Master Bathroom Makeover Flooring-One Room Challenge

June 10, 2020

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Here we are, in week 6 of the One Room Challenge. After living in our home for 13 years, it was time! Time to update our master bathroom….Especially the flooring! Why would anyone put carpet in a bathroom? It has never made sense to me, and yet we lived with it for 13 years….

bathroom with green walls, garden tub and double sinks, and carpeted floors

But not anymore. Last week I wrapped up my first tiling job EVER! To say I was a bit nervous to tackle this, is quite the understatement. But after getting started, my fears quickly disappeared and I was having so much fun! For some reason the most intimidating part to me was the tile saw. Not sure why, especially considering I rip boards through my table saw without giving it a second thought. And after using the tile saw, I’m pretty sure my table saw could do a lot more damage to my phalanges than this gentle giant tile saw.

After contemplating tile flooring versus wood, I decided on tile and started researching. When I stumbled across Mediterranea-USA based in Miami Florida, I fell in love with their tile choices immediately. With SO many to choose from, I knew this was going to be a challenge. Seeing the true tile pattern on a computer screen is rarely authentic to how it looks in person. Not to mention, I’m a textures person and wanted to know the feel of the tile too. After contacting Mediterranea, I was thrilled to learn, they are happy to send out free samples. Narrowing my choices down to three, my samples arrived in just a few days….

12x24" tile samples

While I loved the other two samples, I decided on a simple pattern and went with the Waterfalls Collection-White Water. Partnering with Mediterranea, I received the notification that our tiles were ready for pickup at a local shipping yard….

Tile wrapped in shrink wrap in back of truck

After picking up the tile, Coronavirus hit and there the tile sat…In our garage for a few months. 🙁 Until finally, I was able to break open the boxes and start this long-awaited project. Having never tiled before, I had my handyman, Max, help me get started. He gave me several pointers and offered up his tile saw for me to use. Such a great guy! All in all, the flooring project took about a week to complete. Not bad! And I am in love with how it turned out!!

tile laid for bathroom flooring project

And with my newly painted black carsiding ceiling! Just stunning!

bathroom painted white with black ceiling and new tile flooring

Amazing what new flooring can do for a room. Mediterranea has a whole spectrum of styles to choose from. I picked out my favorite in each line of porcelain tile they carry and thought it would be fun to share them with you. Beginning with the “Wood Looks” line. Oh my, do I have to choose just one? Since I already shared two of my favorites from this line in the tile samples picture above, I’m going to go with a different one-Lodge Tobacco. I love how this takes on the look of deep, rich, stained wood. Hard to tell it’s tile. I love how they used this flooring outside. Such a great idea!

Deck with tile flooringPHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

Of course out of the next line, “Stone Looks,” Waterfalls White Water would be my favorite…since that’s the flooring I chose for my master bathroom. But if I were going to do a wall treatment, Urban Loft Brickell would win hands-down. What a statement!

accent wall with urban style tile PHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

Moving on to the “Cement Looks,” I love the Provincial line-specifically Prosecco, but the boldness of Merlot and Champagne caught my eye too. As described on their website, these tiles are replicates of the weathered surfaces of a European countryside. So dreamy!

Provincial Merlot tile flooring in family roomPHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

In the Rustic Collection, I love the look of the Boardwalk Line. As the name suggests, this line has that beachy look! Need I say more? Here’s a look at just one of the Boardwalk tile choices to choose from…

kitchen with tile flooring PHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

Next we have the Contemporary Line. If you’re looking for a very modern, simple flooring choice, the Tapestry Collection falls perfectly in this category. Another great selection for walls or flooring…

A cat sitting on a chair with tile accent wall in the backgroundPHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

Another beautiful tile collection offered by Mediterranea is their Imports Line. If I had to choose one pattern in this selection, I would probably go with Havana Brick Malecon. Stunning! How amazing would this look as an accent wall or in an outdoor space or even a kitchen floor? So many options with this line….

outdoor space with tile flooringPHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

And last but certainly not least, earlier this year Mediterranea won an award for Best in Style and Design for it’s Atlantis Glazed Porcelain Tile Collection. These rich and colorful tiles are exactly what you imagine when picturing the architecture of homes and buildings in the Mediterranean Sea region of the world. Such beauty! It’s no wonder they walked away with such a prestigious award at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas earlier this year….

sunroom with table and chairsPHOTO CREDIT: MEDITERRANEA

If you are in the market for new flooring, I want to encourage you to try your hand at tiling. It really is an easy DIY. I’m in the process of putting together a full tutorial on how to tile and what I learned my first time tiling. Look for it soon. AND I can’t speak highly enough of Mediterranea; between their vast array of beautiful porcelain tiles to choose from to their super-friendly and helpful customer service, they are hands-down the number one choice in tiling. The fastest and easiest way to get in touch with them is through this link. Or of course, as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me too. I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Any flooring projects coming up soon in your home? Tile, wood, carpet? I would love to hear what you have planned. Feel free to leave your comments below, I love seeing what you’re tackling. 🙂

Be sure to check back next week to see the progress on the master bathroom. I’m so close to finished. 🙂 Up next: painting the trim and adding decor.

Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!



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