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February 9, 2016

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One area down, ten to go….on the main floor. As I mentioned before, I have been wanting to change out our trim to craftsman trim for quite awhile now. Last year I actually ripped the trim off one of the doors, only to then go into a panic attack realizing how much work was truly involved in this. I ended up putting the original trim right back up and walking away from it for a year.

But after changing all the trim in Ty and Grayson’s room to craftsman, I thought how hard could it truly be? I can do this!! And so I did! And I am!!

What’s keeping me from a panic attack this time?? I have a plan….I “plan” on completing one area each month. With ten areas on the main floor, I should be done by the end of this year….with the main floor. 🙂

So, for the month of January, I completed the foyer. I started by tearing off all the trim. I talk more in-depth about this in this post.


I had a helper throughout this project…love it when my kids show an interest in building. And Ty really enjoys helping me out with this kind of work.


Then I moved my workshop inside…the garage was just way too cold. I painted all my boards. Going from this…


1×6 pine for the baseboards. To this….


I used Behr super white paint and gave each board 2 coats. And then a third coat after putting them up and filling in nail holes. Here’s a look at the baseboards now…



I love the chunkiness of this. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

For the doorframe, I put my side boards up first…


I used 1×5’s for my doorways.

I did things a little differently this time from how I did the boys’ room. I built the door topper first and then installed it on top of my side boards. Here’s the topper after I built it…


Kind of hard to see. Sorry. 🙁

Here it is installed on top of the side boards…



These were taken before I did all my caulking and one more coat of paint. 🙂

I love how the front door turned out. I will say, I was pretty nervous about this one. Not a big fan of heights and ladders. But it really wasn’t too bad and I survived. 🙂


Sorry about this picture. Unfortunately, it was a pretty gloomy day out and I couldn’t get a good shot without the light on. And obviously, even with the light on.

That light is going away too. I have my eye on a different one at a local store that sells Restoration Hardware type items for NOT Restoration Hardware type prices. 🙂

This picture is a little better…



Here’s a link to the post where I talked a lot more in depth about installing craftsman trim.

Next week, I’ll show you what I did to the wall to the right of the front door. I absolutely LOVE it!!

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to help wherever I can.



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