Christmas House Modern Holiday Home Tour 2023

December 7, 2023

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Drive down our street and I promise, you won’t miss our house. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree, but not in a Griswold’s Christmas Vacation kind of way.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids would LOVE it if we decked our house out with all of the colorful lights. But I prefer more of a soft white light glow.

Header Image

Every year we bring out our spotlights and light up the entire house. And every year I comment how much I would love to get permanent spotlights installed in our landscaping. But I know how expensive that would be to get the commercial grade lighting I would love!

So for now, we set it up the manual, inexpensive way. And I love it!

Enjoy the full experience of my holiday exterior home tour in the video below.

Modern Holiday Home Tour 2023

Is there really any other better time to decorate than Christmas? It’s such a cozy time of year and that’s the look I try to go for when decorating our home. Cozy, warm and inviting.

Modern home all lit up for Christmas.

Starting with a base of twinkle lights…

Modern holiday home tour 2023. House decked out for Christmas.

And layering everything from there.

Our Front Porch

On our front porch, I went with a mixture of live and faux. Our local Christmas Tree Farm was selling the tops of Christmas trees for super cheap (four to six dollars).

So, I grabbed a couple of those, added them to planters and voila…I have two small Christmas trees for pennies compared to what they would cost me in a big box store….

Black planter with a Christmas tree top in it along with birch logs.

I brought in a warm texture by adding in some birch logs. And of course more twinkle lights. Our front porch is an extension of how our home is decorated for Christmas inside. So warm and inviting…

Front porch all decked out for Christmas. Modern holiday home tour 2023. With the front door open displaying lot of Christmas decor and lights.

Be sure to go check out my Interior Holiday Home Tour here

Adding on More Layers

When adding my wreaths this year, I swapped out the red bows for these beautiful, simple gold bows….

Holiday wreath on a faux window

As I’ve done in year’s past, every window gets a wreath….

Modern holiday home tour 2023. House all lit up for Christmas. With a wreath on every window.

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

I used Command Strips to keep them in place this year. Super strong, they’re not going anywhere! Let’s hope! Haha!! Here are the Command Strips I used.

From the same Christmas Tree Farm, I grabbed a bunch of boughs for my window box and planter. I then added in more birch logs to bring in another texture and once again, add warmth.

Here’s my window box…

Faux window with a holiday wreath, lots of boughs and birch logs.

Want to build this window box? Here are the plans.

And here’s my planter…

Black planter with boughs and birch logs. Twinkle lights too for a modern holiday home tour 2023.

Want to build this planter? Grab the plans here.

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

To make the window box and planter stand out a little more, I added string lights to them.

I found these on Amazon and am impressed with how bright they are and how long the battery life is. And the best part, since they’re on a timer, I don’t have to trek out in the cold to turn them on and off every night.

Here’s the wireless lights I purchased, if you want to check them out.

Decorating the exterior of your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Simply add some greenery and wreaths and of course, lots of lights.

Hope you enjoyed our Modern Christmas Holiday Home Tour. Be sure to check out my Interior Holiday Home Tour by following this link.

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas!

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