Easy How to Build an Easel Chalkboard

November 14, 2019

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An Easel Chalkboard is a great decor and fun-for-the-family item all in one. My kids (especially when they were younger) loved to write messages and draw pictures on ours especially around Christmas time. These fun chalkboards aren’t only great for your decor but they are incredibly easy to make.

easel chalkboard with winter saying

So, let’s get to it!


Materials Needed:

2X3X8 (2)

2.5″ pocket hole screws

Tiny nails and hammer

Chalkboard (Home Depot has them in 2’X4′ sheets)

2.5″ hinge

Paint or stain

Tools Needed:

Miter Saw


Kreg Jig    (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Step One: Build the frame

First, cut three 2×3’s to 30 inches. And two 2×3’s to 14 inches.

2x4 cut to size

This next part works best if you have a Kreg Jig. They are not expensive (right around $100). Well worth it if you’re going to continue doing projects. I promise you will use this thing All. The. Time…

kreg jig tool

Don’t be intimidated by it…It’s very easy to use.

Clamp in your 14″ 2X3. (As shown below)…

kreg jig with 2x4 in it

Using your drill and the kreg jig bit, drill holes into hole A and hole B. (As shown below)…

drilling into a kreg jig into a 2x4

Do this on both ends of two of your boards. (Set your other 30″ board aside for now). They should look like this when finished…


Then drill your 14″ pieces into your 30″ pieces…

drill with screws and 2x4

When finished it will look like this…

easel chalkboard frame

Step Two: Paint the frame.

Note: This is much easier to do now before it’s all put together.

Now you are ready to paint. I used Junk Gypsy Happy Camper for mine…


Then I dry brushed over the JG Happy Camper with a little bit of white paint, just to soften it a bit…

easel chalkboard frame

I was making three of these at the time of this picture. Hence the two side-by-side. (In the above picture)

Step Three: Attach the chalkboard

Next you’re ready to attach the chalkboard. I bought mine from Home Depot. Cut it to size..24″ X 15.5″ and attach to back of frame…

back of a chalkboard frame

I used tiny nails to hammer this onto my frame.

Sorry about my blogfail…I forgot to take a picture of this step. So, ignore the long board going across the chalkboard–that step is coming next. :)

Step Four: Attach the arm…

Now you’re ready to attach the long board….this is what will prop your chalkboard up, allowing it to stand.

Using a 2 1/2″ hinge, attach your remaining 30″ board to the completed frame…

side view of easel chalkboard with goldendoodle in the background

Photo bomber…Hampton. :)

hinge on a 2x4

Step Five: Attach the rope

Lastly, you’re ready for the rope. Drill a hole about 4″ from bottom of 30″ board you just attached. Insert rope into hole and tie a knot…

rope passed through a hole in a 2x4 and knotted

Attach other end of rope (approximately 22″ long) to frame and nail down…

rope knotted on backside of easel chalkboard

When finished the back will look like this…

chalkboard easel with rope and arm

And the front will look like this…


As you can see by the date in the picture above, this project is an oldie but goodie! Hence, some of the lower quality pictures. My, how far we have come! But I do hope this post has shown you just how easy it is to build an easel chalkboard. They are such a hit! I love to give them away as gifts for family, friends AND teachers! A great DIY for the holidays; especially since you can make a few of them at one time.


Pinterest Pin of chalkboard

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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