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MODERN KITCHEN MAKEOVER REVEAL Wow! I can’t believe we are at the final week of the One Room Challenge! Reveal Week! ORC Image This modern kitchen makeover reveal has been a long time in the making. Lauryn’s grad party (being held here at our house) is less than 1 week away. I may have had a few panic moments over the last few months, wondering if I could really make this happen. Visions of people walking on a half-finished kitchen floor with projects all around them lit a fire under me many mornings and bolted me out of bed to get an early start. And here we are! All the hard work (and early mornings) paid off! But before we look at what is, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at what was first…. Full view of kitchen before modern kitchen makeover plan Affiliate Links included in this post


This kitchen has always felt very crowded with our large family of 7 and then add in extended family on Sundays and we were constantly running into each other. Trying to find space for the large spread of food when entertaining was always an issue too. I’ve wanted that peninsula that jets out GONE for quite some time now! But always knew that would be a major project that I just didn’t know if I had the skills to tackle by myself or not. When my neighbor, Paul, offered to help me, I was ecstatic! And so began, step one of this modern kitchen makeover: removing the peninsula. Kitchen before the modern kitchen makeover plan


Of course, part of removing the peninsula would require all new countertops. I really didn’t want to splurge in this area. I knew I could finish my current countertops and make them look like I spent a fortune. But would it be possible to attach a new countertop to our old countertop without seeing a seam? Yep! I found out, it’s possible! With some Bondo and a cheap countertop from Home Depot, I was able to merge the countertops together and you would never know how hideous they looked next to each other before…. Countertop sanded and smooth And here they are Bondo’d together and finished with this faux marble countertop paint from Giani. I did this same technique in my bathroom a few years ago and it’s held up great! Here’s a full tutorial on how I did it! A very easy and affordable way to update your old countertops without spending a fortune! Can you believe the picture below is the same countertop as the picture above? I’m still in awe over it! View of kitchen countertops for a modern kitchen makeover reveal View of countertops and cabinetry I went back and forth on whether to update my sink or not (and even got offered a collaboration with a company), but in the end I opted to keep my current black porcelain sink and just switch out my faucet. I love my new stainless steel semi-professional kitchen faucet from Lulani. It’s a perfect fit with the new countertops! RECEIVE 10% OFF ANY LULANI KITCHEN AND BATH PRODUCT WITH MY DISCOUNT CODE. (Partnership with Lulani) View of kitchen sink and faucet for a modern kitchen makeover Kitchen faucet with a plant in the background


Over the course of our 14 years living in our home, I’ve redone the kitchen probably 4-5 times. Every time I tried to love the cabinets by painting them a new color. And every time, I loved the new color for a little while and then didn’t anymore. I knew it was more than just the paint color that I wanted to change in this modern kitchen makeover…. Wide view of kitchen with lots of tools on countertops I’ve always loved the look of shaker cabinet doors and decided now was the time to change these up. But again, I didn’t want to spend a fortune. So, I perused Pinterest and tried to talk myself into making my own, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Knowing I was on a time crunch (Lauryn’s grad party and the One Room Challenge) I didn’t want to add that to my plate. So I started searching for the right shaker doors/drawers and came upon The Cabinet Door Store. I loved that I could bore my own hinge holes and paint them myself; which in turn, allowed me to choose whatever color I wanted. Both of these options saves money! And the best part, their prices were very reasonable! In the end, I was able to do a partnership with The Cabinet Door Store, which was so much fun. I was especially impressed by their customer service and willingness to help every time I had a question. Which was a few times when making my holes for the hinges. (This tool was super helpful in making the hinge holes). I love the look of the new drawer fronts and doors. They were exactly the look I was going for. Amazing how this simple change, updates an entire area! Modern kitchen makeover reveal of countertops, cabinetry and hardware New cabinet doors calls for new cabinet hardware and these Champagne Bronze Pulls and Champagne Bronze Knobs from Amerock were the perfect addition. I love their contemporary design and the warmth they add to the space. Perfect for my modern kitchen makeover…. Cabinet hardware..champagne bronze pull and knob Countertop with cutting board and bananas Another big decision I went back and forth on was whether to replace our upper cabinets with open shelving or keep them. In the end, I decided to keep them. I feared getting rid of them would just add more stress to my life, knowing that my kids would not have the same vigor for keeping them neatly organized as I would. Maybe someday, but today is not that day. So, instead, I decided to take our cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. I added faux boxes where open shelving was above the cabinets before…. Kitchen with a bar peninsula jetting out, before modern kitchen makeover reveal And trimmed them out with 1x’s. I love the depth it gives to the kitchen. It really updated the cabinet space too. Another easy upgrade that made the cabinetry look like I spent a fortune…. Full view of modern kitchen makeover reveal Another update that was affordable and easy to do was removing our microwave from above the stove and getting it out of sight. But where to put it? Adding a coffee bar to my newly remodeled pantry (PANTRY REMODEL TUTORIAL COMING THIS SUMMER) opened up the perfect spot for a new microwave. I love how clean it makes the oven space look…. From this… Kitchen cabinets white with toppers added To this… All white cabinetry with a black range and stainless steel hood


