New Front Door and What to Consider

September 25, 2019

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Sharing my new front door!!

I have gotten SO many comments on this door, that I thought I would answer the most pressing question….where did I get it? But first, a glimpse of the old door…

two goldendoodles in foyer

I have not been a fan of this door, since the day we moved in…12 years ago. The frosted, etched sidelites have clashed with our style from almost day one. The boring 6-panel door was devoid of windows, therefore, I had to have a storm door to allow sunshine in (because I can’t stand to not be able to see out my front door)…

3 goldendoodles looking out a front door

This summer, we finally got to say Buh-Bye to it!!! And I am loving my new door.

new front door wrapped in plastic

Can you see it?? I never knew this is how they deliver a door. I figured the sidelites would be separate from the door and it would have to be somewhat assembled. Huh?! Who knew? Not me! So, we had this huge blue monstrosity in our driveway for a few days until our handyman was able to come and install it….

front door covered with a blue tarp in driveway

So glad we went the route of our handyman installing this one….

foyer with missing door and handymen

I love to DIY as much as I possibly can when it comes to home renovation projects, but this one felt a little over my head. The biggest reason: it all HAS to be done in one day (can’t really go without a front door for too long, haha!). What if I ran into a snag? Can’t really spend the evening hours YouTubing it and get back to it tomorrow. AND our handyman did run into a snag. I ordered casing for a 4″ frame and should have ordered it for a 6″ frame. I would have been stuck-but he had the perfect solution. Basically he inset the door a little more and added some trim pieces on the outside. You would never know!! 🙂

foyer with new front door and handyman

So, the big question…where did I find it? No big surprise–Home Depot! It’s a Steves & Sons front door with Sidelites. (In case you’re wondering-“sidelites” are those windows flanking both sides of the door)….

entry way with farmhouse light

I love how much sunlight this door lets in. After going from no windows to six large windows and sidelites, it felt strange walking out of my room every morning and being able to see out the door. It almost felt like there was no door at all. Which some may not like, but I loved it!! I have always been a fan of leaving my windows and doors unobstructed–give me all the sunshine!!

foyer with large sign, shelves and decor

Originally, I had planned on painting the outside of the door black. But that all quickly changed once it was installed. I fell in love with the mahogany wood and couldn’t even think of painting it. (My mom actually reprimanded me for even considering it-apparently, that would be a sin)…

front porch with ferns, rug, and lanterns

By the way, I’m sure you noticed the two-tone trim going on up there in the picture above. Just want to point out that I was in the process of painting that trim the lighter color. We weren’t playing around with a two-tone look. Haha!

There are times of the day when it takes on more of a red tone–which is not the look I was going for. But those hours are short and I love its color the rest of the day too much to change it….

front porch with American Flag, lanterns and ferns

It goes so well with our full exterior makeover we did this summer. Definitely, the icing on the cake! A new front door makes decorating my front porch that much more fun too!

welcome mat layered with buffalo check rug

I’m linking a similar buffalo plaid rug here, because I’ve gotten lots of questions on that too. 🙂 Unfortunately, mine is sold out. 🙁 My rug is pretty big (3×5), so if you don’t need it that big, be sure to change the size. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

From summer time decor….

front of house with flower box and American Flag

To all the fall goodness…

Front porch with mums, corn shocks, ferns and lanterns

front porch with mums, fern, and lanterns

front door flanked with corn shocks, mums, ferns and lanterns and white pumpkins

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Front door with sidelites and lots of pink mums

My mind is already churning at how to deck it out for the Holidays!!

Just a couple things to keep in mind, if you’re in the market for a new door…Things I learned 🙂 ….

UPDATE: My Porch Has a New Makeover!

In interior design, I love the unexpected. And so, where it would be natural to paint my front porch white, I stepped out of the norm. And painted it black!

Front porch painted black with limewash brick front and American Flag

I absolutely love it!! Amazing how this simple, bold change makes this entire space pop!

Front porch painted black with lots of green plants

When Shopping for a New Front Door:

*Be sure to measure your space (w x h) to determine your door size (account for sidelites too, if applicable). My door is a 68in. x 80in.

*Note whether your door’s Door Handing- Does your door swing inside or outside? Is your doorknob on the left or right? Mine is a Left-hand/Inswing.

*Be sure to get the right casing….I NEEDED a 6″, but accidentally bought a 4″. We made do, but it would have been much better to have the right size. 🙂

*Door handle/lock is sold separately. Here’s one similar to the one we bought. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

It’s amazing what a front door will do for a home. Definitely the focal point of every home. So make it pop!!

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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