Home Office Guest Room Reveal: Dark & Moody Design Project

May 23, 2024

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Discover the transformation in my Home Office Guest Room Reveal, where I’ve upgraded from cluttered chaos to a sleek, multifunctional space.

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For quite some time now, I have been working out of a makeshift office space. This room has been all the things.

Starting out as my son’s nursery (16 years ago 🙂  ). Then his playroom for a long time. Once he outgrew toys, I set up shop along with a hodge-podge of overflow storage stuff.

We also added a bed in here, so we could have a somewhat decent guest room.

Needless to say, all of this STUFF did not make it ideal for a home office or guest room set up. It was time for a change!

I mean look at this space…

Before pic of home office guest room reveal

Those boring tan walls, dingy tan carpet, all that clutter…far from anything beautiful! Once I made the decision to transform this room into a home office/guest room, I couldn’t wait to get started!

My Vision for the Guest Room

The first question I needed to answer was, “Do we have a need for a guest bedroom?” This didn’t take long to figure out. Yes!

As our kiddos are getting older, with a couple out of the nest now and married, we will totally get use out of this room.

Not to mention, I’m a Nonna (grandma, haha) now, so I envision sleepovers in this room with our grandchildren in the coming years. So fun!!

But how do I combine a guest room and a home office? This was my next question that needed answered.

My initial thoughts was a sofa bed. But it’s so hard to find a pull-out couch that’s comfortable and I just wasn’t excited about that idea.

I had seen Murphy beds before and always thought they looked so cool. But I also knew they’re not cheap to have one put in, so that seemed out of the question too.

Until I saw it one day! Scrolling through Instagram, I found my solution! I could make my own Murphy bed. Create-A-Bed made it look so easy! And I loved the designs people were coming up with to incorporate them in their bedroom.

Murphy bed all made up with beautiful neutral color bedding for the Home Office Guest Room Reveal

Ok, guest room–Check! Onto the home office part of the room…

My Vision for the Home Office

Deciding on a Murphy bed freed up so much space for my home office.

What seemed like such a dilemma before, now seemed so possible. Before, I had envisioned a room that was going to be so crammed with furniture.

In my mind, I was sectioning off a small space for my home office amongst a room that would primarily be a guest room. But in reality, I will use the home office daily and the guest room will be an as-needed thing. Especially right now.

So, I just couldn’t get excited about it. But now that I planned on making a bed that could be tucked away, I had so much space to work with! I was inspired! And couldn’t wait to get started.

Murphy's bed in a guest room/home office.

I could see the vision!

  • A wall of built-ins, with a shelving unit on each end, flanking both sides of the Murphy bed.
  • My beautiful Mid Century Modern style Mahogany desk in front of the window. Give me all the natural light.
  • A stunningly detailed millwork accent wall.
  • Dark moody flooring with dark moody walls. And a dark moody ceiling too, of course!

Ahhhhh! I hadn’t even started the demo process yet, and I was already loving it!!

​What Color to Paint the Walls

Deciding on the wall color was somewhat of a challenge. I knew I wanted a dark and moody green color. But finding THE ONE proved to be a process.

Perusing the paint samples at Sherwin Williams, I found a collection of greens that I thought might work.

Of course, a little color swatch wasn’t going to help me. So, I bought samples in all of the colors. Brought them home and painted large sections of my wall with each color choice.

From there, I narrowed it down to just a few that I liked in the natural daylight. I then painted over the other colors with the colors I liked. Creating larger sections of the paint colors I was considering.

This also helped get the other colors out of sight, so my brain could focus on the colors I actually liked.

I then waited til the evening to see what they looked like in the artificial light. It was at this point that I saw it! THE ONE!

Laurel Woods by Sherwin Williams kept its dark and moody hue in the natural light AND the artificial light. That was it! Off to the paint store to buy more paint.

After removing the carpet, closet doors and main door of the room, I was ready to start painting. No need to tape off anything. The entire room was getting this rich, deep green paint.

Being such a dark paint color, it did require a few coats….

Dark moody painted walls. Green with a double window.

Deciding on an Accent Wall

I am all about a good accent wall and have added several of them to my home. They add so much dimension and texture to a room.

I love implementing them in most all of my room makeovers. So adding an accent wall in the home office/guest room, was a no-brainer. But what kind of accent wall should I go with?

This was also a no-brainer. My vision for this room was always one word–Elegant. A millwork wall was what I had in mind from the beginning.

A millwork wall adds just that special touch of refined, timeless beauty. It is a statement piece in and of itself.

​After playing around with some different design ideas…

Scrap trim on a wall for home office guest room reveal post.

With a quick simple construction using scrap wood, I decided on the look I wanted…

Millwork wall before paint for Home Office Guest Room Reveal.

NOTE: Full tutorial coming soon, in a separate post, on how to get this elegant modern look!

