Oh Christmas Tree! Holiday Home Tour 2023

December 5, 2023

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Merry Christmas! I just realized, I never did a holiday home tour last year. Not sure why I dropped the ball on that. But here I am, back at it this year. Every year, I decorate earlier and earlier.

This year, Halloween no sooner ended and the next day, I was lugging all of the Christmas stuff up from the basement. I was ready!! It is truly, the best time of year!

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Decorating early does have its benefits. I love that I get to enjoy the holidays and I’m not rushing to get it all done in the midst of all the other hustle and bustle.

How about you? Are you a before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving put-up-the-tree kinda person?

Our Holiday Home Tour 2023

Enjoy the full experience of my Holiday Home Tour in the video below…

Our Christmas Tree

This year, I collaborated with King of Christmas and they gifted me this beautiful 8 foot King Noble Fir. I love how real this tree looks! Aside from it lacking that pine tree smell, you would never know it’s fake…

Christmas tree in front of large picture windows with a chair next to it and a red pillow for holiday home tour 2023.

You can check out this beautiful tree through this link.

My nephews, who live two doors down from us, came over to help me decorate the tree. So fun!!

2 young boys decorating a Christmas tree.

While I loved the look of our new King of Christmas tree, I really missed our flocked Christmas tree. So, I ended up moving the KOC tree to our theater room. It’s perfect in here!

Christmas tree in a theater room.

And putting up our flocked tree in the living room instead.

Little backstory. We got this nine foot tree about 5 years ago at Menards. It was a floor display and had a TON of ornaments on it.

They sold us the tree AND all of the ornaments for less than $300! It was a steal! The only downside was, we had to wait until the middle of December before we could bring it home.

But it was well worth the wait…

Flocked Christmas tree with a chair and floating shelves.

With our huge picture windows, we really need a taller tree. Easy! We just prop this one up every year with 2×4’s, adding about 8″ of height.

And then I cover it with this beautiful blanket. I much prefer a faux fur blanket over a tree skirt. It’s so much thicker and adds a lot more texture and dimension than a flat tree skirt…

Christmas tree with lots of brown, gold and white ornaments for holiday home tour 2023.

Our Mantel: Holiday Home Tour 2023

With our tv being above our fireplace, I try to keep my mantel display a little less cluttered.

While I would love to add a ton of garland and really go all out in decorating it, it’s not ideal. Inevitably, it ends up covering the bottom portion of the tv and my family gets a little whiny about it. Haha!

It doesn’t bother me at all, but for some reason, they think they need to see the entire tv screen. So, I’ve learned to settle with a very simple mantel…

Fireplace mantel decorated for Christmas.

In reality, we should have 3 more stockings (and probably more now that our family is growing-with kiddos getting married and all). But I love these stockings and only have two of each of them.

Not sure where the black ones are from. I’ve had those for a long time. The other two were a great find from Anthropologie. Love the detail in these…

Close up of stockings hanging on a fireplace mantel.

Want to see the amazing before picture of our fireplace? Check out this post!

Our Charlie Brown Tree

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this cute little tree. I do have plans to paint the bulbs a different color. Just haven’t gotten around to that. But this tree, in this spot makes the room feel so cozy and warm…

Dog in front of a Christmas tree for holiday home tour 2023.

The Rest of Our Living Room

Finding a place for all of my live plants is always a challenge. I don’t really want to keep them out amidst all of the pine trees. This year they all found a new home in our basement.

Moving them, freed up some of my vases. I love this cute little Christmas tree in this black vase…

Black vase with a small douglas fir tree in it on a coffee table.

But it needed something more. It’s amazing what adding a tray will do. It grounds the tree and the candle and makes them feel a little more curated, while also adding some texture….

Black vase with a douglas fir tree in it on a tray with a black candle.

Behind my sofa, I have this little black bench. It hides all of the tech stuff. Someday, I plan on building something with a little more height and oomph behind it.

Adding these 3 flocked trees make the space feel a little more festive…

Black bench with 3 small flocked Christmas trees and one larger tree next to it for holiday home tour 2023.

My favorite change I made to our living room are these floating shelves. Not wanting to go too overboard, I added in some Christmas decor over here too…

Floating shelves decorated for Christmas.

Want to build these floating shelves? Here’s the link to the easy to follow plans!

Our Dining Room

If you haven’t noticed, I like to keep things simple. My dining room table is no exception. My goal was to make it easy to move all of the Christmas decor when we sit down for dinner. We use this table ALOT, so this was very important to me.

Once again, grounding these three trees with a tray not only looks so much better, but it also makes moving everything so much easier…

Dining room table with 3 small trees on a black wooden tray.

Our Entryway

I didn’t go too crazy in here. Just added a tree and with the River Birch logs that are always in here, that was all it needed…

Entryway decorated for Christmas.

Our Kitchen: Holiday Home Tour 2023

As was important with the dining room, it was also important to me that I not clutter my kitchen island. Once again, a space that we use All. The. Time!

Basket tray with a vase and candle on it for holiday home tour 2023.

And these cute floating shelves in here also got a tree added…

Floating shelves with 2 vases and a christmas tree.

Want to build these floating shelves? Here’s the link!

Walking into our kitchen, you’re greeted with the fresh scent of pine.

Love these real wreaths I added to our sliding doors. I’m not a huge fan of red bows. So, I swapped out the red and made these simple gold bows.

2 sliding black doors with wreaths on them.

Hope you enjoyed our Christmas Holiday Home Tour 2023. Be sure to check out my Outdoor Holiday Home Tour posting in a couple days.

Opened door to a home with 2 dogs sitting inside. Home is decked out for Christmas.

From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas!

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