How To Make Your Home Feel Modern

May 3, 2023

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Every property can benefit from an upgrade, whether your home is five or a hundred and five years old. You might be looking to make a new build your own, prolong the life of your older property, or embark on a home renovation project. Whatever your needs, you can always find ways to make your home feel more modern. Read on to find out how to make your home feel more modern today.


Keep Your Home Watertight 

First things first. A home that feels damp or has water damage, will also feel dated.

Older properties are often associated with mold or dampness. Fortunately, keeping your home watertight gives it a modern and airy feel for longer. Call a professional to install basement waterproofing and ensure that the lowest part of your home is protected from floods or rising dampness.

Review your window and door frames to ensure there are no gaps where water or cold air can enter. Finally, check your roof for missing roof tiles or poor insulation.

Lower level tv room with a very modern open stairway coming down

Pexels-CC0 License

Make Your Home Feel Modern With Lighter Colors

Dark paint or furnishings can often date even the newest property. Consider replacing some of your darker rooms or furniture with lighter paint or neutral tones to make your home seem bigger, brighter and more modern.

Lighter tones are particularly important with smaller homes, which can look smaller and cramped with fussy or darker patterns. If you want to add personality to your space, consider a statement wall or brighter throw pillows or rugs to add a dash of color to the room. 

And, of course, as I always say, every room needs some green in it! Plants are a great addition to elevate any living space.

White walls with 2 green plants on stand; white lounge chair

Go For An Open Floor Plan to Make Your Home Feel Modern

Open floor plan homes create more living space and a modern feel to a space. Consider knocking through non-load-bearing walls with the support of a professional to open up your kitchen and living room.

Bring in a touch of warmth and coziness by investing in under-floor heating to help heat your larger space.

Thinking of moving soon? If you want to modernize your home before moving, consult with local estate agents to see if they advise creating an open floor plan to help you sell.

Open floor plan...for a home feel modern vibe

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures and Hardware

Updating your fixtures like taps, door handles, light switches, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and lighting can make a huge difference to your home. Opting for sleek designs will make your bathroom, kitchen, and living room feel more modern. Go for curved and modern fixtures to make the rest of the room feel more contemporary. 

Sitting area with a sofa; 2 chairs and a bench; modern light fixtures for a home feel modern vibe

Declutter Your Space

A cluttered home can make even the largest spaces feel cramped and dated. Sell, recycle, or throw out old books, furniture or items that take up excessive space.

Are your kids toys piling up? Have they outgrown some of their clothes? The preloved clothes market is booming, with worldwide companies like offering a forum for people to sell and purchase second-hand items. Such a great service and a great way to make a little extra cash.

Minimalist room; all white with a white sofa and throw pillows with some muted color

No matter the age of your home, give it a more modern feel, by keeping your home watertight and airy. Where possible, opt for lighter colors and more space to keep your home feeling modern and fresh. Upgrade your fixtures to ones with a sleek and modern finish.

As a minimum, have a declutter day to create more space in the home. Enjoy your home refresh and make your home feel more modern this year.

Whether you own a traditional house or you’re exploring other alternatives like mobile homes from organizations such as Top Notch Homes, upgrading specific amenities is possible. The good thing is that you can add modern touches to your home without hurting your finances. These improvements might include painting walls, cabinets, and fixtures, adding thicker trim, installing synthetic worktops, and replacing your kitchen’s inefficient appliances with energy-efficient ones. 

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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