Still on the hunt for a glass door to show off the new pretty-to-look-at pantry…. From this…. Pantry before modern kitchen makeover with builder grade shelving and full of food To this…. Custom built shelving in pantry Cereal canisters make any pantry look so much better. And the best part–the kids are eating the entire box of cereal again. Not sure about you, but we would get to the last 1/3 of the box and the kids would all have it in their mind that, it’s stale and no longer edible. With these canisters, this no longer happens. So, not only do they look so much more organized, but we have less waste too. Win-Win!! These canisters from Amazon are a great deal!  Perfect for any modern kitchen makeover! (Amazon Affiliate Products Linked)…. Custom built shelving in pantry with a retro microwave and toaster on coffee bar countertop


The built-ins above the refrigerator, kinda happened by accident. When ordering all of my cabinet doors, I neglected to order the ones for above the fridge. Yet another thing I went back and forth on, and in the end decided to build these built-ins. I’ve been loving the look of pole-wrap and wanting to use it somewhere. This was the perfect place to try it out…. (WANT TO DIY THESE POTTERY BOWLS? HERE’S HOW I DID IT!) Two built in cabinets with pole wrap in background and two vases above refrigerator


This banquette was the perfect addition to our kitchen nook area for the longest time. I built this window seating six or seven years ago and we absolutely loved it, along with this super easy table I built. (Simply added an old barn door to a sawhorse and painted/stained them–and boom! You have a table!)…. kitchen nook area with banquette seating As cool as it was, this look just didn’t fit the vibe of the new kitchen. So, it had to go. Demo day was a lot of fun working along side my youngest son…. Banquette seating demo in preparation for modern kitchen makeover I had big plans for this space. Getting rid of the bar peninsula, also meant losing a LOT of counter space. My vision for the nook area was to build a rather large center island. And so, I did! I love the design and look of it! Absolutely perfect feature. This center island more than doubled my original countertop space from the peninsula. (FULL CENTER ISLAND TUTORIAL COMING THIS SUMMER)…. Full view of modern kitchen makeover remodel with center island as the focal point Center island painted black on the bottom with slatting all the way around and a stained countertop And that accent wall in the backdrop. I am in love with this whole entire space…. Slatted accent wall with 1x's stained with Golden Oak Stain and a sliding door to the left of it


For right now these bar stools are working. But I’m anxiously awaiting the new ones coming from Home Chic Home. (Partnership with Home Chic Home) Center island with a planter on it and 2 modern lights above it And what about those lights above the center island!? Aren’t they beautiful? I found them at Vevano and they are exactly the look I was going for! Love the natural wood tone, Scandi feel they give…..(Partnership with Vevano) Modern light pendant with raw wood stain Two modern lights above center island in the kitchen makeover reveal


Of course adding the center island and painting it black (is there really any other paint color? 🙂  ) also meant painting these sliding doors. I contemplated taking them down completely because I felt like they were lending themselves to more of a farmhouse ambience. Definitely not the look I was going for in this modern kitchen makeover… sliding barn doors in a nook area But simply adding two 1×6 boards to each door changed the entire feel of them…. Center island painted black with a sliding door and accent wall in the backdrop Sliding door black with floating stained shelves to the left of it


