wedding and reveal the wedding gift I have talked about in previous posts.

So sorry I’m not able to do that this time. Unfortunately, my internet connection is very poor. That’s what happens when you cram 16 people on one wifi stream. Feels like we’ve stepped back into dial-up. And on top of that we are nearing the end of our data cycle and need to preserve the few precious gigs we have left over the next 6 days. Which will be a challenge in and of itself, with our 5 kiddos, who believe all life comes to a screeching halt without data.

So for now, here’s my home in Fall mode. I went a little crazy with pumpkins this year. I am loving the non-traditional pumpkins. Specifically, white ones and green ones. I love the more natural look they bring in.

So again, here’s what I started with…

I may or may not have added a “few” more after this picture was taken. 😉

Onto the pumpkin tour…pumpkin display #1…

This is in our kitchen/nook area. I picked up some fresh greenery at the Johnny Appleseed festival last weekend. Loving the fresh greenery over the fake stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby and returned after finding this stuff. It smells so good too! Bonus! Of course the mess it makes…not so much a bonus. 🙁

This pumpkin arrangement sits behind my kitchen sink…again, I love the aroma of fresh flowers the greenery puts off.

Simplicity 🙂

This is by far my favorite indoor pumpkin spot I have. 🙂
Moving onto outside…

Aren’t these mums gorgeous?! I picked up that blueberry container (as the salesperson called it) over my Country Living Fair weekend.

Here’s a full shot.

And this mum!!

Did I mention I LOVE white pumpkins!!

I’m looking forward to that fall crisp air when we return home soon. A big shout-out to our house sitter holding down the fort and watering our mums while we’re gone. You are awesome!!

See you back here next Tuesday when I’ll reveal the wedding gift and share some pictures from our week. Have an awesome week!

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