Our Beautiful Master Bedroom Reveal-Get the Look and the Links

May 13, 2021

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The last couple weeks I’ve shared our Master Bedroom Reveal. Part one and Part two. Today, I’m wrapping up this space with a big red bow! Sad to be leaving this makeover but excited to move onto the next space. Stay tune next Thursday for where we’re heading next. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about links to many of the decor items in my master bedroom reveal and as promised, today I’m sharing them with you. As much as possible, I’m going to give you two options. One: the link to where I actually got it and Two: the link to a very similar, but possibly less expensive and maybe easier to attain, product from Amazon. I hope you find this post helpful as I know it is one, many of you have asked for. But first, for those that are new here, here’s a quick look at the space before….

master bedroom in middle of remodel

And the space during the process of the master bedroom makeover…

Master bedroom reveal: Carsiding tray ceiling with faux beams and basket light

So, I’m thinking a seamless and easy way of doing this is sharing a picture and then listing out the item, actual link and dupe (Amazon) link. So let’s look at the fireplace space first for our master bedroom reveal…

master bedroom with fireplace, rug, white chair, boho light and Christmas decor

Starting from the top, I found this hanging light from World Market. I did purchase the jute and light kit separately and wrapped the cord with the jute.
Hanging light: World Market (no longer available)

Hanging Light: Amazon

Light kit and Jute: Amazon

This chair! If you follow me on Instagram, you know this chair was a ridiculous moment for me. Give me a bed to build any day, but a chair out of a box and I’m stuck! :)  But we got ‘er done (along with some laughs) and I love it! This beautiful striped blanket, I bought from a local shop here in town, accents the chair well. (The local shop doesn’t carry this blanket anymore, so I’m linking a similar one on Amazon below)…. (Affiliate Links Included)

Chair: Walmart

Chair: Amazon

Boho Striped Blanket

My first Juniper Print with the gold frame fits this space perfectly. I love the pop of colors this French Port landscape picture gives.

Landscape Picture

16×20 Gold Frame

Originally, we started out with these sheer linen curtains. I loved the look but not so much the transparency…I don’t believe the neighbors particularly cared for that quality in them either. Haha! They would be great with another set of curtains behind them or in a room that doesn’t demand privacy. In the long run we ended up with these curtains from Target. Perfect! Not overly room darkening, but yet still offers privacy. (Curtain Rod Link).     (Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Sheer Linen Curtains

Semi Darkening Curtains

Curtain Rod

And we can’t move on from this picture without sharing the best feature in it!! The fireplace!! I purchased this electric fireplace from Amazon and built the surround for it. I absolutely love how it turned out! Check out the plans here, if you’re interested in building your own fireplace! Such a great addition to our bedroom! We love it!!    (Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Electric Fireplace Insert

Master bedroom reveal: Black vase next to nightstand

This black vase with pampas grass from Stay by Cori Samuel makes such a statement! I actually picked up the vase years ago at Marshall’s and just recently gave it this black textured paint makeover (it was a clear turquoise color before). I share how I got the look for the vase here. (Note: Cori sells a limited amount of pampas grass each year…usually around major holidays. If interested in purchasing pampas grass from her, I recommend direct messaging her and she will get you on the list for when she releases the next batch….hope this helps). 

Pampas Grass: Stay by Cori Samuel

Pampas Grass: Amazon

Glass Floor Vase (comes in a variety of sizes)

Where can you purchase the nightstands! Well, I actually built those and posted the full tutorial on how I did it here! But, if you would rather just buy them…here’s a link for a similar set. If you’re just in the market for some new hardware and you like these handles, you can purchase them here. Here they are in a gold color too.

Mid Century Modern Nightstand

Cabinet Hardware (Black)

Cabinet Hardware (Gold)

I fell in love with this light the moment I saw it at Target! I love the dimmer switch it’s on and the soft, almost pink color it gives when turned down very low. It also gets very bright for reading at night too. We have a set of two. They’re perfect!

(Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Globe Task Lamp: Target

Globe Task Lamp: Amazon

I’ve had a lot of people, over on Instagram, ask about the flooring. I purchased it at Home Depot and installed it myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the same one at Home Depot, but here’s a similar one from Home Depot and here’s one from Amazon.

Laminate Flooring: Home Depot

Laminate Flooring: Amazon

The white tin with greenery is from IKEA. :)  I really like this one and might just grab a few!!

Faux Potted Greenery

Cozy corner in master suite with wing chair and light

My new favorite reading spot is right here! This lamp gives off the best light!   (Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Floor lamp

Lady standing next to a full-length mirror

Would love to link the full length mirror for you, but it was another easy build that I shared the plans for here. Want to just purchase it though? I wasn’t able to find a mirror that looked like this one, but here’s a simple one with gold trim that caught my eye.  (Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Full Length Gold Trim Mirror

MCM nightstands

Alright, so I also get a lot of requests for the link where I bought my bed. Again, I built it! And shared the plans here. But I actually duped it off of this bed from Zinus…if you want to take the easy route.   :)

Zinus Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

The bedding is a hodge podge of different places….  (Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Pillows…My Pillow

Decorative lumbar pillow….Target

Rose-Color Quilt….Target

Rose-Color Quilt…Amazon


Comforter cover

White sheets

I think that pretty much wraps it up! There are still some items I would like to get and will try to remember to link those here as I purchase them (or build them  :)  ).

This also concludes our master bedroom reveal. It has been a long process/project, but I got ‘er done and we absolutely love it!! We finally feel like adults with a real master bedroom. :)

Onto new things….that hopefully require outdoor projects. Although with the price of lumber, I might be holding off on some of those building projects for a little while. :(   We’ll see!



Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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