Best 31 Layered Front Door Mat Ideas

September 19, 2023

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Front Door Mat Ideas

Often times we get very comfortable in our own home and fail to see the little things. The little things that can so easily be changed. The little things that when changed can make a big impact.

How long have you had the same front door mat? Maybe you change yours with the seasons? Or maybe you’re like most people, and you set it out there and forget it.

Changing your front door mat is such a simple and affordable way to elevate your front porch. But then you have to find the one you love. And home decor choices can be intimidating to make.

Good news! I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you with these 21 front door mat ideas.


The front door mat is where you make your first impression. It’s the first thing that welcomes your guests when they come to your home. By simply adding a welcome mat, you can make your front door area more inviting.

Of course the main purpose of a front door rug is a place for guests to wipe off their shoes before stepping into your home. But they provide more than just function. Outdoor mats can add style to your home, in a very simple way.

So, let’s dive into my 21 favorite front door mat ideas.

Front Door Mat Ideas

Before we get to all of the great rug ideas, I wanted to share my favorite way to style my door mats.

Layered Doormat Tips

As with most all things interior design related, the layered look is key. Layering your front porch rugs adds dimension and depth to a space. Here are a few pointers to become a pro at the layered rug look.

Size and Proportion

When layering front door mats, be sure the size and proportions of the mats work well together.

Start with a larger, neutral bottom layer mat that covers a significant portion of the entryway. Then, place a smaller, decorative mat on top.

The top layer mat should be slightly smaller to allow the base mat to frame it. Proper sizing and proportion will create a visually balanced and appealing look.

Black front door with black and white striped rug layered with jute floor mat


Contrasting Textures and Materials

Mix and match mats with different textures and materials to make things more interesting. For instance, place a jute rug as your base layer. Add a natural coir small rug as the top doormat. This contrast in textures adds a tactile dimension. While also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the layered mats.

Coordinate Colors and Aesthetics

Choose mats that match the colors and style of your home. Think about the colors of your outside area, front door, and nearby decor.

Opt for hues that complement or contrast one another well. If your home has a certain aesthetic, like coastal, farmhouse, or modern, choose mats that fit that theme. Matching the color tones and aesthetics will tie in the layered door mats with the rest of your home.

Base Layer Outdoor Rugs

Most of the time the base rug is where your busier pattern will be.

Black and White Striped

Give me all the stripes! And if they’re black and white stripes…even better!!

Black front door with striped rug for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Striped rug in front of a front door

Source: Amazon

Loving the thicker stripes on this one…

Double doors with a black and white striped rug in front for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

And a couple more with a little more detail…

Large striped rug in front of a large black exterior door

Source: Amazon

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​This one with the double doors is so good!

Striped rug in front of exterior double doors

Source: Amazon

Most all of these outdoor rugs and coir doormats, I’m sharing today, come in different sizes.

Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Rugs

A black and white buffalo check rug has a classic and versatile design. With its strong contrasts and bold checkered patterns, it adds a timeless and eye-catching touch.

This design effortlessly complements a space. And creates a visually interesting and warm atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with a buffalo plaid rug. It fits with any aesthetic.

Buffalo plaid rug in front of a black door for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Large buffalo plaid black and white rug on a large front porch

Source: Amazon

Geometric Outdoor Rugs

When considering doormat ideas, don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Have fun with patterns and colors…

Geometric large area rug outside for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Geometric rug on a wooden floor

Source: Amazon

This black outdoor rug with a touch of white, is fun but still timeless.

Black rug in front of a front door for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Solid Black Outdoor Rugs

Sometimes you just need a neutral and solid base rug. Maybe your layering rug is more on the busy side. Then you’ll want your base rug to be toned down and very simple. These two rugs are perfect options and will make a great first impression.

Black rug in a family room

Source: Amazon

This black jute natural fiber rug is stunning!

Black jute rug with a chair

Source: Amazon

Variety of Coir Doormats

First of all, let’s answer the obvious question. What exactly is a coir doormat?

Coir doormats are made from coconut husk fibers. These natural fibers make them a tough and eco-friendly mat. While these mats not only trap dirt, they also add a pleasing tactile element to doorways.

The Welcome Mat

Offer your guests a warm welcome with these stylish mats.

Welcome mat coir material

Source: Amazon

Coir welcome door mat

Source: Amazon

Welcome mat

Source: Amazon

Hello Hello Hello

This personal touch is a great way to greet your guests.

Black hello coir door mat for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Hello Coir door mat

Source: Amazon

Hello door mat

Source: Amazon

Fun Doormats

Want a more fun way to welcome your guests? These cute doormats are a great choice.

Coir door mat with geometric shapes for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Wipe your paws door mat

Source: Amazon

Coir rug with writing

Source: Amazon

Neutral Doormats

Or maybe you prefer something that’s a little more on the neutral side. These are my favorite doormats that are simple.

Coir rug with black outline

Source: Amazon

Coir jute rug

Source: Amazon

Again, give me all the stripes…

Coir mat with stripes for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

coir rug with black stripes

Source: Amazon

Pair this solid black mat with a neutral flat weave rug for a very modern look.

Black door mat in front of front door

Source: Amazon

Here’s a neutral outdoor rug that would pair well with the above solid black coir mat.

White neutral front door mat

Source: Amazon

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My Favorite Fall Doormats

Fall is a great time to switch out your doormat. Maybe a new doormat with some fall colors. Or neutral is great too!

Fall front door mat

Source: Amazon

Coir rug with "hey there pumpkin" writing for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Door mat with "Hello Pumpkin" saying for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

Signature Doormats

If you’re looking for a personalized doormat, these signature mats are a great option.

Door mat with an S on it for Front Door Mat Ideas

Source: Amazon

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