5 Essentials Every Entryway Needs for Function and Style

September 7, 2023

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What is the first space your guests’ enter when they walk through your front door? Whether you have a grand or small entryway, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Entryways tend to be a magnet for clutter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little organization and these 5 essentials every entryway needs, you can turn a chaotic atmosphere into an inviting one. Finding the perfect balance between functional and stylish is the key to a beautiful entryway.

Everyone’s entryway is different. If your home is like ours, you have a mudroom off the garage and a formal entryway for guests. But many homes today have one primary entryway. No matter what type of entryway you have, these entryway essentials will help you keep your space organized and clutter-free.


Essentials Every Entryway Needs

The Right Furniture Pieces

Accent Table

When designing the decor in any room, I like to start with a piece of furniture. The entryway is no exception. Think functional. An entryway table or bench is the perfect addition. I built this console table for my entryway. It fits this alcove space perfectly.

A beautiful modern foyer with a sideboard table, pictures and a large black vase

This accent table is not only a great way to display decor but also provides a great place for people to put things down. We have a lot of natural light that flows in through our front door windows. But adding a table lamp can make the room feel extra cozy at night.

Here’s another great DIY console table tutorial. This one will give you extra storage along with a beautiful focal point.

Black console table

Benches and Seating

A bench is a staple for essentials every entryway needs. It provides a place for your guests to take off and put on their shoes comfortably.

When shopping for the perfect bench, find one with storage to hide away all of the extra stuff. Or add in another tactile element by placing wicker baskets under the bench.

These baskets are the perfect place to store shoes, gloves, hats and all the things you really don’t need or want to see. Baskets are not only great for storage space but they also can be decor pieces in the room.

Mudroom with a bench and shelves for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: RLH Studio

Want to build your own bench? Here are 3 easy DIY bench build tutorials:

If you have a small space and no room for a bench, a comfy chair will do the trick too. The key, is to make a functional entryway. Therefore, a small bench, small chair or even a small stool will serve the purpose of somewhere to sit and remove shoes.

Essentials Every Entryway Needs: Entryway Rug

An entryway rug sets the stage for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Coming in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, rugs can tie together the design elements of the space. Not only adding depth and texture, they contrast well with tile or wood floors.

If you have an open floor plan, a rug is a great way to define the space of the entryway. And of course, the obvious: a rug protects your home, leaving all of the dirt and grime at the door.

Modern foyer with a very modern all windows front door made of wood

Source: Gardner Homes

My personal favorite entryway rug is a Jute rug. It’s natural texture and earthy tones mesh well with my home’s organic modern style.

Lighting Matters

Table Lamps

Even if you have overhead lighting in your entryway, a table lamp will add a sense of coziness. Layered lighting adds depth and texture to a room. Along with visual interest. It is another one of the essentials every entryway needs.

Having the right light fixtures can make a huge impact.

lamp on top of 2 books; planter; and a picture in the background for essentials every entryway needs post

Pendant Lights or Wall Sconces

Add a couple pendant lights over an accent table. Or flank both sides of a large canvas artwork with wall sconces for a luxurious look.

 Brick walls foyer with an all glass front door

Source: Industrial Entry

​Clever Storage Ideas

Essentials Every Entryway Needs: Baskets

Our home has an open concept layout. Therefore our living room and dining room are all visible from our entryway. For this reason, it’s important to hide all the things. All the things that are not visually appealing to the eye.

We use a small basket to hide our Invisible Fence disk and wires for charging all of them. I like to keep the dogs from bombarding our guests, so having one of these disks in the foyer is important to me.

Entryway with a bench and hooks for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Urbanology Designs

As I mentioned above, baskets are great decorative items to store away all of the family members clutter. A designated spot for shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, bags….all the everyday items.

Shoe Rack

When I hear the word shoe rack, I immediately dismiss the idea. No thank you. I don’t want to see all of the shoes displayed in my home’s entryway. But, there are several options available that will hide the shoes and get them out of the way. Here are a few choices:

Modern shoe cabinet

Source: Amazon

Modern shoe cabinet with shelves and a cabinet door

Source: Amazon

Discreet shoe cabinet with wooden legs for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Amazon

​Boot Tray

We live in the midwest and let’s face it, about 8 months out of the year we have either rain or snow. So, with all that wet weather, the kiddos are always leaving a mess behind. A boot mat is a great way to eliminate the hassle of always cleaning up water marks.

