Master Bathroom Makeover Final Reveal-One Room Challenge

June 25, 2020

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It’s final reveal time for the master bathroom!! Well, kinda! Due to some furniture build deadlines I’ve been up against, I haven’t been able to completely knock out this One Room Challenge makeover yet. Once again, longest makeover ever! I’m so ready to hit this one out of the park, but this is not the week. 🙁 But I promise, it is coming. In the meantime, let’s see how far we’ve come. Here’s where we started. Remember that ugly green?

Before picture of master bathroom vanity area

In week one, we removed the old tub that we NEVER used….

Two guys removing tub for master bathroom makeover plan

and freed up space for our dresser to come in. As you can see, that hasn’t happened yet. I still need to paint this dresser black and add the new hardware…

large wooden dresser

before moving it into it’s new space. Which can I just say, I am loving this open space where the tub used to be. It really opened up the master bathroom….

Shiplap on ceiling and walls of master bathroom

Week two was all about fresh paint…

Master bathroom black painted cabinets

and carsiding on the ceiling…

Master Bathroom ceiling with carsiding

Weeks three and four, big progress was made. More carsiding, this time on the walls…

master bathroom makeover progress

new lighting and painted countertops. Did you know this was a thing? The before and afters of this space are amazing!!

Painted countertops with plant-master bathroom makeover progress

The newly painted countertops were incredible, but I decided to change them up a bit more in week five with a faux marble countertop paint kit. Again, the before and afters are mind-blowing!

master bathroom with marble countertops

Week six, I introduced you to the tile company I decided to buy our flooring from. Mediterranea tile was the best decision I made in this master bathroom makeover. With so many patterns to choose from, the hardest part was narrowing down my decision to one style. I was able to get it down to these three, but choosing the right one, was tough!

12x24" tile samples

Which one would you choose? Which one do you think I chose? Let’s hop over to last week, week seven, to find out. During week seven, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and laid tile for the first time!! Guys, I was scared to death! Not exactly sure why though. It actually proved to be very easy and LOTS of fun!! So what tile did I choose? Waterfalls White Water. And I love it!!

mediterranea porcelain tile floor with white walls

And here we are in week 8. How do 8 weeks fly by so quickly? So, what’s left? As I mentioned before, our dresser will be painted and moved into here. I’m really excited about this move, because it’s the first step to my Fall room makeover-our master bedroom. But I digress (that’s coming soon). 🙂 To wrap up the master bathroom, I’ll be adding a hanging pendant light, a couple rugs, and some decor. So close! Hopefully, I’ll be sharing it all soon. But for now, one last peak-where we are now…

master bathroom mediterranea porcelain tile floor with white walls

Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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