13 Creative Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

August 22, 2023

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If you are anything like me, you’re not lacking in the cozy blanket category. I’m a sucker for fluffy blankets. Give me all the sherpa and faux fur blankets. Can a girl really have too many? I say, NO!

But, there is one dilemma that comes with owning a blanket (or a few) of every material and for every season. Where on earth do you store all of them?

While I love a nice blanket to snuggle up with, there’s one thing I love even more…a nice and tidy space. So, to solve my problem (and maybe yours too 🙂  ), I’ve put together a list of my 13 favorite living room blanket storage ideas.

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We’ll get to those in just a sec, but first, let’s dive into a few questions:

Can one person really have too many blankets?

When it comes to creative living room blanket storage ideas, the first step is to look at your blanket storage needs. We can start by asking ourself the following questions:

  • How many blankets do I typically have in my living room? Do I have a variety of blankets, such as throws, comforters, and quilts?
  • What kind of space in my living room do I have for blanket storage? Do I have a dedicated closet or storage area, or do I need to find a creative storage solution that fits in with my existing furniture?
  • Do I prefer a minimalist look with hidden storage, or do I want my blanket storage to be part of my decor? Do I want my blankets to be easily accessible or tucked away out of sight?
  • How often do I use my blankets? Do I need them to be within reach for cozy nights on the couch, or are they mostly decorative and only used occasionally?

Living room with a blanket draped over a sofa for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: New Style Cabinets

Now that we’ve answered some key questions, we can dive into my extensive list of living room blanket storage ideas.

Creative Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Store blankets in a pretty basket

A pretty and easy way to store a blanket is in a basket. I love rolling up my throw blankets and storing them in a woven basket. If the basket is smaller, I might just put one or two blankets loosely inside and have it draping over the side of the basket.

Having a variety of baskets throughout the room will add texture along with a sense of coziness. It’s always good to bring in another element of texture. So look for baskets that are woven with hemp rope, wicker or even macrame (one of my favorites 🙂 ).

Modern? Farmhouse? Industrial? Traditional? This wicker basket will look great in any design style…

wicker basket with blankets

Add in a metal basket to bring yet another material, into the space. Baskets are truly one of the best ways to store your favorite blankets.

White dog sitting in a home office with a blanket coming out of a basket for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: House of Nomad

Hang blankets on decorative hooks

So many beautiful decorative hooks to choose from. Be creative and find ones that fit your personality. Or maybe you want more of a neutral vibe. A gold, black or hammered metal wall hook would all be great choices.

Decorative hooks not only complement your decor, but they also allow for easy access to all of your blankets.

Mudroom with a bench seat and hooks for blankets

Source: Blue Sky Homes

A more modern twist on decorative hooksDecorative hooks for blanket storage ideas

​Drape a blanket over a stool

Make a soft blanket or two part of your home decor, by draping it over a storage ottoman or a foot rest. You can place it in somewhat of a messy, unkept way. Or fold it nice and neat for a more minimalist, organic look.

Large window in a living room with a ottoman and a blanket draped over it for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: Cornerstone Architects

Living room blanket storage ideas: Add a storage bench

One of the best blanket storage ideas is a storage bench. Adding a storage bench to your living room provides two benefits. A place to sit and a place to store your blankets. Not to mention, it can add so much to the style of your room.

ottoman in front of large windows with pillows and blanket on it

Source: Kelly + Co Design

Utilize open shelving

Another one of my favorite places to store my blankets are on my open shelves. I utilize my open shelves in my theater room and my living room for storing my plethora of cozy blankets.

Stacking folded or rolled up blankets on shelves allows them to become part of the aesthetic vibe of the room. It’s a great way to add in a pop of color and texture.

Living room with sofa and coffee table

Source: Sustainable Nine Design + Build

Hide blankets in a cabinet

Want to keep your blankets out of plain sight? Why not hide them in a cabinet? Don’t forget about those built-in cabinets within a room that can house those items you don’t want to see.

Large wall full of shelves and 2 chairs in the room

Source: Bella Casa Luxury Home Staging

​Showcase them in a display cabinet

Do you have a display cabinet? Maybe a curio cabinet or an old armoire with glass doors? Each of these options would serve as a stunning storage solution for keeping your cherished collection of blankets.

Arched bookshelf in front of neutral toned pink wall. Great shelving unit for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: Wayfair Aillee Storage Bookcase

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Living room blanket storage ideas: Drape blankets over furniture

​Another one of my go-to decorating techniques. I love the softness and cozy feel that is added to a sitting space by just the simple touch of draping a textured blanket over a sofa or chair. So easy! And it looks so good!

