How To Build a Barnwood Christmas Sign

November 1, 2016

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Super-easy project coming your way today. A Barnwood Christmas Sign. Wanted to share this one with plenty of time to complete it before the holiday decorating is pushing in on us. On a side note: I saw a house in our neighborhood with their Christmas lights up AND LIT already!! Come on people! Really!!?? I haven’t even de-pumpkined my house yet!

I put this sign together a couple years ago and pull it out every year. It was so simple to make. I literally built it while sitting and watching TV one evening.

christmas outdoors diy wood sign at night

How to Build a Barnwood Christmas Sign:

Supplies needed:

10 foot 1×6 pine board

6 foot 1×2 pine board


80 grit sandpaper

black stain

favorite go-to white paint

black paint

letter stencils (Hobby Lobby)

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut your 1×6 pine board into 4-27 inch boards. (If you don’t have a miter saw, Home Depot will make your cuts for you).
  2. Cut your 1×2 pine board into 2-21 inch boards.
  3. Lay out your 4 1×6 boards, making a rectangular sign shape.
  4. Attach, with nails, your 1×2 boards onto your 1×6 boards. Run the 1×2 boards perpendicular to the 1×6 boards. This will hold your 4-1×6 boards together. (You should now have a sturdy sign ready to draw your masterpiece onto).
  5. Rub black stain on all 4 boards.
  6. After stain is dry, you are ready to add paint. Dry brush white paint on all 4 boards.
  7. You can distress it a bit, by sanding in different areas. This will pull out more of the black stain.
  8. After all the paint/stain is dry, you are ready to trace your letters onto the boards. Placing the words however you want them. For my sign, I wrote, “WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS”.
  9. I used pencil to trace my letters and place them where I wanted.
  10. Using black paint, color in your letters.
  11. After letter paint is dry, go over it with sandpaper again to lighten up your letters and once again, distress it a bit.

easy diy wooden christmas outdoors sign

And that’s it…You now have a beautiful barnwood Christmas sign. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can add 1×6 boards to the backside of your sign and have a non-holiday sign for year-round. Making the quote or saying, whatever you want it to be. When Christmas decorations have been put away, you still have a beautiful sign to display.

Christmas decorating is right around the corner. How fun to have your own special touch added into all the store-bought Christmas decor. Happy building!!!

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