Mat for wet boots perfect for an entryway

Source: Amazon

​Decorative Tray or Bowl

We keep a decorative bowl in our mudroom for all of the keys. This serves two functions. Most importantly, this makes it harder to lose our keys. And easier to jockey around cars with 5 drivers in the house. The keys are always (or at least they should be–teenagers! Ahem!) in the bowl.

Entryway with a console table and an all glass front door

Source: Jute Interior Design

A decorative tray will serve the same purpose and then some. A tray is great for not only storing keys, but also, other odds and ends you want to leave at the door. Give it all a designated place and the space will feel more streamlined and tidy.

Essentials Every Entryway Needs: Umbrella Stand

Now we’re getting fancy. Who says umbrella stands are just for bougie hotels and expensive restaurants. If you have enough space, why not add one to your foyer?

Wicker umbrella holder

Source: Amazon


Hooks are a great replacement for a coat closet. They can be used for so many things besides coats. Great for hats, bags, umbrellas, scarves. Hooks just make hanging things up easier. Not only for the kiddos but for adults too. 🙂  They’re convenient and they can fit right in with the aesthetics of the room.

I’m loving these options…

Hooks with a bag handle on it for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Amazon

Wooden hooks with ends painted black

Source: Amazon

Gold wall hooks

Source: Amazon

Design Element


Your entryway should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. As with any room, it needs a focal point. A large textured canvas artwork will draw the eye’s attention to something beautiful.

But artwork can be so expensive. Especially a statement piece of art. So, why not make your own?

My guess is, you have a canvas hanging in your home, that you no longer love the artwork displayed on it. Take it down and let’s paint over it and make it a conversational piece.

I have a couple posts showing you exactly how to transform an old canvas into a masterpiece. I promise, it’s super easy and so much fun to make!

Console table with large artwork on and above it

Want to make this beautiful textured wall art? Here’s the link! 

Canvas hung with wooden frame around it

Want to make this beautiful textured canvas? Here’s the link!

Above the entryway table or bench is the perfect spot for your new canvas.

​Round Mirror

Bringing in a round mirror adds a different element to the space. The round shape contrasts well with the straight lines and angles found in most entryways.

Mirrors are a great addition to a dark entryway. With their ability to reflect and amplify light, they can help bounce natural or artificial light around the space. Making a dark, narrow entryway feel brighter and more open.

Foyer with a front door with 4 large windows for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Sheila Mayden Interiors

Plant or Flowers

Truly the easiest way to add life to a space. I have a design rule that I follow for almost every room in my home. Every space needs a plant.

If live plants are not your thing, I understand. I was right there with you for a long long time. I killed every plant I touched. Not good. But then I learned which plants I can easily keep alive and I was hooked.

Whether it’s live or faux, add some green to your entryway. It’s been scientifically proven that, adding green to the color palette of the room will bring tranquility to the space. Every room needs a little bit of green. It’s so good!

Front door open to a large foyer

Source: Arcadia Builders LLC

​If you’re still not sold on a green plant, grab some fresh cut flowers from your local grocery store. Put them in a vase and add them into your entryway decor. You’ll be amazed at how this small dash of color will liven up the room. Definitely one of the essentials every entryway needs.

​Light a Candle

Greet your guests with something good smelling. Add a candle to your entryway table or plug in a wallflower. I am loving this new candle by Moment at Home! The fragrance that drifts throughout our home when this candle is lit, is amazing!

Want to try this awesome candle? Here’s the link! 

candle lit in front of a vase and a picture


With your entryway being the first thing your guests see and the last thing you see when you leave your home, don’t skimp on style. Here are some modern design styles you can easily add…

Modern sconces for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Amazon

Wooden hooks/butterscotch color

Source: Amazon

Modern textured art (3 framed artwork pieces)

Source: Amazon

Wood and metal bench with a wooden bird on top and shoes lined up underneath for Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Source: Amazon

Large console table in family room on a jute rug

Source: Amazon

Coat rack with coat and purse hanging

Source: Amazon

Entryways can feel welcoming or chaotic. It can be so frustrating to frantically be searching for something as you’re heading out the door. Eliminate this stress with a few of these essentials every entryway needs.

With just a few of these essentials, you can make any entryway feel inviting. The key is to make your entryway functional, but still aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

This YouTube Video is a great source too!

As usual, I truly value your choice to shop via the links I provide. This enables me to earn a small commission without affecting your purchase cost. By using my affiliate links, you help me generate content for this blog and provide for my family. I sincerely thank you for backing my efforts with utmost gratitude!

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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