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February 1, 2016

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Today I would like to feature my favorite 17 year old…of course I’m a little prejudice, given that he is my son…


Chase has always been very good at building and using his hands. Ever since he was little, he could figure out how things work. He liked taking things apart and putting them back together (sometimes 🙂  ). He LOVED legos…of course, what little boy doesn’t?

But now he’s moved onto bigger, more functional projects. Lately, he has taken an interest in industrial pipe lamps…


It all started when I attended a vintage fair, saw some of these lamps that a vendor was selling and fell in love with them. I came home and told Chase..you could make these. We went out the next day, bought all of the supplies and he had it built that evening…


He has learned, from some great electricians, how to do his wiring…


And a very exciting offer came yesterday, asking if he would like to sell some of his products in a store over in Ohio. We’re thinking this one over. And seeing where he wants to take this. Looking at a few different possibilities.

His latest build is similar to the one above, but it has thicker pipes and makes a little more of a statement…



A little better shot without the light on. I love these Edison Bulbs…they really complete the look of these lamps. Definitely a must-have.

I also like the way Chase did the wiring on this one. As you can see he has a push switch at the bottom instead of up by the bulb…


He loves making these lamps and has learned a lot in the short time he’s been putting them together. His first build was a bit painful…


Turning those pipes is not easy. He now wears gloves. 🙂

His next project is an industrial pipe shelving unit. He’s building it for an office interior project I’m consulting on. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I will for sure share pictures with you when he’s finished with it. But for now one last shot of his latest lamp…


If you’re interested, let me know. He can make several different styles. And would love to make one for you.



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