How to Use a Kreg Jig-A Beginner’s Guide

April 23, 2020

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Sharing Another One Of My Favorite Gadgets To Make Your DIY Life A Little Easier! 

What tool do I use more than any other tool when building furniture? Hands down-my Kreg Jig! I don’t know what I would do without this awesome tool….

kreg jig tool

So now let’s answer the obvious question, What is a Kreg Jig? A Kreg Jig is a tool used to join wood. It makes creating a pocket hole joint easy. Pocket hole joints are made to join wood together. For example, if I want to attach the end of a 2×4 to a bench leg (as shown in the picture below), I need to make a couple pocket holes. This creates an extremely strong joint for my 2 boards to stay together….

short 2x4 attached to custom leg

Step By Step: How to Use a Kreg Jig

Step One: Thickness of board

Determine the thickness of your board you are drilling your pocket holes into. For example, using the picture above, I used the thickness of the 2×4 (3 1/2″) to determine where to set my Kreg Jig.

Step Two: Set Kreg Jig

Based on the thickness of your board, set your Kreg drill bit and Kreg Jig block to that thickness. (As shown in the video).

Step Three: Drill pocket holes

Place your board into the clamp and drill your pocket holes. The number of pocket holes needed will depend on the length of your board. I like to drill 2 pocket holes every 12″…

A 2x4 clamped in a Kreg Jig

Drilling into a Kreg Jig tool

Step Four: Attach boards together

Clamp your two boards together to make them tight and firm against one another and drill the screws into the pocket holes.

1x2 attached to 1x4 for sliding barn door build

You now have two boards joined together. This tool truly makes it that simple.

See how easy this tool is to use in my latest Video.



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  1. Maureen McGowan

    This is perfect timing! Just about to use my new pocket hole tool. Thanks so much!!

    • Nicole Nigg

      That’s awesome! You will love it! Such a great tool!



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