How to Build DIY Industrial Hardware for Furniture

January 17, 2019

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Want an inexpensive, easy way to add a little more character to a farmhouse table? Industrial hardware is the answer. Better yet, DIY Industrial Hardware. This is one of my favorite things to do when perusing the aisles of Home Depot (ok, right there you may think I’m a little strange–but if you love building projects like I do, I’m speaking your language…if not bear with me, this is an easy project). It’s fun to “build” DIY industrial hardware.

Let me show you what I mean…Here’s an example of some DIY industrial hardware I like to use on tables….

hardware screws washers metal straps

Now by themselves, they just look like some washers, bolts and metal straps….which they are. Until we build them up…

Take this table I built last fall….

farmhouse table brown and white

Now look at it after I added some metal hardware to it…

farmhouse table with industrial hardware

See how the hardware adds some texture and another pop of color…

industrial hardware

So, let’s dive in to how exactly we do this…..


Chunky Bolts:

chunky bolt

Supplies needed:

These 4 washers right here (I got mine at Home Depot)….

4 washers

Bolt (or screw) to fit in hole of washers

Super glue

Drill (This is the one I have and love)

Drill bits

Spray paint


Simply stack the washers on top of one another, starting with the largest one on the bottom, super gluing them on as you go.

Let them sit to dry.

Spray paint them your desired color…Be sure to spray paint your bolt too.

chunky bolt


Starting with a drill bit, similar to the thickness of your bolt, drill a hole in the table leg at your desired placement of your chunky bolt.

hole drilled into leg of table

Test to see if bolt will screw in (by hand at first and then with pliers towards the end). If not, move up one size to the next drill bit thickness.

pliers being used to tighten bolt

When finished it will look like this…

chunky bolt

chunky bolt on farmhouse table


If you drill your hole too wide, don’t panic…just add a little super glue into the hole and then insert the bolt. This will hold it in place.

Chunky bolts are just one of the things I like to add. You can also add:

Metal straps…

metal strips

I love the finished look it gave this desk I built this past summer…

farmhouse industrial desk


This past week I built this farmhouse table….

farmhouse table with fall decor on it

and added these fasteners…


to the 4 corners on the top…

washer added to top of table

washers added to top of table

Again, a little spray paint and they take on a whole new look.

It’s amazing how these simple hardware touches can add so much character to any furniture piece. A beautiful farmhouse table can go from this…

farmhouse table brown and white

To this…

farmhouse table with industrial hardware

Get creative with it and be sure to share it back here.

farmhouse table in dining room with fall decor

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!


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  1. Michelle

    Great ideas! Your tables look awesome.
    How did you make the large round bolts on the farmhouse table?

    • Nicole Nigg

      Thank you, Michelle. I like to just find different size bolts in the hardware section at Home Depot. 🙂


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