How to Build a Modern End Table-Pottery Barn Dupe

March 10, 2022

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As promised, this week I’m sharing my Pottery Barn-inspired Modern End Table. This beauty matches perfectly with my modern coffee table I shared last week. You can get the plans for that build here. But just to recap, here’s a quick view of the coffee table…. Modern coffee table side view And the modern end table we’re building this week…. Modern end table in between two sofas Again, such a solid piece with clean lines and a gorgeous finish.


(Instructions are based on a 22″ depth x 24″ wide; 21″ tall end table) If building a different size, be sure to adjust measurements accordingly). 

Wood Needed for Modern End Table:

1- 4×8 sheet of quality plywood 3- 2x4x8 pine boards

Materials Needed for Modern Coffee Table:

Kreg Jig Screws 2 1/2″ GRK Wood Screws 1 1/2″ (any brand wood screw will work; just sharing my favorite here) Edge Banding 60-grit Sandpaper 220-grit Sandpaper Finish (I.E. paint/stain/poly) (If building for an outdoor space, be sure to use exterior poly) Here’s a list of the Finish products I used: Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner MinWax Tinsmith Gray Stain MinWax Special Walnut Stain Satin Polyurethane

Tools Needed:

Miter saw Sander Drill Kreg Jig Table saw (OPTIONAL) Affiliate Links Included NOTE: If you’ve never used a Kreg Jig, here’s a great tutorial.   If you don’t have one, I highly recommend buying one. You will use it all the time in the DIY realm! And it makes builds so much easier!  Amazon has a great price for them! Here’s the link!! Step One: Make all of your cuts  Cut four 2×4’s at 22 1/2″ Cut four 2×4’s at 17″ Cut four 2×4’s at 13 1/2″ 2x4's cut to correct lengths Step Two: Drill pocket holes Drill 1 1/2″ pocket holes on both ends of your 17″ and 13 1/2″ boards… 2x4's cut to correct lengths with pocket holes on each end Step Three: Build base and top Using 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws, attach two 13 1/2″ boards to two 22 1/2″ boards. You should now have a rectangle that looks like this… A square built out of 2x4's and attached with pocket holes Repeat the above step and now you have your base and top… Two squares built out of 2x4's for a modern end table Step Four: Attach risers Attach the four risers (17″ boards) to the base, using 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws. Notice the placement of these boards onto the base. Be sure to place them as I have them in the picture below…. Base of frame for modern end table built out of 2x4's Step Five: Attach the top Using 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws, attach the top…. Frame for a furniture piece built out of 2x4's You now have your frame for your modern end table and are ready to start wrapping it with plywood. Step Six: Wrap frame with plywood Cut plywood to fit each section and attach using 1 1/2″ wood screws. I found it easiest to attach in the following order: Sides (front and back)Frame for a modern end table with plywood added to it Front and back of end tableA cube made of 2x4's wrapped with plywood Top and bottom shelf of end tableEnd table made of wood with wood filler filling nail holes Step Seven: Detail work Fill in all of the screw holes with wood filler and sand when dry. Sand entire table, using a 60-grit and then 220-grit. Cover up all of the raw edges of the plywood with edge-banding. See modern coffee table post, if you’re unsure how to attach the edge-banding. Your modern end table should now look like this… End table placed on 2x4's to be stained Step Eight: Ready for stain Now you’re ready for stain. Brush on Pre-Stain first and let it dry. Then apply Tinsmith Gray and wipe off excess. Allow to dry. Apply Special Walnut next and wipe off excess. Allow to dry. Give it 2-3 coats polyurethane. Cans of stain and poly When finished, it will look like this…. Modern end table stained I love the color of this modern end table in between my neutral couches…. Two sofas with a modern coffee table between them Back side view… Back side of an end table Side view… View of a family room with a picture and furniture These two modern furniture pieces complement one another very well… View of a family room with carpet, furniture and board and batten painted black in the background PIN IT FOR LATER…. PINTEREST PIN Until next week, Happy Building, Friend!! Don’t forget to join my VIP List below for many more great tutorials.  Hop over to Instagram to see all of the RL behind the scenes. What am I working on now?….come check it out! SOURCES: PICTURE PILLOWS POTTERY BARN FOLSOM WOOD END TABLE (If you would rather buy one than build it :)  ) More Great RL Table Posts: Easy DIY McGee & Co. Coffee Table Dupe How to Make a Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table How to Build the Pottery Barn Brooks Dining Table    

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