Create a Clean and Contemporary Space with Organic Modern Design

February 28, 2023

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useThere are so many different styles to choose from when designing your perfect home! So it’s not surprising that you may be wondering, what is organic modern design?

As we continue our Interior Design Style series, join me in this helpful article to find out what is Organic Modern and how do we get the look? 

First, we’ll get the mini takeaway before we head into the details, so you can get started on your design goals today! 

Organic Modern Interior Design celebrates traditional craftsmanship while incorporating cutting-edge technology. With crucially, sustainable practices it’s the perfect choice for those who wish to make their home eco-friendly without compromising on aesthetics! 


Ok, so what exactly does that all mean? Let’s find out!

What is Organic Modern Interior Design? 

Organic Modern interior design is a decor style that uses natural materials, muted tones, and clean lines to create a relaxed atmosphere.

It draws on elements from traditional styles, such as rustic, industrial, minimalism, and modern design. 

An organic modern design styled room with very simple furnishings. Bench, small round coffee table and a vase with pampas grass

Organic modern design is rooted in its Scandinavian heritage, therefore, it emphasizes minimalism.

And just like we learned last week about Scandinavian design, organic modern design has an appreciation for nature and comfort, as well.

You will see many of the same elements used in both Organic Modern and Scandinavian design. These two styles are a perfect pair to blend together. They complement each other very well. I have adapted these two styles as the primary design of my home.

Organic Modern is timeless 

As such, this style is timeless—it will never go out of style! 

With the organic modern interior design, you can create a beautiful living space that’s both stylish and comfortable. 

It brings together natural materials with clean lines and colors for a peaceful, yet stylish home environment. 

A very minimally decorated room with a console table, mirror and lamp

There are many ways to create this look in your home by using natural textures and materials, maintaining a neutral color palette, and keeping the decor minimalistic and organized. 

With all these elements combined, organic modern interiors can provide you with an inviting and beautiful living space that will stand the test of time. 

By combining these elements with natural textures, the look results in an effortless yet stylish home.

Calm and clean 

With its clean lines, calming colors, and timeless appeal; organic modern interior design is sure to be a mainstay in homes for years to come! 

The key is to focus on creating a calm atmosphere with muted colors and natural textures while combining classic elements with touches of modern flair. 

An organic modern design styled room with very simple furnishings. chair, bookshelves and a couple green plants.

So why not embrace the beauty of nature and bring a bit of the outside into your home?

“With the organic modern interior design, you can create a beautiful living space that’s both stylish and comfortable.”


The color palette for organic modern design should be muted but still vibrant. 

Try sticking with earthy tones such as olive green, taupe, browns, and off-whites that are inspired by nature. 

An easy way to create a cohesive color scheme is to use a monochromatic palette of different shades, for example, a range of blues from light sky blue to navy blue.

When it comes to color palettes for organic modern interior designs, neutrals like white, gray, or brown will help create a calming atmosphere while working well with the other elements in the room.

2 large square pictures hanging on a wall with a green chair and a side table.

If you want to add some contrast, you can use green plants or accents from the plant world! This means the skies are the limit in terms of color pop. 

However, make sure to keep your decor minimalistic and organized so as not to overcrowd the space. 

What does Organic Modern look like? 

The decor in an organic modern interior design should have clean lines with simple yet interesting shapes. 

The textures and materials used in organic modern design are chosen with an eye toward sustainability.

Start by choosing furniture pieces made from natural materials like wood or cork. Add wall art featuring nature-inspired designs and colors to add visual interest without being overwhelming. 

Beautiful canvas wall art on the wall with decor on a console in front of it

Combining both masculine and feminine elements can give the room depth–think wooden coffee tables paired with velvet chairs for a balanced aesthetic. 

The picture I created above is a great example of an organic modern piece. With its clean lines and natural wood texture, it adds visual interest to the room, without overwhelming the eye.

Want to re-create this wall art? Here is the easy to follow tutorial. Such a fun piece of artwork to make!

Choose furniture with natural elements 

Look for furniture pieces that are made out of natural materials and have geometric shapes like cubes or circles. 

You can also add pops of color with artwork in abstract designs or photographs of the great outdoors. 

Organic modern interior design is all about creating a sense of harmony between the indoors and outdoors while still maintaining a contemporary look. 

An organic modern design styled room with huge floor to ceiling windows. A sofa, coffee table and ficus tree.

How do I use textures and materials? 

The textures and materials used in this design style should be natural, earthy, and warm. 

When it comes to textures and materials, organic modern interior design is all about natural elements. Natural woods, stone, cork, rattan, jute, sisal, and other natural fibers are essential in this design style. 

Choose furniture pieces made from sustainable wood like reclaimed teak or oak for an eco-friendly look. 

When it comes to decorating with accessories use items made of clay or ceramic as well as rustic metals such as brass and copper. 

Consider adding pieces that are made from wood, bamboo, rattan, leather, or wool rugs. These provide depth to the room while still maintaining a modern feel. 

You can also add throw pillows or blankets with geometric prints in vibrant colors to make the room look inviting and stylish.

“When it comes to textures and materials, organic modern interior design is all about natural elements.” 

How do I get the look? 

When it comes to decorating your home with an organic modern vibe, think outside the box – literally! 

Floor-to-ceiling windows can bring in plenty of natural light without taking up valuable space. And don’t forget about plants; living greenery can bring life to even the most modern of spaces. 

As for furniture, look for pieces that are both functional and stylish. 

Mid-century modern furniture is a great fit with its minimalistic lines. Scandinavian designs are a great fit, offering a blend of comfort and style in an uncluttered form. 

White sherpa chair with a fluted wood accent table

The key to organic modern interior design lies in its ability to combine natural materials with contemporary shapes and colors. 

These Boucle chairs bring into the space a luxurious fabric that offers a cozy place to sit and is pleasing to the eye. I actually bought them off of Amazon at a really great price. You can check them out here! I love their wide design and the texture they add.

When done right, organic modern creates a space that feels comfortable yet elegant – perfect for inviting friends over or just kicking back after a long day at work.

So if you’re looking to give your home an updated, organic look, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Reclaimed wood furniture, natural fibers such as jute or sisal rugs, bamboo floors, and cork wall coverings all work together to add warmth and depth to the space. 

You can also incorporate plants into your decor for a touch of greenery. 

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Nature inspired 

When it comes to colors, organic modern interiors typically feature hues that speak to nature as I mentioned above.

Think muted greens and blues, neutrals like white and gray, and pops of color to bring some energy to your space. 

Textures can help to create a cozy atmosphere that still looks chic and pulled together. 

Try pairing natural materials such as wood accents and sisal rugs with velvet upholstery for the perfect mix of textures. 

An organic modern design styled room with a green velvet sitting area, dark woods and large green plants.

With its natural elements, neutral colors, and thoughtful combinations of textures and materials, organic modern styling is sure to bring a stylish look to your space without breaking the bank. 

To add visual interest, combine these tactile textures with glass accents or metallic fixtures. 

For those of you who prefer a muted pallet,  try pairing a cream-colored sofa with a walnut coffee table for an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. 

An slatted wood accent wall with a cream colored sofa in front of it.

Adding splashes of bright green plants will help tie everything together.

And to finish on…

Organic modern interior design is perfect for creating a home that’s comfortable yet stylish – it has been popular for decades because it never goes out of fashion!

With the right combination of materials, colors, and decor, you can easily create a space that reflects your style and tastes.

Whether it’s an open-plan apartment or a cozy family home, organic modern design is sure to bring something special to the space.

Is organic modern your style? Check out the 9 other top interior design styles being covered in this series and determine which one is right for you.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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