How to Limewash Faux Brick Wallpaper and Add Texture

February 25, 2021

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Can you really limewash faux brick? Two summers ago I tackled our entire front exterior brick and changed it up completely. Two years later, I still absolutely love it! Best thing I could have done to change the entire look of our house. It brightened it up so much and really brought it up to date. But don’t take my word for it, go check it out!

So, when the electric fireplace insert landed on my front porch from Amazon, 🙂 and had red brick lining the inside, I knew I had to change it up. For one, the red just wasn’t complementing the rest of the space well. In fact, it was very much clashing. And, again, I love the look of limewash! (Amazon Affiliate Link Included)

electric fireplace insert with red faux brick

After, completing the big surround for the electric fireplace insert, it was time to change up the faux brick. Unfortunately, it’s not your typical faux brick, but rather faux brick wallpaper. Could I really make this work? I had to at least try and if not, well, that’s the great thing about limewash–you can wash it off. But, guess what! It worked! And I love it!! (Amazon Affiliate Link Included)


Materials Needed:

(Amazon Affiliate Links Included)

Romabio Limewash (I used Avorio White–my go-to for all things limewash) (Note: if only needing a little bit, be sure to check Home Depot for a smaller size).




Thin Rag

Step One: Add water

Add water to your limewash as instructed on the packaging. Mix well with paint stick. (Since this is most likely a small job, you’ll want to just dish out the limewash you’ll need and add your water to that).

Limewash container for brick

Step Two: Paint 

Paint limewash onto bricks only. Try to keep the lines for the bricks exposed, wiping off any excess limewash that touches the lines around the brick. Let the limewash sit for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Painting limewash onto faux brick wallpaper

Limewash faux brick fireplace with romabio limewash

Step Three: Wipe off

After you’ve let it sit for a minute or two, go back and wipe off limewash (with a damp sponge) where you want to expose your brick. If you end up wiping off too much–no problem! Just go back and add more. To get that extra texture, let the parts that have texture dry and don’t wipe those sections off. It’s really a trial and error until you get it to the look you want. Adding a little more and taking off what you don’t want. Very simple!

wipe off excess limewash

So simple that that’s literally all there is to it! What do you think?

Another look at the before…

Red faux brick in electric fireplace

And the after…

Faux brick fireplace in master bedroom

What a difference right!? This literally took me about 45 minutes to do. Once I got the look I wanted it was easy to just keep going with it and move quickly. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Be sure to check back next week when I share a recap of all the changes I’ve made to our master bedroom. Those before and after pics are incredible! You can check out the before in this post.



Until next time,

Happy Building, Friend!!

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