How to Paint a Window Black-Fast and Easy

January 21, 2021

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Just another day in the master bedroom makeover process and this week it’s all about how to paint a window black-fast and easy. If you’ve been following along with this room makeover, you know that I recently upgraded all of the trim in the master bedroom. I’ll be sharing all about that next week.

I decided to make the window a bit of a focal point, by staining the trim around the window, giving it a different look than the rest of the white trim. I used Varathane Golden Oak and love how it makes the window pop…(Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

master bedroom with accent wall and stained window trim

After staining the trim, I felt like the casing needed a little more. I have always loved the look of black window casings (and panes-as evidenced by our exterior makeover and painting all of them black too), so why not give it a shot on these windows. I love it! Ready to do this to every window in my house….

2 pane window with black paint and golden oak stain

This product right here! This made all the difference. It’s a game-changer and made this process a breeze….(Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

Masking liquid can

All you do is clean your window casing, just using soap and water–to get rid of any dust or dirt. Then paint a layer of the masking liquid all the way around the window…(Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

masking liquid painted on windows

Allow it to dry 30 minutes and add another coat. Let this sit 30 minutes and you’re ready to paint your window trim. I went with this product from Sherwin Williams. It is made specifically for trim and provides a hard surface to protect your wood. Less dings and dents…yes please! The best part was, I didn’t have to get it tinted, because the color black that they use for this product is Tricorn Black, which is exactly what I wanted….

Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel can of black paint for trim

After two coats of black paint, this spot kept coming back…..

Trim that black paint will not adhere to, because of silicone caulk

I learned the hard way–all caulk is not the same!! Caulk that’s meant for bathrooms is not meant for paint. I’m sure most people know this already–but not this girl. :)  Ahhh, but now I do! I’ll NEVER make this mistake again. I tried covering it with primer, didn’t work. A black sharpie..nope! More black paint–nada! Nothing worked! Until, I once again reached out to my peeps on Instagram-Bingo!! So many great ideas: Go over it with new caulk that’s meant for paint; Use Black Flex Seal…But my favorite involved this guy right here…

Girl holding electrical tape in front of her face

This idea was by far the easiest AND didn’t require me to leave my house (already had it on-hand), so it won, hands-down! So simple! I just cut off what I needed and covered up the spot that needed covered. No one will ever know that that’s electrical tape up there. Genius!!

window trim covered with black electrical tape

Now that the painting was finally finished, I was ready to take off the masking liquid. This was as easy as: Using an exact-o knife, I cut around the entire perimeter of the window two times…(Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

Exacto knife cutting window perimeter to break seal of masking liquid

Then I used a putty knife to get started on lifting the masking liquid off the window…(Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

Putty knife used to scrape masking liquid on window

Once I had a path made, I was ready to work my way up the window. Lifting the masking liquid off the window in one sheet with one hand, I followed along with my putty knife in the other hand, so as not to break the masking…

Putty knife lifting masking liquid off window

This stuff comes off SO easy and is actually quite therapeutic, I might add. :) There is a time limit on how long the masking liquid can stay on the window. You’ll want to be sure to remove it within 30 days. After that, it will be much harder to take off. Once removed, clean your windows, step back and admire! Aren’t they gorgeous!?!

Cozy corner with wing chair and light

I am loving this window casing black! Ready to do it to every window in my house. Only 24 more windows to go!!

master bedroom with cozy corner with chair, blanket and fireplace next to it

Next week I’ll be sharing how to update the look of any room simply by changing your trim.



Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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  1. Jen Holt

    Are your windows vinyl or wood clad?

    • Nicole Nigg

      Hi Jen,
      They’re wood clad. :)

  2. Jess

    Thanks for this post, looks great! Since it’s a sliding window, after your first coat with the windows closed do you then open them and spray what’s exposed when they are open or does that stay the metal? Thank you!

    • Nicole Nigg

      Hi Jess,
      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      Yes, to give it that finished look, you’ll want to paint the exposed parts when the window is open.
      Confession: 95% club here! I still have yet to do that. Haha!
      Have a great week!



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