​I then painted this entire wall the same green color as the rest of the walls. Perfect!! Exactly the look I envisioned!

Once again, it needed multiple coats…

Millwork wall painted green for home office guest room reveal

​And with that dark moody flooring! AHHHHH! I knew it was going to be so good!

Contrast of moody green wall with dark wood flooring for Home Office Guest Room Reveal.

​What Flooring to Choose for the Home Office Guest Room Reveal

What flooring company to choose was a given. My go-to every time for flooring is Flooret. But choosing the right flooring color was another story.

Flooret has so many beautiful colors and patterns to choose from. I narrowed it down to a few samples I wanted to test out…

Flooring sample next to moody green wall.

That’s one of the things I love about Flooret. They send you significant size samples to test out.

NOTE: Be sure to use code: DESIGNTOBUILDFLOORET for 50% off all samples.

Back side of floor samples next to millwork wall.

In the end, I decided on the Catura Signature collection. I love it against those dark green walls…

Millwork wall with dark wood floors for home office guest room reveal.

An easy DIY project and very easy to install. I had the flooring done in not a lot of time…

Dark wood flooring in an all deep green painted room.

Home Office Guest Room Reveal: Onto the Murphy Bed

I like to call this side of the room…the star of the show. This truly is my favorite part. You would never know there’s a bed hiding behind those big double doors….

Murphy bed in upright position.

Create-A-Bed has a great YouTube video tutorial showing exactly how to make your Murphy bed. This video made the entire process super easy and seamless. I had the frame of the bed built in no time….

Murphy bed frame built.

And before we knew it, we were carrying it up the stairs to its new home. Well, all of my boys were carrying it up the stairs. Haha!

2 guys carrying a murphy bed upstairs for Home Office Guest Room Reveal.

​After a little more building upstairs, I had a giant box ready for trim…

Box of a murphy bed.

I’ll be sharing the full tutorial next week, on how I built this bed. But for now, can we just admire that finished view!!

Dark green doors with a rug on dark wood floors for home office guest room reveal.

Home Office Guest Room Reveal: Finishing Touches

As I do with all of my room makeovers, I added all new trim to the home office/guest room.

Changing out the builder grade trim for a chunkier, more substantial trim is a great way to upgrade a space. It’s amazing what a huge difference this inexpensive change makes to a room.

I like to go with 6″ baseboards and 4 1/2″ door and window trim.

Wanting everything to be uniform in this room, I painted all of the trim and doors the same Sherwin Williams color….

Dark moody doors with dark wood flooring for Home Office Guest Room Reveal.

Adding the beautiful Champagne Bronze hardware, brings in another layer of warmth and texture. I love how these handles pop against that deep green…

Hardware for built-ins.

Home Office Guest Room Reveal: Decorating the Space

And finally the moment I was anticipating more than any other…decorating the room.

As much as I hated covering up much of those beautiful wood floors, rolling out an area rug was a must.

Adding a rug not only brings in warmth, but it also adds an element of texture to the room. In addition to all of this, a rug grounds the space. It gives the eye something to settle on by balancing the room.

This rug, I got for a great deal off through Amazon, has all the right colors to complement this room. I was in love the moment I started rolling it out…

Vintage rug in a home office guest room reveal.

I’m a firm believer, as are many interior designers, that every room needs a touch of green. Adding in this Olive Tree was just the softness this room needed…

Olive tree in a large pot against a millwork accent wall.

I am still in awe every time I walk into this room. I had someone ask me this morning what my favorite room makeover I’ve done so far is. That was an easy question…This one!

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

Still to Come

While all of the building aspects of the room are finished, I still have more to come.

Finding the right light fixture has been a bit of a challenge. Having already sent one back because it was just too small for the space, I’m still on the hunt for the right one.

This space behind the Murphy bed needs something…

Murphy bed pulled down with beautiful bedding and a soft blanket draping over the end for Home Office Guest Room Reveal.

I think I found the thing that will really give it that wow-factor. While I considered a large picture for the space, I think I found something better. I’m waiting for a wallpaper sample to come in that I think will really make the bed pop. Be sure to check back on what I end up deciding on.

Adding these wall sconces brought in another element of luxury and elegance. No hardwiring required for these lights.

Here’s the link, if you want to check them out! Super easy to install and very affordable…

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

Long millwork wall with wall sconces.

​A few more things I would like to do are:

  • New hardware for the doors
  • Paint my own textured wall art for the large space between the sconces (or possibly hang a frame tv)
  • New window treatments. Idea: Roman shades with curtains flanking both sides of the window

Want to see how I paint my own textured wall art? Here’s how I do it!! 

I’m so happy with how this space turned out. I didn’t think it was possible to transform a room into a home office and guest room while still having extra space.

But I am loving this end result. I am also loving that we now have a beautiful guest space that is warm and inviting. And a functional home office that I love to work in throughout my week.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

Until next week,

Happy Designing, Friend!!

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