Living room with blankets draped over sofas for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: Hallmark Homes

Repurpose a magazine rack

​Think outside the box. Roll up blankets or fold them nicely and place them inside a magazine rack.

Blanket rack with 2 blankets on it

Source: Wayfair Wooden Blanket Rack

Loving this camel leather magazine rackmagazine rack

Living room blanket storage ideas: Hang blankets on velvet hangers

Have a blanket collection? For all of those extra blankets that you still need to find a place for, this is a way to keep them looking nice. Simply, hang them on velvet hangers in a linen closet with extra room.

Blankets hanging on hangers

Source: Amazon Blanket Hangers

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Living room blanket storage ideas: Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a great solution for small spaces and can be especially helpful when trying to store your favorite throws in a creative way.

It’s frustrating to have extra blankets taking up precious storage space. But with the right multi-functional furniture, blankets can be both easily accessible and hidden away.

Sitting area with two chairs and large window. Blankets on both chairs for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: Kelly + Co Design

A few living room blanket storage ideas to consider are:

  • ottomans with hidden storage compartments
  • accent chairs with built-in blanket pockets
  • coffee tables with lift-up tops

These can all make for excellent living room blanket storage ideas. And not only do these pieces of furniture provide a place to store blankets. But they also serve other functions, such as seating or table space.

Wall-Mounted Solutions

Wall-mounted solutions are another great option for family rooms that need extra storage without taking up floor space. These solutions can be used to store blankets in a stylish way.

A decorative basket or wall-mounted shelf can be used to store rolled-up blankets. While still making them easily accessible when needed. Wall-mounted solutions also add a decorative element to the room that can help tie everything together.

Sitting area with lots of pillows and shelves behind the sofa

Source: Tamara Magel Studio

A sleek shelf or a few wall hooks are examples of how one can creatively store blankets on the wall.

Furthermore, these solutions not only save floor space but also make the area appear larger and more ordered.

Repurposed containers and furniture

Repurposed containers and furniture provide unique and creative living room blanket storage ideas that not only save space but also add character to the room.

Old suitcases, wooden crates, or a wicker basket can all be utilized to store extra blankets. This can add a rustic or eclectic touch to the decor. Additionally, an old ladder can make for a charming blanket holder when placed against a wall.

Turning old furniture into storage space is also a great idea. An old trunk or chest can serve as both a coffee table and a storage space for blankets. While an ottoman with a removable lid can also double as a cozy spot to curl up on the couch.

Family room with fireplace; rug; sofa

Source: Paper + Pate Photography

When it comes to reusing containers and furniture for blanket storage in the living room, the choices are unlimited. Not only does it keep blankets organized and within reach, but it also adds personality and character to any living space.

Living room blanket storage ideas: DIY solutions

DIY solutions are becoming increasingly popular as creative ways to store household items without breaking the bank. There are numerous DIY solutions available, such as creating a blanket ladder or making a pallet crate.

These options are cost-effective and add a rustic touch to the space.

For those who prefer minimalistic looks, a simple large basket or woven bin can be used to store blankets while adding a decorative touch.

DIY blanket storage solutions not only provide practicality. But they also offer an opportunity for creativity and a conversation piece.

Blanket rack in a room

Source: Wayfair Blanket Ladder

A Few More Creative Ideas:

  • quilt racks
  • coat rack
  • decorative ladders
  • storage trunks
  • blanket wall rack
  • blanket chest

Tips for Maintaining an Organized Living Room

Once you’ve found the perfect blanket storage solution for your living room, it’s important to keep your space organized and clutter-free. Follow these tips to maintain an organized living room:

  • To avoid wrinkling and damage, it’s important to fold your blankets neatly. And store them in a way that prevents them from getting crushed or dusty.
  • Over time, your blanket storage needs may change, and you may accumulate more or fewer blankets. Decluttering and re-evaluating your storage needs on a regular basis will help you remain on top of things and avoid excessive clutter.
  • If you have a specific decor style or color scheme in your living room, consider coordinating your blanket storage with other elements. Such as, furniture, wall art, or throw pillows.
  • Depending on your living room layout and storage needs, you may need additional storage solutions beyond blanket storage. You might consider adding shelves, cabinets, or baskets to keep other items, such as books, magazines, or remote controls, organized and out of sight.

Room with a faux tree in a basket and blanket and pillows on fireplace for Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

Source: Lauren DeBello Interiors

While the easiest thing may be to hide your blankets away, keeping them out on display can have so many benefits. Level up your living room decorating and make your blankets part of your decor.

These living room blanket storage ideas add texture, pops of color and an extra touch of cozy to every space.

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Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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