Welcome to our home!! We have been making memories here for 8 years now.  It has gone through many changes, just like we have. I love my home and hope you enjoy it too….

House 001

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, which we absolutely love!

House 008

2014-15 2882

Our backyard is pretty small, but we have utilized the space well. Our pergola is a great place to relax…however, I don’t make it out there near as often as I would like. 🙁

2014-15 2364

2014-15 2367

2014-15 2368

blog 011

We use this space all the time in the summer. I love eating outside whenever we can. I built this new outdoor kitchen this past spring. It is so nice having all the extra space for when we have family over….which is quite often. I’ll share how I built this in an upcoming post.

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blog 089

Our family room is very bright and cheery.

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blog 083

blog 082

Our dining room has had a lot of changes made to it. It is not usually this peaceful in here…dinnertime can be chaotic and loud, to say the least. 🙂

blog 071

blog 069

Our kitchen/nook area is always hopping, when the kiddos are home. This is where I feel like I hang out ALL the time. I have great plans for this area. Would like to eventually take out the bar space and build a center island…giving us a lot more room. With 7 of us, it can get pretty crowded in here.

blog 068

blog 077

We also have these two sitting areas in the nook. This is where I sit to do most of my blogging/writing.

More to come….I will show you more of the house as I conquer those rooms. I am a one-woman team, so please give me grace…my projects can go a little slow. My handsome husband helps me out a little with projects here and there. But it is very minimal. He has never been into this kind of stuff. He would rather hire it done; before and after his accident. That has not changed. But I have found that I love it and if it looks do-able, I’ll try it. My philosophy is, if I completely mess it up, THEN, I’ll hire it done.

Thanks for coming through our humble abode. 🙂 I promise to show you more as we go along on this journey together. 🙂