Easy How to Make a DIY Fluted Side Table

September 16, 2021

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Over the summer, I fell in love with West Elm’s Fluted Side Table, but not so much the price. I knew it couldn’t be that hard to build this beautiful table for a whole lot less than the $179 sticker price. And I was right! Sharing yet another easy DIY dupe today! Let’s go build a side table (or maybe two 🙂   ).

Round fluted side table with outdoor furniture on a blue and white outdoor rug


(Instructions are based on the following dimensions: 24″ Tall; 18″ tabletop diameter; 8″ diameter base)

Materials Needed: 

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8″ Sono Tube (Sakrete) (Should be able to get two table bases out of this)

Half-Round Moulding (53 @ 24″ each needed)

18″ Baltic Plywood Circle (the cheapest one I found was at Menards)

Small clamps

Wood Glue

Paint or Stain

Poly (This is a great water-based indoor/outdoor poly)

Tools Needed:

Miter saw

Nail Gun

Heavy Duty Scissors or Utility Knife

A quick look at all of the materials needed. (You’ll notice Water Guard in the picture below…My table was going outside on my patio, so I chose to use this product…you could use outdoor poly or this Olympic product–either works great!)….

Materials needed for a fluted side table: stain, sonotube, round tabletop, moulding

Step One: Cut Sono Tube

Using heavy duty scissors or a utility knife, cut your Sono Tube to the height you want it. I cut mine to 24″.

Step Two: Cut half-round moulding 

Cut half-round moulding @ 24″. (Need 53 strips)

Girl holding half round moulding

Step Three: Attach moulding to tube

Using wood glue, clamps and nail gun, attach half-round moulding to sono tube. (Note: My moulding sticks out a little farther than my sono tube…this is not necessary-I had cut my sono tube shorter than I wanted the table).

Sonotube with half round moulding strips on it for fluted side table

Work your way around til you have covered all of the Sono Tube with moulding….

Half rounds glued and nailgunned to a sonotube

Step Four: Attach tabletop to base

Using wood glue, attach your table top to the base of your table. (Blog Fail: forgot to take a picture of this step–Sorry!). Place something heavy on it and let dry.

Step Five: Paint/Poly

I stained my table base with Varathane Golden Oak Stain

Stained the top with Varathane Ebony Stain

Add a couple coats of Poly and VOILA!!!

She’s ready to go!

Two white chairs in a family room with a fluted side table in the middle of them


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So many places your new fluted side table can go….

Fluted side table with a fiddle leaf tree

Wasn’t that so simple? Have questions? Comment below and I’ll get right back with you! Love helping you guys make these projects your own!



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The Sak handbag in a foyer

Until next week,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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