9 Easy DIY Backyard Projects Anyone Can Do This Weekend

May 16, 2024

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Looking to upgrade your outdoor space this season? Dive into these easy DIY backyard projects that can transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis over a weekend.

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot! My mind is already reeling with all of the things I would like to build and changes I want to make to my backyard space.

Over the years, I have added new furniture pieces and made upgrades here and there. Making our backyard an extension of our home is always my ultimate goal.

Whether you love to DIY your own projects or the DIY realm is a whole new world to you, I have nine easy projects anyone can tackle over the weekend.

From cozy outdoor furniture to organic modern planters, let’s turn your backyard into a space that is both functional and welcoming.

Header Image--easy backyard diy projects

9 Easy Backyard DIY Projects

Get ready to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and inviting retreat that everyone will love!

Pottery Barn Outdoor Dining Table Dupe

With 5 kids, a couple of which are now growing their own families, a large outdoor dining table was very important to me.

We cherish the times we all get to gather around the table and share our stories. Sometimes it’s just a few of us. Other times–the entire family. Those times are the most precious.

Our outdoor dining table isn’t just long (7 feet), it’s also wide (nearly 4 feet). This allows us to seat 4 people on each side of the table. And 2 people on each end.

We can comfortably seat 10 people. However, we have had 14 people gather around the table at one time. That’s a little tight, but we make it work. 🙂

Long 9ft farm table with two long benches

Consisting solely of 2×6’s and 2×4’s, this Pottery Barn Brooks dining table dupe is not only easy to build, but also so very affordable.

Coming in at less than $200! Compared to the over $2000 they want in the store, this table build is a steal!

Want the plans? Here they are! Pottery Barn Brooks Dining Table Dupe

DIY Outdoor Club Chair–Easy DIY Backyard Projects

This is my spot! Where I love to read my Bible in the morning and have my quiet time. It is so peaceful, nestled in on this cozy part of our deck.

And these chairs are oh so comfortable! I could literally hang out in this space all day long!

Outdoor black chair on a deck.

These chairs are not only beautiful and super easy to make, they’re also solid! Their heavy structure makes them great for patios, decks and front porches. Sure to remain standing against the strongest winds.

Great for a quick weekend project!

Another one of my easy DIY backyard projects…

Get the plans here to the Modern Outdoor Club Chairs

DIY Outdoor Modern Chairs

A slightly different design than the club chairs, but still just as easy to build. I built these modern outdoor chairs to match my outdoor sofa (plans below).

They look great in our pergola area with their neutral colored cushions. We love to hang out in this space all summer long.

Pergola space with outdoor furniture and new planters--easy backyard diy projects

With the same design style as our interiors, I love that our deck and pergola areas are an extension of our home.

What a difference new furniture makes! And what could be better than buying new beautiful furniture? Saving money by building your own!!

So let’s get to it. Let’s build a couple outdoor chairs!

Here are the plans to the Easy Modern Outdoor Chairs

DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa–Easy DIY Backyard Projects

The only wood needed to build this beautiful outdoor sofa are ten 2×4’s. Another super easy build, this sofa matches perfectly with the chairs above.

My pergola was in desperate need of a makeover a few years ago. In one weekend, I built this sofa and two chairs to match it. I love how this beautiful furniture completely transformed our entire pergola area.

Another one of my easy DIY backyard projects…

Pergola space with outdoor furniture and planters

The before and after pics of this space are night and day. A must-see!

How to Build a DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa-Here are the plans!!

DIY Planter Box

While we love our neighbors, we also appreciate having some privacy when sitting out on our patio/pergola area. A few summers ago, I built an easy DIY planter box and filled it with the perfect plants to keep away mosquitos, while also adding some seclusion.

Slatted diy planter box with an assortment of plants in it-great for a beginner building your own furniture project

Buying a wooden or plastic planter at Home Depot can be expensive. So, why not build your own? It’s really quite simple and can even be built with wood you already have on-hand.

These planters are great for not only a patio space but also look great in the front yard too.

Having added one to our front landscaping last year, I love the pop of color it adds in front of our dining room windows…

Girl planting sedum in diy planter box--easy backyard diy projects

Have some old pallets you’re wanting to get rid of, let’s build a planter box! Need to start from scratch and buy your wood for this project? No worries!

Grab the plans for the weekend and add a pop of color to your front or back yard aesthetic.

Want to build this modern DIY planter box? Here’s the easy to follow building plans!!

DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Basically the same sofa as the one I shared above, but offering more seating. If your space allows it, this sectional sofa is a great addition to any outdoor patio area.

Sectional sofa in a garage space.

Finding the perfect outdoor furniture is expensive. All said and done, it’s easy to drop 3 to $4000 on a sofa and chairs. Especially if you go for quality furniture.

For less than $500 you can build your own sectional and chairs! That’s a steal!

Another one of my easy DIY backyard projects…

Get the DIY Outdoor Sectional Sofa Plans here!!

DIY McGee & Co. Coffee Table Dupe

For just $3500 you can own this beautiful McGee & Co. coffee table. OR you can build the dupe for under $200 and still get the look you want, but save a ton of money. I’ll take the savings! And I did.

Sharing the plans with you today for this easy-to-build, all wood coffee table. A great addition to any outdoor patio space.

Outdoor pergola space with black patio furniture and tan cushions--easy backyard diy projects

I love the warm wood tones this piece adds to my outdoor living area. It brings in that cozy vibe, while still being functional.

Build this beautiful McGee & Co. Coffee Table Dupe…Here are the full plans!

DIY Fluted Side Table–Easy DIY Backyard Projects

A few summers ago, West Elm came out with a fluted side table that I instantly fell in love with. But once again, I was not loving the price tag. And I knew I could build it for a whole lot less. And, once again, I did!

Fluted side table with a fiddle leaf tree

Using a variety of materials, this build isn’t only simple, it’s also a lot of fun! But the best part is, it looks amazing in any outdoor or indoor space.

I decided to add mine to my outdoor pergola area. It’s the perfect addition to this space…

Build this DIY fluted side table (inspired by West Elm)…Here are the plans!

Outdoor Kitchen

Unfortunately, I don’t have plans drawn up for this one. I built our outdoor kitchen a number of years ago. Back before I started sharing all of my building projects. However, if you would like a tutorial on this one, email me and let me know.

While it looks like a tricky project to tackle, it truly is an easy one to build. Basically, you’re building a giant box using 2×4’s and facing it with the material you choose.

I chose to use dog ear fencing to face mine. This kept my cost way down, while still utilizing a wood species that will stand up to all of the outdoor elements.

We use our outdoor kitchen almost daily 3 seasons out of the year! Functional and beautiful at the same time.

Outdoor kitchen; on a deck; black cabinetry base

Let’s go beyond the design to build something beautiful together!

Until next week,

Happy building friend!

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