Master Bathroom Makeover Progress-One Room Challenge Week 3

May 20, 2020

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Master Bathroom Makeover Progress

And just like that we’re in week 3 of the One Room Challenge!! Let’s recap…Week 1 was all about the plan. Week 2, we moved into the project…with the completion of the water closet shelves, painting of the vanity, and adding shiplap to the ceiling and shelf area.

black carsiding ceiling

This week we continue with more bathroom makeover progress.

ORC WEEK 3: Master Bathroom Makeover Progress

Week 3 was a week of progress and lots of fun shiny additions!! First things first, I added more shiplap!! I mean really! Can one have too much shiplap? The alcove area where the tub was a couple weeks ago, was the perfect spot to add vertical shiplap. Which I then painted a putty color…

master bathroom makeover progress

This paint color actually turned out to be a mistake originally. My plan was to paint this area the same color as the wall color (Behr White Moderne) but when I noticed it was a different color, I checked the can and it said, “Moderne.” Not “Moderne White.” I ended up actually liking the contrast of the putty color against the white and kept it. :) I’ll take those kind of mistakes all day long. :)

After adding shiplap to the vanity wall, it was time to install the lights. So grateful to have an electrician in the family. :) Huge thank you to our second oldest!! (Affiliate Link)

Electrician hanging bathroom lights

They were exactly what I was looking for…

Bathroom lights hung along with mirrors

However, that ugly countertop needed to go! A few weeks earlier I had priced new countertops, sinks and faucets only to discover this was going to cost well over $1000. I felt like it was worth a try to salvage what I have and make them a little more modern. So…..I decided to spray paint my faucets black and my countertop and sinks white! Have you ever tried this before?

master bathroom makeover progress

I was pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out! I used Rustoleum Matte Black Spray Paint for the faucets and Rustoleum White Appliance Epoxy Spray Paint for the sinks and countertop. I also sprayed a few coats of poly on the faucets to protect them a little more. No need to do that with the Epoxy Spray, as it is already a durable, strong paint. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

I love how this all came together! The mirrors, towel bars and gold cabinet hardware were the finishing touches of the week….(Affiliate links)

master bathroom countertops with shelf and plant

Oh, and do you notice anything different in that picture above? Yep, I added a shelf too. This was so simple to do. Just add some cleats (1×2’s is what I used) to the wall and attach the shelf to them. Tutorial to come soon. But seriously, so easy!! Message me if you have any questions about how to do this, I would love to help and will get that tutorial up following the One Room Challenge. :) You can also hop over to my Instagram to see a video on how I did this. It’s saved in my highlights under “Vanity Shelf.”  I love how it provides a space, out of the way, to add some decor without taking up countertop space. Perfect!!

master bathroom makeover progress

So as you can see, it was a busy week. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see what’s to come next week. Although I love the white countertops, I’m changing them up once again. :)


Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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  1. Nancy Jordan

    I love it Nicole, and the painting of the faucets look beautiful , the painting of the sinks and countertop are beautiful as well. I know who to call when I need something redone weather it be building, remodeling or electric. haha

    You did a wonderful job on all of this!


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