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November 3, 2015

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Hello All!!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend. Ours was chocked full of fun and work. Our kiddos had the day off on Friday, so what a great opportunity to get our Fall yard work done!! Of course, they didn’t quite share the same sentiment. But we got it done and it looks great. On Saturday Lauryn and I completed her Command Center board for her room…

Next step hanging it up, which is always my stopper on projects like these. I do not like hanging things. Finding the studs, getting the right nails/drywall screws, making sure it’s straight. It is not my forte. 🙁

On Sunday, we cleaned our entire garage. We pulled EVERYTHING out and took a ton of things to Goodwill…I LOVE getting rid of things; my husband on the other hand, wants to keep everything. Amazingly though we got through it without any major arguing. 🙂 The garage looks great! Still have a few things to get off the floor. My goal was to acquire more space for my workshop area and all my tools I’m accumulating. Still don’t have as much designated space as I would like, but it will work…

All that wood is just one of those things I will be getting off the floor. I plan on putting it on shelves up closer to the ceiling.

Today, I want to venture back over to my parents’ house and complete our tour. So let’s finish up with the family room, master bedroom and outdoor space.

The family room received a complete makeover. New paint. New floors. New furniture. New decor. It looks fabulous!! So warm and inviting…


This chair!!


Takes me back to my favorite show, “Revenge.” Miss that series!!

I love my parents’ fireplace. You don’t see many corner, stone fireplaces. It truly is the focal point of the room…


And a few more furniture shots…



Beautiful fall display in a basket my mom picked up at the Country Living Fair


Let’s step out of the family room and down into the sunroom. This room is so warm and bright and cheery…


My mom would probably agree, this is where she spends most of her relaxing time at home. I can picture her here now, sitting in the wingback chair, reading one of her home magazines…


She’ll be mortified when she reads this to see that pillow not propped up (above). Sorry mom, I missed that. 🙂

Let’s step outside…


Onto the back patio area…


This area is so peaceful. Very relaxing at night with music piped through the outdoor speakers and the lights dimmed.

Mom and dad’s awesome outdoor kitchen area is great for our Sunday dinners together (when the weather is a bit warmer 🙂  …


Lastly, let’s head upstairs and check out the new floor my parents put in their master bath…


I love how it looks like wood, but it’s actually porcelain tile…



And while we’re up here, let’s take a peak at their master bedroom. This room was updated a while back, but it’s beautiful and worth the look…



What a great picture to end this tour with…Faith. Hope. Love. …My parents’ raised me, my brother and my sister in this home under each of these principles. And it continues with each one of their 11 (and one on the way 🙂 ) grandchildren

Thank you for taking the tour. I hope you enjoyed it!! Even better than this home are the people in it!! I am truly blessed!! Love my family!!!





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