Taking out that big banquette seating area freed up a lot of space…. Open space in a kitchen nook with large picture windows and wood flooring Perfect spot for a sitting area! I love these Lambs Wool chairs I found on Amazon. They are as soft as they look! And so very comfortable! (Amazon Affiliate Products Linked)… Sitting area in new kitchen remodel makeover This beautiful Loloi Rug from Premium Home Source is the perfect accent to ground the space and add texture…. (Partnership with Premium Home Source) Birds eye view of sitting area in modern kitchen makeover So comfy for your feet, I had to grab two of them. Adding a runner in front of the sink and countertops breaks up all of the wood and adds a softness, along with some muted color tones, to the room…. Girl in kitchen opening an upper white cabinet door Ultimately, I would like to purchase the Thor Appliance Package from Premium Home Source. They have an amazing deal on a new range, refrigerator and dishwasher (along with other options). But that is also for another day. Someday a designer range is in my future though. Haha!


Ok, I’m finally getting to the elephant in the room…..the flooring! I saved the best for last! The original flooring of our kitchen was a cherry tone, skinny plank, hardwood floor….. white kitchen with honey color hardwood floors A few years ago, I decided to paint it white…. Kitchen with a bar peninsula jetting out It actually held up pretty well, in spite of it being white floors. But by the time flooring install day came, these floors were nothing but an eyesore. I was so happy to start laying the flooring. Every luxury vinyl plank I snapped into place was pure beauty…. New flooring planks in front of mudroom cubbies I chose Palka Signature LVP from Flooret and am so impressed by the quality of this flooring. Super easy to install, these planks are thick. Where most vinyl flooring is 10-20 mil, Flooret LVP is 40 mil. What does that even mean, you ask? A lot! The higher the mil the thicker the plank, which equals better durability. With five kids and three dogs, these floors should hold up very well for many years to come. AND they’re water resistant, making them great for kitchens and baths! Flooret luxury vinyl plank flooring in Palka design...with a runner Loloi Rug Flooret offers large samples (great for really getting a feel for how a design is going to look in your space) and smaller samples….and with my discount code you’ll receive 33% off each sample….(Partnership with Flooret) Flooring in modern kitchen makeover reveal. Very light pattern We’ve lived here for almost 15 years and I have loved every style change our kitchen has gone through. Each one holds its own set of memories. I’m so excited to make new memories in our newly remodeled (right down to the layout) modern kitchen makeover! I know it’s going to be perfect for our growing family, as we welcome in-laws and grandbabies into our home. Muted view of modern kitchen makeover reveal with a wildflower planter display This has been such a fun project! I have loved the entire process of this modern kitchen makeover. However, there were many challenges and frustrations along the way too. BUT, stepping back and taking it all in now, all of that blood (literally), sweat AND tears were all worth it! Here’s to my third round of the One Room Challenge! Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits. Cheers! Girl in kitchen looking out the window, while standing at center island MISSED THE WEEKS LEADING UP TO WEEK 8 HERE THEY ARE! ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 1 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 2 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 3 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 4 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 5 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 6 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE WEEK 7 Until next week, Happy Building, Friend!! Don’t forget to join my VIP List below for many more great tutorials. SOURCES: (Affiliate Links Included) LAMBS WOOL CHAIRS FLOORING LOLOI RUG LIGHT PENDANTS COUNTER STOOLS (USE CODE NICOLE10 FOR 10% OFF) KITCHEN FAUCET CEREAL CANISTERS RETRO MICROWAVE RETRO TOASTER HAND TOWEL HOLDER CABINET DOORS CABINET PULLS CABINET KNOBS TOOL USED TO DRILL HINGE HOLES TOOL USED TO INSTALL CABINET HARDWARE COUNTERTOP PAINT PHOTO CREDIT: CALLIE BROOKE IMAGES (All of the finished photos of the kitchen are Callie’s beautiful handiwork…she is an amazing photographer) Great RL Summer Posts: How to Limewash Brick Exterior Easy How to Build DIY Modern Outdoor Chairs The Best Smokeless Firepit for Outdoor Entertaining                    

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