Best 15 Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers in 2023

November 21, 2023

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Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a home decor lover? Or maybe you’re the home decor lover. :) As a design lover myself, I’m sharing my 15 favorite gift ideas for home decor lovers.

Whether you’re shopping for an interior designer or someone who just loves to decorate their own home, these 15 home decor gifts are sure to bring a smile.


As I do every year, I love to share my holiday season gift guide with you. Here’s my gift guide from last year, chocked full of great gift ideas.  

This year’s gift guide features the must-have coffee table book of the year. Candle holders, throw pillows, and the most comfy faux fur throw blanket. So many great holiday gift ideas. Let’s get to it!

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers

Modern Ribbed Glass Vase

My husband brought me home flowers today. So sweet of him! But I couldn’t find any of my vases. (My daughter’s boyfriend brings her flowers all the time. I’m sure I could find my vases up in her room. Haha!)

But off to Amazon I went and found this gem! It’s coming tomorrow and I can’t wait. Love its fluted texture design and this beautiful amber color. More of a unique vase, rather than your typical clear glass vase. I think I might be ordering more of these. :)

Ribbed vase for Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers

Source: Amazon

Modern Arched Marble White Coaster

These beautiful arched coasters are a very practical gift at an amazing low price. But when your home decor lover picks them up, they’ll think you spent a fortune.

These coasters are solid! Coasters are the best gifts when you’re just not sure what to get that hard to shop for person on your list.

Marble coasters for Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers.

Source: Amazon

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers: Moroccan Shag Area Rug

While this gift idea is a little on the bigger side, it is still a very thoughtful gift. A timeless area rug, made with high-quality natural fibers. This neutral rug is easy to clean and will look great in any room.

Throw rugs are perfect for a living room, kitchen, dining room, home office…

Neutral color area rug in a living room with a sofa and console table.

Source: Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

Round Travertine Tray

Anything made of travertine, makes for a great gift. This natural stone tray is the perfect way to store jewelry. It would look great on a bedside table next to your kitchen sink…

Travertine tray for Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers.

Source: Amazon

“The Art of Home” Coffee Table Book

One thing you can not have too many of are coffee table books. I love to stack my books to add height to other decor pieces.

Displaying them throughout my living space is a great way to add a pop of color. (Here’s a great post all about the many ways you can use coffee table books). 

But Shea McGee’s newly released book is more than just a coffee table book. This is one your interior lover is going to want to read from front to back. I just got mine a few days ago and I can hardly put it down. It’s so good!

You’re going to want to pick up one for yourself too! 

The Art of the Home coffee table book for gift ideas for home decor lovers.

Source: Amazon

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers: Wood Chain Link

While we’re talking about coffee tables, this wood chain link is the perfect addition to any coffee table or side table. I love the natural wood color of this decorative piece. A unique gift idea any home decor lover will appreciate.

Wooden chain for decoration.

Source: Amazon

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Sand Glaze Finish Boho Vase

Loving the detail in this beautiful beige color vase. This water-tight vase is perfect for your green thumb home decor lover. A great way to display indoor plants. No green thumb? That’s ok. It would look great with faux stems or just sitting by itself…

Textured vase with stems in it.

Source: Amazon

Triangular Marble Bookends

These marble bookends are a great idea for book lovers. A great way to add a stylish, modern look to any wall shelf or desk…

Marble bookends for Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers.

Source: Amazon

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Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers: Moroccan Amber Candle

Candles are definitely one of my favorite go-to gifts. What’s better than a scented candle? A scented candle inside a beautiful, detailed glass jar.

Be sure to remind the recipient of this gift not to throw away that gorgeous amber jar when the candle wax has burned completely down. What a perfect way to store jewelry or cotton balls…just to name a couple things.

Or set it on a shelf as a beautiful decorative object. For a candle that will burn for 75 hours, the price point on this one is amazing! This is the kind of gift, you might want to pick up a few of…

Candle in a textured glass jar.

Source: Amazon

Modern Accent Chair

While this is gift idea doesn’t necessarily fall under the home decor items category, it would still make a great gift! I have two of these boucle chairs in the sitting area of my kitchen.

Definitely one of my most asked about items, when I’m sharing my kitchen in stories on Instagram. Interior design fanatics will love these beautiful chairs. And the price point is very reasonable too…

Boucle chair with gold legs for Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers.

Source: Amazon

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

One of my biggest home decor splurges was on a blanket that looks and feels just like this one. Only mine was from Anthropologie and wasn’t anywhere close to this affordable.

This blanket is both beautiful and cozy. All the warm, cozy vibes for that special person in your life. With several different colors available, you may want to pick up one for yourself too…

Faux fur cozy blankets.

Source: Amazon

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Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

Is there anything more cozy than velvet throw pillows. Lots of color options to choose from, but I am loving this beautiful green.

Pillow covers are the best way to change out your pillows on a seasonal basis.

(Here’s a great post all about my favorite Fall and Winter throw pillows. I also share my favorite pillow inserts too). 

2 green suede square pillows.

Source: Amazon

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Matte Black Taper Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders are a great way to add decor to a fireplace mantel. Add these high quality black metal candle stick holders for a modern luxe look…

Candle stick holders with neutral color candles.

Source: Amazon

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers: Natural Marble Canister

Organization and storage are key for a modern luxury home. This marble canister is a great place to store cotton balls, cosmetic pads.

Add one or two to a home office to organize rubber bands or paper clips. Don’t forget to pick up a few for your bedroom too. A great way to organize drawers and countertops and to store jewelry…

Black canister for cotton balls.

Source: Amazon

Mango Wood, Natural Bowl

I am loving the texture and detail on this decorative bowl. Perfect for a coffee table, center island, or a night stand…

Wooden bowl for decorative purposes.

Source: Amazon

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​Ok, that was a lot! So many great ideas to surprise your family members with wonderful gifts Christmas morning. I hope these gift ideas for home decor lovers has sparked some ideas and hopefully you’ve been able to cross off a name or two from your list.

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

Until next time,

Happy Shopping, Friend!!

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