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September 15, 2016

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There are times in our lives that God seems so distant and in the shadows. But there are other times that He feels so close that you can practically touch Him. Have you ever stopped to think, how awesome it is that He gave us the Church? He loves us so much that He gave us a body of people to come alongside us and be Christ in the flesh in our deepest times of despair. When we feel the weight of our circumstances crushing us, He gives us the Church to carry us through.

Following Corey’s accident the Church body of Christ was absolutely amazing to me and my family; bringing us so much joy in a time that was full of sorrow.

July 24, 2011: (Sunday)

I think Sunday is my hardest day of the week.  I love going to church and getting filled, but I miss you next to me so much. Just walking into the building, I am overcome with emotion!

Today Pastor Ron came to me during praise and worship and asked if I wanted to say anything to the congregation and give updates. I thanked everyone for all their prayers and support and help (amazing help). My eyes were filled with tears, as I shared with them how you weren’t supposed to make it during the life flight, but you did. You weren’t supposed to make it through surgery, but you did. I was led to believe there was a strong chance that you would never talk again, but you are. God is hearing their prayers and He is faithful.

The outpouring of affection and support from family, the church, friends and neighbors has been such a picture of God’s love for us. We have truly experienced church since your accident. An experience that many people never have the opportunity to encounter.

A young lady from the church started a Facebook page for you called…Prayers for Corey and Family. I was told that this page gets at least 3 posts every hour! Many are concerned and lifting us up in prayer. There’s a “Help Corey and His Family” page too.

I could fill pages with the examples of generosity we have experienced…Meals; gift cards; friends coming every week to do laundry, cleaning, household stuff and run errands for us; neighbors across the street offered to open up their home for out of town family coming; one lady lives close to the hospital and everyday she walks your hall and prays for you. It truly is remarkable!! I wish you could see and experience the overwhelming display of compassion and kindness we have received. The body of the church being Jesus. It’s really what church is all about.


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