Elegant Home Touches (That Won’t Break the Bank)

October 13, 2023

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We all want our homes to be as stylish and elegant as the homes we see in glossy magazines or our Instagram threads, but those homes are pretty expensive, right? I’m not gonna lie, most of those homes you covet did cost a fortune to buy and decorate, but you know what? There are lots of elegant home touches you can add to your space which really won’t break the bank, as you can see below.

Elegant Home Touches That Won’t Break The Bank

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has this uncanny ability to elevate the look of a space instantly. Whether it’s a cozy fireplace backdrop, an accent wall, or even an outdoor facade, these lightweight beauties can make it look like you’ve splashed out on some posh design mag’s advice when really, you’re just a crafty genius on a budget.

I can’t get over how gorgeous Brad and Holly’s entryway wall turned out. I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first when they decided to paint over this gorgeous stone…

Stone wall in an entryway.

Source: @ourfauxfarmhouse

But wow! The final look is amazing!! @ourfauxfarmhouse has nailed it again…

Entryway stone wall painted white for elegant home touches.

Source: @ourfauxfarmhouse

Thrift Store Treasures

Wait! Don’t scroll past just yet. You’d be surprised at the hidden gems you can unearth in a thrift store! From vintage vases to antique mirrors and art deco lamps, a quick polish or a new shade can turn these finds from drab to fab.

I love watching all of the amazing finds Cynthia Harper discovers on her thrifting outings. She is the queen of thrifting. Look how she transformed this lamp. From this…

Thrifted white based lamp.

Source: @cynthia_harper_

To this! Wow! Be sure to go follow @cynthia_harper_ over on Instagram for more thrifting ideas and inspiration.

Thrifted lamp refurbished with a black base and neutral tan lampshade for elegant home touches.

Source: @cynthia_harper_

Accent with Fabrics

It’s incredible how much a throw pillow or a blanket can change the dynamics of a room. Opt for a luxurious feeling fabric like velvet or silk, and watch your room turn from “eh” to “oooh.”

Comfy blankets made of faux fur for elegant home touches.

Source: Amazon

Curtains too can elevate the look of any room. Think flowing, sheer fabrics for that touch of elegance.

Amazon Affiliate Links Included

Greenery and Floral Flair

Flowers and plants are nature’s art. A well-placed fern, a vase of fresh flowers, or even some potted herbs can breathe life and luxury into a room.

Beautiful green leather couch with a floor lamp, rug, pillows and ficus plant. Perfect elegant home touches.

Source: Jenna @jonathanandjenna

And for those of us without a green thumb? Fear not! Faux plants these days can look just as lush without the maintenance.

Candlelight Glow

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. And candlelight? It screams elegance. Invest in some stylish candle holders, and scatter them around your home.

candle lit in front of a vase and a picture

Not only do they add a touch of sophistication, but they also create a warm and inviting ambiance. Plus, there’s the added bonus of your place smelling divine.

This candle from Moment at Home will have your entire living area smell amazing! It is so good!

Gallery Walls

I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of gallery walls. BUT when they are done well, they can be stunning. The key is to keep it simple. Avoid cluttering the space with as many pictures the wall can possibly hold. Stick to a smaller number of larger, more substantial pieces.

3 large square pics stacked on a black wall vertically. With a wooden bench sitting below them for elegant home touces post.

Photo Credit: @Jaimebydesign 

Collect some prints, photographs, or even frame some of your own artwork. A gallery wall can make a statement, showing off your personal taste and style. Best bit? Printing and frames can be super affordable, especially if you hunt around for some deals.

Once again! Check out those thrift stores for some amazing finds and deals.

Accessorize with Metals

Touches of gold, bronze, or silver can make any space feel a touch more luxurious. It could be a simple metallic photo frame, a tray, a mirror, or even some metal wall art. They add a touch of glimmer, and who doesn’t love a bit of shine in their life?

A beautiful modern foyer with a sideboard table, pictures and a large black vase

Rugs Are Great for Grounding a Space

Floor feeling a bit bare? Throw in a chic rug. Not only does it give you something plush to put your feet on, but it also sections off spaces and adds a splash of style. And the market today is flooded with affordable yet plush-looking options.

This neutral area rug from Amazon is so pretty! I love the detail and the texture of it…

Neutral color area rug in a living room with a sofa and console table.

Source: Amazon

Update Those Fixtures

Got some outdated or dull-looking hardware around? Perhaps your kitchen cabinets could use a facelift? Swap out those old handles and knobs with something a bit more contemporary or quirky. It’s an easy fix that can make a world of difference.

Kitchen island with a large artwork behind it

As you can see making your home elegant doesn’t require a bottomless budget, just a bit of creativity and a keen eye. So, there is no reason for you not to get started on adding a little luxury right now!

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

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