Easy How to Build a Bench Seat with Lockers

September 10, 2020

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Bench Seat with Lockers

Bringing you an oldie but a goodie! Given my current predicament of not knowing where we’re going to sleep tonight, and needing to get a blogpost out to you every Thursday, as promised, I’m bringing back a post from last year that has been a favorite by so many of you! I also feel it’s a timely one, as so many are heading back to school right now. And even if your kiddo is going the homeschool route, this is still a great one!

OK, you didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging, did ya? Why do we not know where we’re going to sleep tonight? It’s not as desolate as it sounds. We just currently don’t have a bed in our master bedroom at the moment. As I’m in the middle of this master bedroom makeover, I decided to take our bed apart today to hopefully lay the floor tomorrow. So currently, our mattress is propped up in the family room and our bed frame is, soon to be, in pieces. New bed plans coming soon. 🙂 Where are we sleeping tonight? Head over to my stories on Instagram (that’s where all the behind the scenes fun happens), to see where we end up.

This is a two-phase project. To see phase one, head over to this post: bench seat with cubbies. I completed this project for the One Room Challenge last Fall and it is probably the most practical project I have done. I appreciate this space so much, as it keeps all of our stuff organized and from making its way into my kitchen.

mudroom lockers with heavy backpacks hanging on hooks

Originally, this area was a coat closet; which was nice but easily became cluttered. A true mudroom was something I had been dreaming of for a while. You can see the entire mudroom transformation here. What would a mudroom be without a bench seat with lockers for all of the kids’ stuff?

So, let’s get to it!


Supplies Needed: (affiliate links included)

measuring tape (This tape measure, with the magnetic end, is great for big projects)

3/4″ plywood

1x2x8 (quantity needed depends on project)

1x4x8 (length needed depends on project dimensions)

2x10x8 (length needed depends on project dimensions)


Kreg Jig

pocket hole screws (1-1/4″)

nail gun

2-1/2″ nail gun nails

metal brackets (I love the look of these)

decorative hooks

wood filler


Step One: Measure

First, we’ll measure out the space for your lockers….making them approximately the same distance apart as the cubbies below. Determine all of the dimensions: How tall? Wide? Deep? Do you want a shelf on top (like mine)? Or do you want them to go all the way to the ceiling and add shelves within the lockers? Or maybe cabinets? So many options. To make things a little more visual for me, I placed boards on my bench to space out each locker and determine if that would give us enough space for backpacks, coats, etc….

Step Two: Assemble the lockers

Next, I headed out to my shop (a.k.a my garage 🙂 ) to build my lockers. Using my measurements, I cut my 3/4″ plywood to size: Cutting my top shelf first (as shown below-horizontal board); then I cut each board separating each of my lockers (vertical boards). Next, add pocket holes to both ends of your vertical locker boards (as shown below). As you can see below, I assembled this upside down, placing my top shelf on the bottom and using pocket hole screws to attach each of my vertical boards separating each locker….

Step Three: Attach lockers to bench top

Now, we’re ready to bring it inside. Attach your assembled lockers to the bench top, using pocket hole screws…

Then fill in all of your pocket holes with wood filler…

Step Four: Add trim pieces

Using 1×2’s trim out the sides of each of your lockers.

Cut 1×4’s to fit lengthwise on the back wall of each of your lockers. (These will hold your coat/bag hooks).

This is optional, but I added underlayment (cut to size) to the fronts of each of my lockers. This gave it a smoother, more finished look….

Step Five: Ready for Paint

After filling in all of the nail holes and caulking, your bench seat with lockers is ready for paint. I found it easiest to stain my bench seat first and then tape off the bench seat and paint my lockers…

Step Six: Top shelf

Measure the length needed for your top shelf and then cut your 2×10 to size.

Sand and stain 2×10 board.

After board dries add it to top of lockers using metal brackets…

Step Six: Finishing Touches

Add decorative hooks and you are finished!!!

Well, almost finished…Don’t forget to personalize it with all of the pretties on your top shelf…

So simple!!

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!  Affiliate Links are included in this post.

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