How to Easily Install Modern Farmhouse Wall Treatments

April 11, 2019

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Modern farmhouse wall treatments are my favorite way to add character and dimension to all of the rooms in my home. Yes, I said ALL of the rooms in my home. I’m on a mission to shiplap or board & batten at least one wall in every room of our home. It truly is such an easy project and one that I have written several posts about. So, I thought I would make it easy to find the tutorials, for each one, all in one post.

The most obvious modern farmhouse wall treatments are shiplap and board & batten. Let’s start with most everyone’s favorite (thank you Chip and Joanna!!)–SHIPLAP…



spring decor in foyer

In this post, I wrote all about the different ways to shiplap (plank) your walls (and let’s not forget ceiling–this is a very cool way to add a statement to any room)….

car siding ceiling

You can achieve the shiplap look using pallets….

shiplap wall with large compass

Tongue and groove boards. (I primarily have used this in my flooring, but it can also be used on walls and ceilings)…

car siding wood floor

Pine boards (not particularly a huge fan of this, as I explained in this post)…

Modern farmhouse wall treatments with sliding barn door

And my favorite–Underlayment…Which now as I’m looking through all of my posts, I see I don’t really have a good tutorial on this wall treatment. That’s not good! Since it is my favorite technique to shiplap (plank) my walls. I will work on that, but for now here’s a link to get you started…

Guest bathroom remodel with shiplap walls, windmill, 3 baskets on the wall with towels in them, top of a toliet with a tissue dispenser on top.


My second modern farmhouse wall treatment is board & batten. I call this the Pottery Barn look. You can find it all over their catalogues. Such a clean look and super easy technique. With some MDF board (pressed cardboard), a saw and nails, you can achieve this look…

modern industrial desk with modern farmhouse wall treatments

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with board & batten. The picture above is what most people think of when they hear board & batten. However, you can place your battens however far up the wall you want. Or cover the entire height of the wall, as I did in my sons’ bedroom. This is also called reversed shiplap…

White mini goldendoodle on a gray and white striped bed. Modern farmhouse wall treatments

And my daughter’s bedroom

Modern Teen Bedroom Makeover with modern farmhouse wall treatments

A little off the beaten-path wall treatment….

Modern farmhouse wall treatments in an office

This one is pretty self-explanatory, by just looking at the picture. But you can check it out here.


I know this isn’t technically a wall treatment, but it adds so much to the look that I couldn’t leave it out. I started a couple years ago upgrading all of our trim to thick craftsman trim. What a difference!! I would go so far as to say, it is the most substantial change our home has had. If I would have added all of these other touches but not changed the trim, the look would be considerably different and not what I was going for. And when I say, upgrade the trim, I’m not talking about fancy, expensive trim. Nope! 1×6 pine boards is all you need!! So simple!! You can check out that post here.

board and batten wall treatment

There you have it–all of my favorite wall treatments. But as I said before, my top favorites are shiplap and board & batten. What’s your favorite wall treatment? Please share in the comments below.

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend

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