Mudroom Makeover Progress-One Room Challenge Week 3

October 17, 2018

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And just like that we’re in week 3 of the One Room Challenge!! Let’s recap…Week 1 was all about the plan. Week 2, we moved into the project…with the completion of the cubbies, bench, craftsman trim and a good start on the shiplap.shiplap walls


Week 3 was a week of progress. First things first, I completed the shiplap on all four walls…

mudroom with shiplap walls

Then it was time to start building the lockers. I first set up boards to determine my spacing for each locker. Knowing I wanted three lockers and a place for my utility stuff, the space was very limited….

mudroom with cubbies

Once I had the spacing configured, I went back out to my garage and assembled the lockers. Blogger fail: forgot to take pictures–sorry. 🙁 I basically evenly spaced my vertical boards and attached them with pocket hole screws to the top board. I went ahead and added pocket holes to the bottom of each vertical board to then be able to attach them to the bench with pocket hole screws. At this point, I brought the constructed lockers into the house and placed them on the bench. Making sure the spacing was still as I had planned, I attached each vertical board to the bench using pocket hole screws….

mudroom with lockers

We now have lockers (almost)–a couple more touches to come. 🙂 But that will be next week.

Onto the car siding. The what? Car siding: pine boards with tongue and groove to easily “click” together. Maybe the picture will explain it a little better…

car siding on ceiling

Car siding is a great way to bring some character to a ceiling. So easy to install. Look for the tutorial following the One Room Challenge. The only part that proves to be slightly difficult is when you come upon can-lighting. But again, tutorial to come….

car siding ceiling

Here’s my view from laying on the floor…

car siding

We seriously finished this in an afternoon…so simple.

I have used underlayment to plank ceilings too. I like the look of car siding better. But I will say, if you don’t have a helper on this project, underlayment is much easier to handle. Car siding can be heavy and definitely is a 2-person job. Here’s a post where I used underlayment in my 2 younger sons’ bedroom.

After caulking all of my seams (where the car siding butts up to the walls) and filling in all of my nail gun holes, I added paint. For this space, I used the same paint as what I used on my craftsman trim: Behr Marquee Interior White Semi-Gloss. (Sorry for the graininess of this picture–not sure why it went all fuzzy like that)…

car siding painted

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of staining and adding poly to my bench before painting my car siding. This proved to be a waste of time, because I now need to go back and stain and poly the bench again. Why? Because I’m not the most meticulous painter and always end up with paint splatters everywhere! It would have been a good idea to cover the bench before I started painting…but ya, that didn’t happen. 🙁

bench with paint splotches

And just like that, we’re wrapping up week 3. Next week onto paint and some details. The fun stuff!!!

But for now, I leave you with another inspiring mudroom picture from my friend, Jess over at The Cobbler Shop On Concord.


Until Next Time,

Happy Building!!

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