Master Bathroom Makeover Plan-One Room Challenge Week 1

May 6, 2020

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Master Bathroom Makeover Plan

It’s that time of year again! Well, actually it’s a little late this year-Thanks Rona!! But it’s finally here! The One Room Challenge Week One!! What is the One Room Challenge, you may be wondering? Well, here it is–everything you need to know AND participate! Yes! Would love for you to join in!! But just for the short of it all–the ORC is an 8-week (usually 6; but again-Rona 🙁  ) challenge to makeover a room. A few challenges back, I re-did my mudroom. This year I’m FINALLY renovating my master bathroom!! And could not be more excited!! It is in desperate need. I mean just look at this wall color we have been living with since basically we moved in 13 years ago. And I’m embarrassed to say it, but yes, I actually picked out this putrid green. 🙁

Before picture of master bathroom

So, what’s the master bathroom makeover plan? Where are we going over the next 8 weeks? **A little neutral, a little bold! **Black, white and putty is our color scheme. **Throw in some touches of gold. **We’re going to learn how to do something new. Something I’ve never done before and am a bit nervous about. **We might just spray paint the countertops! Yes! That is a thing! Or, we might do something totally different.

In Nicole-Fashion, it’s really a toss-up as to what we will do. Because although I am a planner by nature, I tend to wing it when it comes to this stuff. I see the vision as it comes together, but am not the greatest at seeing it in the long-run. So, I’ll try something and if I don’t like it, I’ll switch gears. All of that to say, this could be a wild, but fun, ride! Here’s a mood board look at the direction I’m planning on going…


(Shop mood board images linked at bottom of post)

But first we need to get rid of the old. Here comes the fun part….Demo week!! First to go, that builder-grade trim making way for craftsman trim. This has been an ongoing project in my home over the last few years. With each room I do, I change up the trim to a chunkier, more substantial trim. Just this one change makes such a difference. If you do nothing else, I encourage you to change out your trim. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it and just how simple it is.

trim removed around doors


Tub with window above it and trim removed

Take a good look at that bathtub….because….She gone!

Two guys removing tub for master bathroom makeover plan

New bathtub coming? Actually, no. We never used the one we had, so why keep it to just gather dust and be one more thing to have to clean? What about resale, some may be wondering? We’re not planning on selling anytime soon and we live here now and therefore are going to enjoy it!! Also, I’ve noticed a trend in removing tubs in the master bathroom and just going with a nice big shower. Makes sense to me! But I’m not much of a bath person either! So who knows. But, in any case, I have a different plan for this space. Something that will utilize the space much more efficiently for us. And it has the added benefit of opening up a space for the room I’ll be renovating in the One Room Challenge this fall!! Intrigued? Stay tuned!!

Demo week quickly turned into vision week. Onto the paint! Yayyy! The green is going buh-bye! Hello Sherwin Williams Moderne White 🙂  ….

all of the builder grade trim removed in master bathroom

And we can’t forget about the water closet. Yep, the ugly green carried over into that room too. I decided to color block the walls in here. So, first I taped off the top from the bottom, using frog tape and a level. Then I painted the bottom SW Moderne White….

Water closet with bottom of wall painted white

Then, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black on top. Still have more to do in this room, but what a difference paint can make!

water closet color blocked in white and black

We still have a long way to go. Remember, it has to look bad before it can look good. But I’m so excited to knock this out and share with you the progress over the next 8 weeks. What’s to come next week? Carsiding from Carter Lumber….ordered and ready for pickup!

ORC label



Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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